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It's amazing to think that at the end of 2016, more than 27 years since I first saw Phish live, I have so much closer a connection with the band members than ever before. For instance, when Trey Anastasio took the stage with his bandmates ("the boys") Thursday night at Madison Square Garden, I saw instantly that I own the same hoodie Trey was wearing.

Phish's most recent concerts were a four-night run in Las Vegas, and they'd opened the first three of those shows with originals written for and debuted at their 2014 Haunted House performance. Tonight, another pattern emerged. For the second straight show of the current four-night run, they opened with an a cappella number: "Sweet Adeline," which Phish hadn't dusted off since needing it to make up the numbers at the S show at Dick's in 2011. If this trend continues ... aaayyyyyy. Here's hoping for a "Free Bird" tomorrow night.

Photo © Herschel Gelman
Photo © Herschel Gelman

The number of bustouts last night and to start tonight's show brought Phish near to their personal best for songs played in a year, if you're into that kind of thing. The mark to shoot for (set in 2010) was 251. They took the stage tonight at 245 but the meter started running right away. After "Adeline" (song 246) came "Peaches en Regalia" (247), unseen since St. Louis in August of 2012 and probably not played to Gail Zappa's satisfaction, or Dweezil's, or Moon's, but still nice to hear.

You can't do better with "Mike's Groove" these days than as a first-quarter fire-starter, and the riff still retains the power to combust an arena crowd. Dropping into the jam, Trey was patient and exploratory, his tone immaculate. Trey's habit of tinkering with his rig is something we joke about a lot around HQ, all in good fun (e.g., "Can you believe this guy?" "No freakin’ way he did it again!" "What's with the dang pedals he's only got two feet?!?!"), but he was clear, crisp, and incisive all night.

During "Mike's" Page egged on Trey's instinct to jam by moving over to Lil Punkin, his adorable tangerine-colored Wurlitzer electric piano. (V.O.: Watch out, this pint-sized keyboard packs a powerful punch!) The Wurlitzer tone brought in a slightly spacier vibe, if only for a minute. Trey and Page cut off the jam together, Page pivoting back to the grand piano. The "Mike's" climax that followed is basically flames and everything you'd want. After that they played "Secret Smile" (248), and then "Weekapaug Groove" after "Secret Smile." Want more details? Well, the "Secret Smile" arrangement seems different; I haven't gone back to compare and I kind of don't love the song that much, but it seems like tonight's arrangement was in a different key and carried more by Page on the piano. Consider this an invitation to relisten to older versions and mock in the comments, but just know this: you'll be mocking me about an off-the-cuff opinion on the Phish song "Secret Smile."

Photo © Rene Huemer
Photo © Rene Huemer

The first set didn't deliver a whole lot after that, apart from yet more bustouts: "Roses Are Free" (249), last seen at the lackluster Dick's opener in 2015, and "Brian & Robert" (250), untouched since a rarity-filled first set at Alpine Valley that same summer. In between them, Page took an extra chorus on his "Poor Heart" solo, or maybe just applied a little extra mustard.

Then, the inevitable happened: Phish tied what is, let's be honest, possibly the most legendary mark in jamband-related statistical analysis. Song 251 was "Beauty of a Broken Heart," a neglected mid-tempo Page McConnell pop tune with a lovely circular chord structure. I gotta say they nailed it, with Trey leaning into his solo and leading an energetic little jam.

The first set's potential vehicles for improvisation paid off only modestly. "46 Days" did no noticeable damage in any direction. "Theme" saw a disastrous effort from Trey on the bridge, where he basically abandoned any attempt to play his part. It's admittedly a difficult part to play, even by the standards of a repertoire filled with difficult parts, but you would think Trey would want to get it right, or at least more right than that. Anyway, as is often the case with Trey, what the composed section tooketh away, the jam gaveth back. The ensuing improvisation was pleasant and soaring, swooping down from sunlight into the shadow of canyon walls, back out again, finally tumbling back to earth as Trey fiddled around with the "Dave's Energy Guide" riff. The set-closing "Split Open and Melt" was pretty tasty, but I started wishing for more bass, and realized I hadn't thought about Mike Gordon too much during the show so far. Trey dominated the "Split," loading up the pitch shifter and spraying little barbed slashes of guitar around the arena. It stayed languid, never became frenetic, and at the end the four of them dropped on a dime back into the tricky meter of the "Split" jam.

I'm told there are really good burgers somewhere on the lower level of MSG, by the way. They'll cook them medium rare to order. That's all I know. I wish I could tell you more.

Photo © Jake Silco
Photo © Jake Silco

Phish loves to open the second set with "Down with Disease," and tonight's version quieted from a standard full-band "Disease" jam into a conversation between Trey and Page. As he'd done before in "Mike's," Page moved to Lil Punkin. Trey heard something in his chords and off the two of them went into a gorgeous two-chord plagal bliss jam straight out of fall 2013. Fish followed, Mike was a step back again. They feinted at "Under Pressure" but no time for that; the band dropped back, almost out, leaving Trey to noodle mellifluously out on his own. They think about joining back in, and gradually do, and a neat little groove starts to develop. But by this point Trey's been heavily flirting with the melody for "What's the Use?," and he smoothly flows right in.

I gotta be greedy and say I wish they'd graced us with a little more of the "Disease" jam, which had the band locked in and reacting to each other. But "What's the Use?" is an uncommonly powerful rock instrumental, and you wanna talk about tone -- sweet all night, delicious on the preceding DwD, Trey's guitar attains its highest and best sonic form right here. You can understand why Trey would be in a bit of a hurry to show it off.

Unlike "Disease," Phish has never figured out how to take "Fuego" deep consistently, and that didn't change tonight. This version of "Fuego" was the show in microcosm. Mike forgot his entrance; they got through the composition pretty well; then, as they approached the Jam/Don't Jam decision point, Trey threw out a few jabbing, funky chords, inviting someone to follow. Nobody bit, and with the rest of the band drifting, Trey backed off. There was this weird rudderless moment, with nobody able to muster the will to move in any direction, four swimmers treading water. Then Trey started some other song, I forget which. Later on, the swamp-prog Joy standout "Twenty Years Later" was plodding toward its unremarkable conclusion when Trey started "Kung" (252 and the record! balloons fell from the ceiling in each of Phish's four tour buses), and this worked up a good deal of momentum over the "20YL" riff. "Makisupa Policeman" featured another vaping joke and another percussion segment.

