Shafty was last played on June 10, 2012 (302 shows) and Sea and Sand on July 20, 1998 (670 shows). The second Shafty was performed over Plasma. Page teased the theme from Speed Racer in The Lizards. Bathtub Gin was dedicated to the people at CID who organized the event and in honor of the fact that everyone had a hot tub in their room and also included a Gimme Some Lovin' tease from Page before transitioning back into Shafty. Blaze On's lyrics were changed to "you'll be dancing on the beach." Blaze On also included Plasma teases. Possum contained Back on the Train and Shafty teases and ended with a Plasma tease. Trey teased Another One Bites the Dust in Also Sprach Zarathustra. Trey teased L.A. Woman in I Always Wanted It This Way. No Men In No Man's Land included Shafty and Woman from Tokyo teases. Weekapaug Groove contained No Men In No Man's Land quotes as well as a Smoke on the Water tease from Trey.
Shafty, Plasma, and Back on the Train teases in Possum, Shafty and Woman from Tokyo teases in No Men In No Man's Land, L.A. Woman tease in I Always Wanted It This Way, No Men In No Man's Land and Smoke on the Water quotes in Weekapaug Groove, Another One Bites the Dust and Rapper's Delight teases in Also Sprach Zarathustra, Theme from Speed Racer tease in The Lizards, Plasma tease in Blaze On, Gimme Some Lovin' tease in Bathtub Gin
Debut Years (Average: 2001)

This show was part of the "2020 Mexico"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2020-02-21

Review by jwh21

jwh21 (Not sure why my other review cut off, but .net wouldn’t let me edit it... Second time lucky!)

Hola from Mexico!

I hope everyone here is having as much fun as I am. The Moon Palace is a fantastic resort — thanks to the hard-working staff here for making us all feel so welcome, and thanks to CID for putting on such an awesome event.

Now, with the niceties out of the way... come on people — as it stands currently, the best you can muster for this show is a 3.7 rating? Really?! I’m not saying this one of the all-time greats, but I feel it certainly deserves more.

I’ve done 3 Mexico runs so far, and last night’s show was easily the best I’ve seen here. I’ve noticed a pattern of Mexico shows being consistently underrated, and I won’t speculate why (plenty of debate on this elsewhere), but this one takes the cake.

Last night featured many of the hallmarks of a brilliant show:

* An outstanding setlist structure... Just look at it!
* Noteworthy bust-outs
* Fan-favourite treats
* Fluid segues
* Teases and callbacks galore
* Deep jams
* Dance parties
* Tight playing, with the band clearly dialled in (and no noteworthy flubs, unlike the night before)
* A monster encore

Perhaps some of the magic didn’t translate well to the webcast or tapings? There were some truly magical moments that maybe you just had to be there to experience — Piper in the rain was beautiful. The crowd going hauntingly silent during Lizards, taking in every note. Seeing Trey with a smile on his face all night long!

I’m not saying the show was perfect. The second set was going to be hard-pressed to compete with the first. Some might say the placement of Lifeboy was bad (I disagree, but can appreciate the sentiment). Newer songs like Sigma Oasis haven’t really found their feet yet.

But there was just so much to love despite these minor shortfalls. I heard one of my favourite 2001s, that was equal parts dance party and exploratory jamming. Bathtub Gin reached some stellar peaks, with a cohesive Shafty segue. The band were firing on all cylinders when the rain fell as Piper was opening up. And the encore was such a treat, with the concluding finish into Shafty being the cherry on top of what was a very fun show.

Just my two cents — but I hope in time people are able to appreciate this show as much as I did!
, attached to 2020-02-21

Review by phunkytime

phunkytime The real question is are the 2 and 3 ratings ppl who are salty? Or would you only accept this being a great show if it had a 20+ min jam? I think this show was spectacular too to bottom. Barely a time to pee, amazing bust outs and great interplay. Plus did you see mikes face when trey strong armed into groove? Hope we get a mikes>simple sometime today or tomorrow
, attached to 2020-02-21

Review by hurdygurdy03

hurdygurdy03 I was not at this show.

I am commenting for one reason.

Sea and Sand.

Earlier Friday I sent my Friday a simple message “Sea and Sand tonight”. This song has been on my radar since the first time I listened to 12/31/95, one of my all time favorite shows. To say I did anything less than joyously weep would be an understatement. Page was golden and still is all these years later.
, attached to 2020-02-21

Review by jwh21

jwh21 Hola from Mexico!
, attached to 2020-02-21

Review by RockyMtnJed

RockyMtnJed While I would have loved to be at this show with the setlist, setting, and weather, from a streaming/listening standpoint, I don't think this show will be a memorable one for me. Well, other than being the "Shafty Mexico show"

Turtles has become one of my favorite openers. A fun tune with some catchy, nonsensical phrasing. The Shafty bustout (and theme) for the night did make this a memorable moment in time in and of itself, and is how I will remember this show. There first set Lizards was a pleasant surprise. The Bathtub Gin was the real highlight of the night for me, and hearing it go back into Shafty really put some flavor to the ending as well. I love that it got finished right after Shafty part three. Blaze On was entertaining, but rather mellow, and not all that Blaze On has been in the past. Surprised Sea and Sand has not been played in Mexico before! The first set was rather entertaining, but alas, did not contain anything "definitive" in my opinion.

I have been hearing quite a few mixed feelings on Sigma Oasis, and thus far, I am not sure where I myself stand on the song. As long as it stays in these early set positions is has been, I guess I am okay with it. Not a bad song, but does not really go anywhere. 2001 was one of the more interesting parts of the second set, and this song has been getting a bit of new life lately. Drift was about what is always is, but I am really starting to dig the reggae portion of that song. I always welcome Lifeboy in any set. I Always Wanted It This Way... this one is starting to show some promise, and this one had a good bit of energy. NMINML was okay, but lackluster versus what the song can be. The rain coming down during Piper is really something I wish I could have experienced! That said, this was standard affair, and while not bad in anyway, was not a standout. Not really anything in the second set was really.

That all said about the second set, the encore was HUGE! The Sand went to some rather interesting and unusual places for the song, and the standalone Weekapaug was quite strong. While not the best versions ever, these were incredibly strong and different coming in the encore spot for a nice surprise.

This show may not go down as the most memorable show music-wise this year (at least I hope not), but was a good time nonetheless and streaming the show with some friends was a great way to spend a Friday night! Can't wait to see what is in store for tonight!
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