I gotta say something about this issue. I really don't care for the percussion jams. I don't get it. I was never a Deadhead when the Dead existed, but every Deadhead I knew uniformly treated "Drums" as an opportunity to visit the trough under the stands and engage in some focused micturition. I don't know anybody who listens to a drum solo on tape. It may not have happened, ever. I hear you: this is something different, Trey's had a percussion kit before, this too shall pass, shut the fuck up buddy. But for me, "Rhythm Devilz" (as this segment should be called) is dead time. I felt like I was watching the part of the Sunday Night Football blowout where Al Michaels is talking about what a field goal could do to the over-under.

The greatest "Harry Hood" second-set closer of all time, or even the recent approximations circa summer 2014, couldn't drag this great, awesome, fun time with friends but below-average Phish show into the win column, but this "Hood" was well worth a listen. It was lovely, fiery, energetic, beautiful, all the things we love about this great piece of music as played by these four musicians.

Also, the new perimeter spotlights inside the arena are really cool and suggest that the rumors of an MSG residency for Phish in 2017 might be right. With lighting designer and director Chris Kuroda in charge of Rangers and Knicks games at MSG, the band has a chance to turn the World's Most Famous Arena into its own rock show test laboratory. If next summer sees 10, or 12, or 15 Phish shows on Broadway, most of them are sure to be better than tonight. As will tomorrow night and the night after that, no doubt.

Photo © Stephen Olker
Photo © Stephen Olker

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, comment by whatstheuse324
whatstheuse324 A residency at MSG? Watch out Billy Joel record! Soon there will be a Phish banner hanging from the Garden right next to the Rangers two retired number 9's. And in my opinion, I thought last night was fire, far from a drowning Phish.
, comment by Lee_Fordham
Lee_Fordham I think the word 'drowning' is overstating it a bit.
, comment by chumprock
chumprock Who wrote this?
, comment by zenwave
zenwave Wow, rented the live cast after not having seen Phish in 6 years (NYE '10).

It was like nothing had changed at all (Mike still seems to get nervous and lose all sense of rhythm & funk when it's his turn to solo, lol.)!

Glad to see people are still enjoying them, (and presumably new fans as well).
, comment by Tenaciousdnj
Tenaciousdnj Holy shit I'm glad I don't go to shows with this guy.
, comment by coryroc
coryroc nothing annoys me more than these reviews, yet i keep reading them to remind myself to never become as jaded as the clowns who write them.
, comment by J_D_G
J_D_G Terrific recap! Spot-on with your musical analysis, but a delight to read, as is your custom.
, comment by Your_Trip_Is_Short
Your_Trip_Is_Short I'm going to side with the "Drowning is a little harsh" crowd here. I get what the author is saying that this was a below average show as it pertains to long jams and improvisational mind blowing moments. However this would have been a very fun show to have attended. I personally don't need 20 minute signature jams to enjoy this band and thoroughly enjoyed this show from the comfort of my couch. The band was clearly having fun and that almost always translates to the crowd experience. 10-12 minute jam nights are just fine with me as a juxtaposition to the epic jam nights.
, comment by no_passouts
no_passouts I feel like we saw different shows. Aside from not having a monster in the S2 opener slot, it had everything ... and I don't see how a great S1 Peaches/Mike's Groove and A-plus versions of WTU and Hood aren't enough to qualify a show as excellent. I was sated.
, comment by Mr_Draned
Mr_Draned I get being honest in reviews, but it sounds like this reviewer should have miracled a fan his ticket.
, comment by kessadiddle
kessadiddle Reflecting upon 2016, one of the things I have to be thankful for is not being a jaded vet. And Peaches.
, comment by Slewfoot
Slewfoot Lots to disagree with in this recap. I feel like the reviewer was not in attendance. And let's be honest, being in the room is what it's all about for us and the band. The grooves last night were thick and deep. All the slow songs were played very well even if they weren't Tela. A few minor flubs here and there, but nothing they didn't recover from immediately.

The peaks of last night were some of the best I've seen in my 22 years of enjoying this band. Can't wait for tonight!
, comment by Livinthedream
Livinthedream It's a refreshing read;enjoyed it..2017 will mark my 28th year seeing this band and I have seen plenty of bad Phish shows. Most reviews are always about how great the show was and alot of the times that is the case. However; it's important to recognize when it's not great and the band is not gelling. It shows you have a good ear, know the band and have years of experience seeing them perform. Also, they have quite a few downright bad songs that can really impact a show and when they put them back to back or play too many in one night it can really kill a show. Too many phans feel like whatever the band does it great and they can do no wrong. It's just not the case. There is nothing with being critical. It shows you know what your seeing/hearing.I didn't make it to the show and on paper it looked really solid. So, I was a little surprised I have to admit but it goes to show you gotta be there to really know how it was. Thanks for the read.
, comment by del4life
del4life Pretty terrible review.
, comment by First_Tube85
First_Tube85 Gail Zappa is dead. You're a bummer. That show, even just watching on the stream, was a lot of fun. I would avoid writing about a band you don't get.
, comment by PhifeDawg
PhifeDawg Shut up man... go buy more clothes to match Trey
, comment by Jake0712
Jake0712 I had the opportunity to sit in Section 108 Row 7 for this show. This is one section in front of the stage on Mike's side. I was clearly able to see everything what the band was doing. This article WILL GO DOWN AS THE WORST REVIEW EVER. SausageMahoney, were you at the show or were you sitting home watching your webscast? Because quite frankly, everyone and I MEAN 99.9% of the crowd was in a freaking daze (in a great way) after the show was over.

I understand everyone has a different perspective how they see things in life. One thing I can say, this author might have been in a different mindset where the brain was possibly not in the "Right Frame of Mind". Something must of have set this person off because 14 out of 15 people that made a comment in this thread seems to disagree with the author.

To the crew, (Scott, Phil and all of the others that is part of the Mockingbird Foundation), Please Do Not Ask Sausage Mahoney to ever write a review again.....
, comment by pistilstamen
pistilstamen Suggestion: should have an editor to ensure that these recaps provide the perspective that the show in question is, without a doubt, a 5 star affair.

Also, perhaps tapping Larry King to write this review would have elicited a more favorable reaction from fans.

Thank baby Jesus they didn't encore with Show of Life, for sausagemahoney's sake.
, comment by melt_the_tek9
melt_the_tek9 So what sucks more now? The band, it's fans, or the reviewers?

After reading countless posts of praise on the forum, reading this review made me feel like Phish isn't a good band at all anymore. I guess I missed the hoopla over why Meatstick is the most terrible song ever now, but to joke it into oblivion by not even listing it by name is sad. At this point I don't even know what qualifies as a "good" Phish song. Or a "good" Phish show. But there are two kinds of fans emerging and 2016 has brought them out: you are either a fan that only likes shows that have one 20+ minute jam, no Marimba/drum jam, and no ballads; or, you are a fan that likes crap.

I'm the fan that likes crap.
, comment by nicuenjoymyself
nicuenjoymyself wow that was a downer
i hope tonight is better then that
, comment by Adams
Adams Jeez you guys, just because you disagree with the reviewer's opinion doesn't mean that he's a "clown" or that it's a "terrible review." Why not explain your differing viewpoint and what you liked about the show instead of just attacking him and telling him to "shut up"?
, comment by swifty
swifty 1) I like "drums," and even listen to them on re-play and groove to 'em; 2) I think the title of this review being on the front page of this particular website is bad juju smack in the middle of this run....3) I would have enjoyed the shit out of this show, it has a lot of my favorite things...I never expect to get all of my favorite parts of Phish in any Phish show...and I am totally jealous I wasn't at this show....

4) there's good and bad ways to direct harsh criticism at a show...I don't ever personally partake in talking much shit about my fav. band, because I'm in total surrender to the PHilosophy that whatever happens at a Phish show is what that show's about....but I definitely (academically) appreciate others' constructive criticism when it's done the "right way," see: @noob100 or many other of this site's regular contributors....still, appreciate your efforts and respect your point of view OP, but sheesh
, comment by FifthAvenuePhish
FifthAvenuePhish This recap is the equivalent of "I used to walk to school everyday naked, in the snow, uphill both ways." If your not sure what I mean by that them you probably like this review.

I was at this show but maybe it was a different show, because this wasn't my experience at all.
, comment by del4life
del4life Because i'm not here to do that. Only to point out the obvious. @brunbrown
, comment by imdano
imdano This is a fantastic review...well done OP. I am much more interested in a fair and insightful review of a show than thoughtless, gushing praise. Also, an actual writer that keeps my interest is always welcome on .net, in my humble opinion.

Another point; anyone who thinks that the only people who's review counts are those in attendance at the show are quite wrong. It's difficult to pay attention to 100% of a show while also trying to dance, amuse oneself with substances, chat with friends, and all the other activities that come along with being there. Those distractions aren't really an issue on one's couch, and I suspect that, many times, a couch viewer may have a more valuable perspective on, at the very least, the music that was played, if not the "vibe in the room."

Another point; how many of us were at 12.31.95? Few, I'd wager. Its a legendary show in the history of Phish and one that any fan ought to have listened to quite a bit. I've listened to it enough times to know why saying "turning knobs, turning levers all day," when timed well, is hilarious. I think my perspective on the music of that show is pretty valid, and fuck anyone who disagrees with me because I wasn't there...that's an idiotic attitude.

Well done OP; I hope to read your work again.
, comment by User_27592_
User_27592_ Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Like many of the previous posters, I did not get the same vibe out of the show as you did, but I also don't read things just to reinforce my own opinions. It seems as if many people fall either in the bust out camp, or the jams camp. I'm definitely a "can we have both please" kinda guy. Got some deep exploration the night before with the Wolfmans>Golden Age and grateful for the more bustout-y direction last night.

I think you may be underestimating the SOAM a tad. Might be worth a playback.

That being said, so much of a show is about headspace. Some nights we're in sync w the band and other times we are swimming upstream of each other. I'd be curious if you still think this way about the show after some distance from it. Cheers/Jerz
, comment by andrewrose
andrewrose Haven't listened to last night but guys, re 'drowning': the title of the review is clearly in reference to Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch (Zappa)
, comment by User_43385_
User_43385_ That was a chore to read. Mustve been treading water while writing it. That was a great show from my spot. The smiles emanating from the stage were contagious to me and I enjoyed it all. Funny though how the people that complained about something like "let me lie" in Harftord set 1 are all so enthralled with joy about these bustouts and song counts. They've played great all year.
, comment by PhinePhineMusic
PhinePhineMusic I agree with IMDANO. I've posted this before -- how many times have we listened back to a show that we loved in person, only to find the music didn't really thrill on tape?

There's no such thing as a show that slays on tape that didn't slay in person. But the opposite is definitely not true.

I've often thought that for objectivity's sake, reviews should ONLY be conducted via webcast or good quality audio recording. All the other things mentioned above (drugs, vibe, energy, friends) spoil the experiment.
, comment by PrimuSucks
PrimuSucks I really feel bad for you if thats how you heard it. I was in sec 109, in the second row.... there were no 'rudderless' moments man, they knew exactly what they were doing. Also what is an average Phish show? Never mind an 'below-average Phish show'? Did you have fun? Did they do cool stuff up there? Yes across the board. It was all smiles on stage dude... trust me the boys were happy with the product and so was the majority of the audience. Sorry you couldn't hear it.
, comment by Looch
Looch Strange. I am what most would consider a jaded oldbie, and I thought last night was the best Phish show I've seen or heard in a very long time. There was a constant musical conversation, or an attempt at one - no silos, lots of listening. Trey's tone was consistently amazing; Page was more present in the mix than usual. Both were very playful during otherwise ho-hum moments; listen to Trey's little fills during the Poor Heart verses, or some of his licks during the verses of Weekapaug.

Yeah, Fuego hasn't gone full-jam the way I'd enjoy it to, but this was another nice one. When my only complaints are that I wish Roses was jammed instead of straight (no chaser) and that I wish SOAM (as a set closer) had a little more direction, I'd call it a damn solid show. It didn't have the "peak jam" or grand-slam of some of my other favorite 3.0 shows but it was a steady barrage of doubles off the wall, everything well played. Even Secret Smile (usually a break for me but I sat and listened and enjoyed).

YMMV but I had a hell of a time last night on my own couch tour.
, comment by McgruppsTravels
McgruppsTravels Super Chomper...I want to hear redshirtguys opinion
, comment by Outlive
Outlive I like to think I have a fairly extensive vocabulary, but I learned a new word: micturition. So I thank the reviewer for that.

I also thank the reviewer for presenting an opportunity for me to comment on something that has been gnawing at me since the day after the second show in Grand Prairie on the fall tour, a show that the consensus has determined to be the "worst" show of the year (and, indeed, the "worst" since 7/19/2013).

I attended all three shows at Dick's and the last two in Vegas as well as the two in Grand Prairie. The Dick's and Vegas shows are rated among the best of the year and rightfully so. But of all the shows I attended in person this year (or last, for that matter) I had the best time at the Grand Prairie show. They played Lifeboy, which is a song I love and never expected to witness in person. They busted out Foam, and Meatstick was an absolute blast--it was a moment of pure joy for me to watch this big dude in the row in front of me flawlessly execute the silly dance steps. And then during Taste I closed my eyes, let the music wash over me, and I had a near out-of-body experience of absolute ecstasy. For me, it was hose to the max.

Now, I have not gone back to re-listen to that show. I have re-listened to the Vegas and Dick's shows multiple times. I get why someone looking over the dozens of shows from this year would not bother to listen to Grand Prairie night two. And I get why the highly rated shows are highly rated--there are some awesome jams, great setflow, and tight playing in those shows that makes them worthy of multiple listens.

But my point is this: the experience of being at a Phish show is qualitatively different from the experience of watching one from the living room or streaming the audio after-the-fact on Livephish+. I get why people who were not at the show last night (or the show I attended in Grand Prairie) might have a very different response to it than the folks who were there. Heck, I get why the responses of two people who were both there might be different (the first night of Dick's this year was hard to really enjoy after some Chad in the row behind us threw up on my wife's back just before the first intermission--the second-set Tweezer may have been awesome, but for us? Not so much. Needless to say we bailed early).

For these reasons I tend to read reviews of shows primarily to see if there were any stand-out songs, which is useful information. But the reviewer's overall impression of a show as "below average" or "drowning" or whatever? Yeah, I don't really care about that because I know from personal experience that a five-star show can fail to connect with me if circumstances conspire against it and a "2.6" show can provide me with one of the best experiences I have ever had.

I would prefer if reviewers would stick to observations about the quality of play, whether the band seemed to be in synch and grooving, and how the set flowed rather than the more subjective things like "I hate when Trey plays percussion" or "there were no long jams" or "I hate Fuckerpants." The former criticisms may help someone decide if it is a show worth giving a listen; the latter provide no real value. It's like a movie reviewer saying "La La Land sucks because I hate musicals so don't go see it." Sometimes reviews here have a tendency to veer toward that kind of a thing ("the second set was ruined because they played three songs I hate").
, comment by TwiceBitten
TwiceBitten I thought 12.28 was better than 12.29 but I am nowhere near as jaded as this guy. Lol. Apparently the fanbase at large disagrees with both of us as the 2nd show is rated higher than the first.
, comment by PhishPhox
PhishPhox Fuego went deep 3 times in July 2014 alone.

I've enjoyed every review I've ever read on this website until 5 minutes ago.
, comment by peacey
peacey What a joke. Eat a sausage.
, comment by frankstallone
frankstallone This review is fantastic, melts in the comments section alone are worth the price of admission

Reviewer wasn't that far off though. I enjoyed the MELT, DWD/WTU was solid, Kung was interesting and it was nice to see Trey put a peak on Hood again

But overall pretty average in the scheme of things

, comment by DemandOpener
DemandOpener I disagree with your opinion on Secret Smile and that's literally all I have to say
, comment by JuSalles
JuSalles I think I saw a different show because for me it was amazing, but maybe it's because I'm new at this and haven't seen much. Show was great, makisupa policeman > harry hood with percussion jam happening in the middle was SICK! Felt just like the red shirt guy sitting on my couch.

I'm re-watching it now for the third time and nop... not drowning at all. But yeah, everyone has a point of view, right?! No harm!
, comment by maxhog
maxhog Fully agree with @walklikeacanteloupe. Semi-related, it's the worst when these reviews veer off into something completely unrelated that they're trying to relate to the song selection; for example, in yesterday's review where the reviewer spends a long paragraph talking about the election, as if there was some deep connection between that and the Star Spangler Banner opening the show. I'm not here to see if you're disappointed Trump won, I'm here to see an opinion on how the show was. Fuck off with that shit.
, comment by MarvinTheMartian
MarvinTheMartian I'm calling bullshit. Whoever wrote this wasn't there. This show was amazing, and I am a miserable old curmudgeon.
, comment by Laudanum
Laudanum The last two reviews border on click bait. Can't wait for tomorrow's You Won't Believe What Trey Wore! review.
, comment by ThinMan
ThinMan Great review. Couldn't agree more.
, comment by apruem
apruem I have no problem with negative reviews. Most critical reviews are more interesting than the two common reviews I read:

1) "short song descriptions + 2nd set didn't really take off"
2) "short song descriptions + 2nd set totally took off."

Everyone has different expectations for a show, especially based on their method of listening- live stream, live in person, or post-show listen.

This review just needs an editor. Wednesday's review didn't post till well after Noon the following day, and was cleaner in its direction and tone. This one is negative in the headline, but doesn't dig into "why" until paragraph #11. And it's a valid claim too, the "rudderless moments" and "treading water." But there's not enough explanation.

There were highs and lows last night. But wading through this review, it's hard to tell how the hell the writer* reaches that conclusion. Was it "great, awesome, fun time with friends but below-average" or several other conflicting adjectives? I think a middle school English teacher just went into rehab.

*can we get some female writers, pretty please?
, comment by mcgrupp18
mcgrupp18 Kuroda had the perimeter lights up last NYE. I remember them distinctly because I was on the skybridge.
, comment by Wilsonloveshenrietta
Wilsonloveshenrietta Were we at the same show? This is a horrible review
, comment by Bongomaz42
Bongomaz42 Who cares about your hoodie?
, comment by mandozen
mandozen I really appreciate this review! I was fully engaged with the writing and would gladly read this writers reviews every show! I was not there and opted out of NYE this year, but I felt like I was there with this review. Thank you mysterious pen man, who are you? Please more sir!
, comment by gnosticaspirant
gnosticaspirant Another perfect example of the over-critical D-bags that add a distasteful element to the scene. Another reminder for me to not read these reviews and just listen and appreciate it all. But after 22 years, these punks will never keep me away. Remember...Phish could not be playing at all right now. Oh...and they're human too.
, comment by Rutherford_theBrave
Rutherford_theBrave I dislike your review and don't agree with it.
, comment by BOBinonthesurface
BOBinonthesurface This review is a perfect example of certain "jaded" fans, citing how deep your connection is with the band is because you have the same sweatshirt as trey but somehow you can't seem to enjoy a phish NYE show at the garden?
, comment by Liquid_Sound
Liquid_Sound Terrible review.

It seems the reviewer has no real clue about what is going on.

The reviewer missed it for sure !

Focused on the BS not the music


Don't get drums? WOW

Not floating upon the waves for sure

This review is propaganda.

The show rocked from start to finish.

AWESOME 2 sets.

My review after 27 years of PHISH !

Peace & Love to you reviewer.

Hope you start really listening next time round the wheel.
, comment by bursteina
bursteina I'm thinking that Twiddle may be more the speed of this reviewer, possibly Nickleback...
, comment by jofoie
jofoie 1) you are entitled to your opinion of course, but I have a hard time with your mindset that this was a show that needed "saving" because it was "drowning." If you are so jaded that you're the type that is only excited by them playing something like Harpua>Slave>YEM every night followed by a second set Gamehendge then you should just put down your pen and stop going to shows. This one was a gem by every stretch of the imagination. Multiple highlights, succinct jams, great tone, awesome audience vibe, fantastic musicianship and let's not forget the fact that the light show has never been better than its current state in the 30+ year history of Phish. I keep no count of how many shows i've been to, but I was there for 12/31/95 and 12/30/94 and countless other MSG shows. I can tell you that you might be the only fan who left unhappy last night.

2) Trey flubbed a guitar part once or twice, get over it - the man is human and played music non-stop without looking at a chart for 2.5 hours. He might have played 500,000 notes last night, maybe 3 million, I don't know. So if 5 or 6 were wrong, who cares.

3) the band was loose and having fun, trading smiles all night - this always makes for good music. After 30 years, they still find ways to keep the shows interesting, whether its an a capella opener, improved light show, or by playing 4 songs that havn't been played in almost 200 shows. The fact that their repitoire is as deep as it currently is and they played over 250 different unique songs this year alone is probably more songs than any 5 bands combined will play over the course of the same period. Think about that for a second.

4) People need to have realistic expectations from these 4 guys. Just go and listen to the music, relax, and forget about rankings, stats, "good" "average-good" 2.0, 3.0 Type I jams, and all the other BS terms that get thrown around to try to catalog something that needs no taxonomy. Its about the music and the vibe. As its been said, just surrender to the phlow.

Ive never posted on this site in the 22 years ive followed it, but I just couldn't help commenting on what was an incredible night of music and fun. Happy and healthy new year to all.
, comment by n00b100
n00b100 The review's what it is; last night wasn't quite 8/22/15 and that was reflected in the writing, but he did take pains to mention some of the stuff he liked. He's certainly not alone in disliking percussion jams (I like them, but I like the Marimba Lumina way more than the mini-kit, so), and I don't think it's worth jumping down a dude's throat just because he didn't hear what you did (I dislike Meatstick just as much as he, but I like 20YL's ending far more than he does, for instance).

But, bro, how are you gonna bring up Hood's Summer 2014 and then say they "never" figured out how to jam out Fuego? 7/4/14 didn't do it for you? 7/8? 7/30?
, comment by ProfJibboo
ProfJibboo This review is a classic "were we listening to the same show or are you just a jaded vet?"
, comment by del4life
del4life Do you think the reviewer could get cleared for TSA pre-check with this kind of review?
, comment by piper24
piper24 i don't understand the constant bickering that goes on here. why people are unable to accept the fact that we all have different opinions. just because someone dislikes a show or song or whatever doesn't make them any less of a fan. i would rather read a review that's honest then one that's full of excuses and pc bullshit. i can make up my own mind on what i think is good. i don't need any validation for my opinions and i could care less if anyone agrees with me or not. can someone please explain why they are unable to take any sort of criticism and why they must bash any opinion that doesn't agree with their own? i must be a liberal. ;)
, comment by pistilstamen
pistilstamen Previous posts from the author:

You may not agree with or like this review, but maybe, just maybe, take it with a grain of salt. These are just words that someone posted on the internet.
, comment by thebuzzman
thebuzzman Listening to it at this moment. I have to concur that drowning is a tad harsh but I have no problem with your right to articulate it.

I am finding it a fine show. How many great Hoods have we had over the last two years? Pretty much all of them but last night the jam didn't go into the usual slightly to quite dark and instead just stayed in the major two chords and just percolated with Trey absolutely blazing. Easily the highlight of the show.

For anyone who hasn't already seen this because of Hood.
, comment by neal_nugget
neal_nugget Never did the reviewer say he didn't enjoy himself at the show, or that he wishes he didn't go, or that Phish sucks. Just said it wasn't the best show he's ever seen.

Wouldn't it stand to reason that someone who's seen 27 years worth of Phish shows might have developed some criteria on how to differentiate shows? Apparently, the reviewer is a fan of jams where the band melds together, locks in, and takes the song to a special place. And also can recognize and appreciate when the band is totally nailing all the composed, structured sections. I'm sure there's an element of setlist flow and song choice in his rubric too.

Obviously, checking every single one of those boxes isn't gunna happen every night. That's why Phish is special -- there are highs and lows, and the contrast between the two make the whole experience dynamic, compelling and ever-changing.

Whether you're talking about a specific song, a show, a tour, or even the entire 30+ year history of the band in general, Planet Phish is scarred by valleys and punctuated by peaks. The low points make us lust for the heights, which are thus that much more enjoyable and meaningful because of the path we've climbed to reach them.

Yes, the Phish concert experience is somewhat constant -- happy people, feel-good jams, mind-blowing lights, plenty of booze and what-have-you, and a shared history/purpose with a diverse but like-minded community. All of it adds up to a wonderful, inimitable escape.

If that's what keeps bringing you back, and you're not too concerned with critically analyzing the nuances of a specific jam/show/tour, well, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. There is no rule book on how to enjoy Phish. Part of the appeal of the band is that fans can appreciate Phish on so many different levels. On that note, if you're looking for a show review that simply re-lives the previous night's feel-good, unadulterated joy, check out a recap on Jambase or Relix.

Conversely, if you acknowledge that not all shows are created equal -- at least beyond the aforementioned constants of the live Phish experience -- and you want to place a specific song/jam/show in a larger context, then you're lucky to have a critical, informed source like to scour for real, incisive opinions.

This shouldn't be like McCarthy's America, where anyone who didn't do the Pledge of Allegiance 5x per day would be accused of being a communist. It's okay to acknowledge that some shows are better than others. It doesn't make you "jaded" or a "hater" or any less of a fan than the next guy. None of us would be here if we didn't love this band, if we weren't invested it in enough to log onto the website the next day and discuss it all with others.

If every single show you go to is better than the last, the new :best night of your life", maybe these reviews are not for you. Again, hit up Relix or Jambase for a recap that helps you relive every special nugget of every special night in as glorious a fashion as you remember.

If you want a more nuanced, critical and honest opinion on the subtleties of each show -- subtleties that don't matter to every fan -- then thank Icculus that we have
, comment by Chop
Chop Great, spot-on review. Tonight is my 250th show. I've been to every MSG Phish show. Last night was well below average for what this band has done and can still do onstage. And you know what, that's ok. Without the below average shows, you can't have above average shows. Without bad nights, you can't have great nights.

I still had an amazing time. I'm sure the author had a great time as well. Phish shows are always a great time. If your feelings are hurt because of this review, maybe you just haven't seen or heard enough great Phish shows? Maybe you need a thicker skin? Maybe you're not a good critical listener? Maybe you need a nice sober listen to the recording? To say last night was a great night of Phish music is comical.
, comment by ChefMatt
ChefMatt This says it all; far from drowning....
, comment by bcc88
bcc88 Ironic that this review would elicit such anger from so many today. There has been one clear message sent in the last two nights, and it certainly wasn't some secret political message you need to read between the lines to get. Two a cappella openers, bunch of bust outs to break a silly meaningless record, and Martian Monster Tweeprise/TYL Kung being among the centerpieces of S2 on consecutive nights. The message I'm getting is after 30+ years, Phish is still the supremely talented but lighthearted, goofy, silly band from VT that never takes itself too seriously I fell in love with 25 years ago.

The guy's handle is Sausage. I suspect he is aware that he sometimes is a bit of a dick when he reviews shows. Lighten up, laugh, disagree. Jaded vets are funny if you don't take them too seriously, and buried in all the sarcasm and negativity and mockery is usually some truth. Enjoy the shows and each other, there is enough hate out there without us getting all pissed off at each other about show reviews.
, comment by tpias09
tpias09 jeezuz, you'd think from the reactions sausagemahoney said your mother wears army boots. he didn't like the show. bfd, neither did i. it was uneven and from my experience last night, rudderless is an appropriate term.

just because someone doesn't like a particular outing doesn't mean they're wrong. you liked? good for you, glad you enjoyed. BUT, for everyone that jumped down sausage's throat, ask yourself this. have you ever seen a phish show you DIDN'T like? you think and feel every show is good to great, how would you know?

get over yourselves, sausage didn't like the show. as stated, bfd.
, comment by the_vultures
the_vultures It must be kinda rough to be a jaded vet and only live to hear superlative shows, or to genuinely feel like Phish has "a lot of bad songs". I am not offended by such folks, but I do pity them. It's odd. I do distinguish between average and truly fantastic shows, but the former are still pretty damn enjoyable. I can find the beauty in songs like Secret Smile, or obscure bluegrass covers. I can also acknowledge those gargantuan jams as a key aspect of what makes this band the best act in the world. I am aware that there are probably some condescending notes in my tone here and I don't mean it to come off that way. But damn. It does not sound all that fun to be the wine snob equivalent of a Phish fan. Perhaps I'm mistaken.
, comment by theohmygods
theohmygods I think that sometimes we forget how historic this band really is. For me, seeing phish is a spiritual experience. It's deeply personal and at the same time I feel part of a transcendental movement. Sometimes people have different experiences and that's ok; we should celebrate that fact.

2016 is a scary year. If there is ever a time for unity, it's now. Phish kids, let's form a Rebel Alliance.
, comment by Jonjules123
Jonjules123 The show was awesome. The whole second set was sick. I give it a solid b+
, comment by RubberRevolver
RubberRevolver To the people last night on the rail aka "Rail Crew": I haven't seen Phish in a while and was beyond excited for my Thursday night MSG show on the floor. As much as I would love to follow the gang around the country and never miss a note, life and it's obligations do not grant me this luxury. I came extra early to get a good spot and meet up with a friend from work - we are the only people at our office who love the band and always shared a bond over it. As I sat there meeting her crew and being the friendly stranger that I am, I noticed some in her crew did not appreciate my presence despite the fact that I could not have been nicer and made clear I would not stand in front of any of them and impede on their good time. About 5 minutes before show start, one of her friends came up to me and basically told me to step back. Leave. You are not welcome to stand with us. I was in shock and quite frankly embarrassed. Even the crew members who were nice to me and extended good vibes looked away. This is not what Phish is about. Where I come from, you should do everything you can to make friendly people feel welcomed, especially if they are a friend of a friend.

TO THE RED HEAD GIRL: I hope you are reading this and feel ashamed of what you did. You sent me away with no hesitation and complete lack of care. Your sense of entitlement is gross. You are not better than anyone in that arena and deserve no more and no less, despite the fact that this was probably your 10,000th show. The music doesn't belong the band and it sure as hell doesn't belong to you. It belongs to EVERYONE!

TO BERNIE: You are the man. I was alone and you were cool enough and kind enough to share with me, dance with me, and live up to what this band is really about. I had a great show in the end but felt the need to address the bullying and dictatorship of the Rail Crew.
, comment by jdnakai
jdnakai I was at MSG last night, and agree with some parts of the review, and disagree with some. Bust-outs are more fun when your're in the house, and to a certain degree, drum jams as well. At the same time, the jamming last night was not as spectacular as the Vegas run (particularly DwD) , and since expectations were high, the show came down a bit.

But either way, I do have to appreciate a Zappa pun in the title of the review of a show where Phish played Peaches. I don't know if SausageMahoney wrote the headline themselves, but whoever did, good job!
, comment by CarinCarpenter
CarinCarpenter This will undoubtedly be lost in the shuffle, but I enjoyed the review and was actually surprised/shocked to see the cavalcade of people losing their cool about it. Not just that, seeing people downvoted for saying it was a good review. What the hell?

A few things:

1) If you had an awesome time at a show and someone says it wasn't the best show by the band, who cares? You had an awesome time - do you really need the cherry on top that is some stranger validating your opinion?

2) If I was more eloquent in my late teens and forced to submit a review to a website by the next morning, I would have written a similarly non-purple review of the show I attended on 10/02/99 or 02/20/2003. At the time, I was really let down by both of those shows and it would have shown. Lo and behold, seventeen and fourteen years later, I'd give a left nut (I have two) to revisit either of those shows for just one of what I now believe are multiple canonical jams.

What I'm saying is; maybe in time, the reviewer will come to see things the way you do. Or, maybe you'll see things the way he does.

3) The Lions suck.
, comment by JMart
JMart geez dudes, flame a little harder why don't you?
i respect anyone who has the courage to say they saw a phish show and it sucked because you just KNOW all the knob-slobbing dickheads are going to come out in full force. it's an OPINION. if you liked the show, great. Like it. It doesn't mean this dude was wrong. So sick of hearing the flaming.
, comment by curleyfrei
curleyfrei "Never" figured out how to take Fuego deep? That's Just completely incorrect...
, comment by SomethingsPhishy
SomethingsPhishy Seriously you turd, maybe you should just stick to reviewing the MSG burgers and Trey's hoodies. Worst review I've read on .net.
, comment by E_Wolfe
E_Wolfe Solid review. Comments on it are even better. I enjoyed hearing Peaches for the first time in a while; one of my favorite of the older covers. Roses was fun, too. Mike's Groove assessment was also spot-on; Secret Smile's arrangement did seem pretty different. Beyond that, Set I just kinda did what many of them do lately- a few bust-outs, not many jams. Melt was okay; I enjoy how its kinda become just a sonic-dissonance playing field, but I still miss them keeping the rhythm going during the jam. Idk if I felt they "turned on a dime" at the felt kinda botched except for the drop back into that very last stanza which WAS very well-timed, but whatever.
Beyond that? Disease could've been predicted as soon as it didn't open the second-set the night before, and while pretty fun wasn't "crushing" by Disease-standards. The damn song has been a favorite of mine for years, and dare I say I'm tiring of its placement-predictability(lol- its only been opening second sets for like 20 years); 7/27/14's placement of Disease was a freaking breath of fresh air, IMO....but I digress. Sheeyit, I'm even harsher than Mahoney on WTU?; while I do love the song, its an almost guaranteed handful-of-ever-predictable-never-changing minutes in any set. Fuego is a legit stadium-rocker, but it's jam potential has been realized so infrequently it is also bordering on "same-ol', same-ol'". Meatstick can be fun, but pretty much never changes. I've been waiting for 20YL to do SOMETHING since 10/29/13, and am still holding my breath after last night, even w/ a Kung-injection. Makisupa can ALSO be fun, but I was at Champaign '97, so there's that. Hood is a classic, ALWAYS, but there again, last night's wasn't ALL that. I really enjoyed how Hood took a turn in '14 to a more rockin'-jam vehicle as opposed to "touching", altho I love all Hoods.
Phew. Whatever, that's my $0.02, and I haven't written more than like 3-4 of these damn things in all my years on .net. I gotta say, tho, after 22yrs of phish, its rare I don't feel at least similarly to the gang here, and appreciate their efforts.
12/28 was way better, and this was a decent show. Not fantastic. Endless knob-slobbing praise is for suckers. This is my favorite band. You can't have the stellar w/o the occasional stinker. 2016 was rife w/ 'meh' moments. Still my favorite band. I'm now going to pay more attention to tonight's show (12/30), 'cuz I've been penning this stupid thing for 20mins now and they just rocked Gin. Y'all enjoy the run. -r
, comment by RobPJohnson3
RobPJohnson3 I think there is a misunderstanding here.

The problem with this review isn't simply that it isn't a glowing positive review. Of course everybody has a right to state their honest opinion, and of course some Phish shows are better than others. They can't all be 5 stars. Most reasonable fans agree with all that. That's not the problem.

The problem is that the author seems to embody a certain kind of entitled douchebag vet in an almost Platonic sense, as if he were The Jaded Vet in archetype form. Most fans don't like that guy, and when you play that character to the hilt the way this guy did in this review, people are going to react in a strong way.

Short version: Even if you didn't like the show, you don't have to be such a dick about it.
, comment by Dressed_In_Gray
Dressed_In_Gray BOO THIS MAN!
, comment by Doopes
Doopes I wrote a review w almost the same views and got the same backlash lol... But overall it wasn't an amazing show, and that's OK... Not every show will be 5 stars... It was fun regardless.. I had a blast last night.... , even a "bad" Phish show is better then anything else going on ;)
, comment by bud33245
bud33245 Apparently we were at different shows. This show had just about all I look for. I laughed, was in awe and cringed. All are part of the entire package and I welcome it all. Coming up on my 25th anniversary and we are not all jaded. Some of us cherish each and every show because not too long ago there was no tomorrow. Choose to view the next show as the best show ever which is what I do and you will never be disappointed and wanting more.
, comment by timrpow
timrpow "I mean, my first child was successful and became a Doctor, my 2nd kid had a great knack for sports, the 3rd was an artist and the 4th a musician, but this last kid of mine here- MAN DID HE SHIT THE BED. His mother and I should have plan B'd him. Anyway, as his father I'd like to wish him congratulations on his wedding day. Hopefully his bride here has good teeth and my future grandchildren aren't all turd burglars. Let's toast these losers before they pass out and the Howard Johnson hotel shuttle has to come and bring them back to their bridal suite. HERE HERE"

-Reviwers speech from the 2045 wedding of his 5th child-
, comment by blombekr
blombekr More @sausagemahoney please
, comment by GregBurnes
GregBurnes Am I the only one who likes meatstick?
, comment by Bogotafee5514
Bogotafee5514 If you are seeking Feugo jams and all Phish fans should get to the Phish shows at the Mann in the city where Brothers Love Each other and .Net staffers or employees or correspondents or someone that they got to write a review for one of the NYE MSG Phish 2016 Run shows. Hated the review and if you're going to say why it was a bad show and imply you are in a position to judge the merits of a Phish show im gonna take a leap and say by your .Net affiliation then at least do better explaining why it was so in your opinion. I red some of your reasons to explain your viewpoint but i found them weak, generic, uninspired and lacking any convincing writing or depth to back up your statements. Very phoned in. Your general lethargy probably prevented you from enjoying any show they played last night unless it was your pre conceived notion of what you wanted or expected them to play for you to deem it a good or even great show. Chew on this lyric from last night: dont believe the florist when they tell you the roses are free. Chew on that and hope you had a better show at 12/30(it was awesome!!) and have a happy new year!! If anything you should consider some of these replies that disagree with your assessment of the show and consider you were wrong about your review however if you do this and still feel the same, stick to your guns and keep going to shows and chase the ones that do it for you!!
, comment by flatbrimtracksuit
flatbrimtracksuit review was apt.
show was sub-par
reviewer was generous
some of you fluffers should take off your rose-tinted glasses and re-listen
kung and a solid hood can't save a set
, comment by waxbanks
Unlike "Disease," Phish has never figured out how to take "Fuego" deep consistently
True enough -- though as @n00b100 points out, for a minute there a couple of years ago it did go places. I wonder why they don't bother anymore.

'Fuego' is such great jam material, too! As in the original 'Limb by Limb' arrangement, they're coming out of the composed section/vocals on a *downward* trajectory, so to speak, in an interesting texture, at an easy tempo. It's probably not a matter of 'figuring it out,' so to speak. (I don't assume you meant that literally.) I kinda wish Fish'd restore his original subtle drums in the outro, to give the jam someplace *concrete* to be instead of 'ambling generic rock.'

Maybe it's nothing more than their attention moving to different batches of songs from tour to tour. We tend to have this idea that any song could pop off at any time, but that's obviously not the case (cf. the silly fixation on nonexistent 'Roses' jams). They seem to come into individual songs with a general idea of their function in the set -- only on nights where they're all committed to *free* movement, or where one member's gonna insist on a step-change, do random songs seem to go long. Otherwise it's just the 'jam vehicles' for the most part.

I dunno.

Anyway, you're a horrible monster and so forth.

p.s. The 'hoodie' line is solid gold.
, comment by Switters
Switters Hey Mr Review,

As a maniacally devoted fan, you are allowed to see hidden patterns and meanings in song choices and sequences where none actually exist, you can arbitrarily decide when it is better to be either precise and boring or sloppy and ambitious, but don't you EVER give a bad show a bad review.
, comment by JustACoupleTimes
JustACoupleTimes Stopped reading at the word "hoodie", but I have read all of the entertaining comments.

There's a small chance I would have continued reading if the reviewer's personal connection to the band was illustrated by wearing the same scarf as Mike.
, comment by CharlesAlkan
CharlesAlkan The review itself was fine and I agree with most of it. I think the problem is the clickbait/exaggeratedly negative title. It sets the wrong tone for the whole article. There were actually plenty of positive things said in the article, but after reading the title you can't help but think the reviewer saw the whole show as a complete disaster.

Personally I give nights 1 and 2 4-star ratings for all the great moments they had (and night 3 was awesome enough to be a 5-star). Maybe I'm being generous due to the many shows earlier this year that were so lackluster in comparison; who knows. But I like what they've been doing since Dick's, fall tour, Vegas, etc. and am optimistic about next year.
, comment by goats
goats The last time I heard Kung was at my first Phish show 10/31/89 at Goddard college. It was also the debut of Kung so this was a 27 year wait as I have not heard it since--to my memory....but I think Mathews Arena o '93 one year... maybe. 10/31/89 was special because that's when I found myself in the front row of a sculpture room in a white t shirt and jeans talking to Trey about macaroni and cheese. He handed me a very large box filled with individual boxes of mac and cheese which I passed out to the crowd behind me. We shook in rhythm to the beginning of a song I would later come to know as David Bowie. If you go to the youtube video of this show you can see me most clearly during Reba as the taller guy up front dressed seemingly like the Fonz. To quote Joni Mitchell, back to the Garden, I am continually amazed by this band as they twist and bend and morph into something almost unrecognizable only to regain shape at the last minute like a high diver coming out of a turn just before they enter the water with a delicate splash. Epic, out of this world show for me and my long time friends and brother who danced all night on the garden floor.
, comment by Bosco057
Bosco057 Your not alone in disliking the drum solos. When I'm loading Dead shows onto my player I often intentionally exclude Drums/Space. I figure since there's a 95% chance I'm gonna skip over it anyway I might as well not use up the extra space on it. I'm sure there are a few (or more than a few) ppl reading this who consider that blasphemy, but there ya go. And as far as drum solos in general go, Fishman has never made a secret of his overall disdain for the rock drum solo in general, which is the #1 reason Phish has done them so rarely over the years. Can't stand them myself. Well, except for Danny Carey. I can listen to that dude all day. But that's a conversation for a thread on a dif website. Lol.
, comment by Bosco057
Bosco057 Come on dude!! Haven't you figured out the deal yet? Even if Phish comes out and plays a mostly sloppy, uninspired show, your supposed to act like it was fantastic. This band can do no wrong! Every note is solid gold. And when you criticize a show, your upsetting the ppl that enjoyed it. Because in order for them to properly enjoy the music they have to be completely shielded from any sort of negative opinion of it.
What's that you say? Trey was struggling with the compositions and making major mistakes? Those weren't mistakes man. Trey NEVER makes mistakes. He was improvising. That's all. It actually sounded really good. It's your ears that are bad. Get with the program!!
, comment by Jebbfcfm
Jebbfcfm Trey saw you wearing his same hoodie, he says he thinks you two are closer than you've ever been. Tears
, comment by Uncle_Ebeneezer
Uncle_Ebeneezer you're* seeing/hearing
, comment by SuzyG
SuzyG GREAT article!!! Insane show, so much energy, and might have cried a tear or two. If it wasn't for the phish I would not know most of my friends "phamily," and the music I know today. Little Feat, Zepplin, Velvet Underground, Bruce's Born to Run (thank you tom marshall) etc etc....

We should all work together as a community and admire someones courage for writing a review. There is no need to put each other down about their opinions. It is ok to disagree, however Be Kind, I think John Mayer said that, don;t remember...
Final thoughts-

I'm vibrating with love and light
Pulsating with love and light
In a world gone bad, a world gone bad,
There must be something more than this

I'm vibrating with love and light
Pulsating with love and light
In a world gone bad, a world gone bad,
There must be something more than this[/i]
, comment by SuzyG
SuzyG I have always loved phish, and the positive energy it brought, was hooked since my first show. It's a musical vacation for me, that I leave with the biggest smile.
I have always used music as an outlet for pain, both physical and mental. You never know what kind of day, week, month, year anyone has had. I learned never to judge, anything or anything. I find myself at shows loving the same song I have heard numerous times before, but this time it hits me with a different energy. Funny, bc I was teased for disliking antelope, it was only bc it meant the Set was over, I love the song and boy do they rock it out! They rocked out this entire run, and I am so sad im not going to Mexico. This has been a rough year for me, (and everyone else) and no joke, my life has been saved by rock and roll and Dan(the chillest man). I missed hanging with my friends at these shows, bouncin energy and endless smiles off each other. Seeing familiar faces would have been a walk down memory lane of different shows, places, etc, would have been nostalgic. However, the energy for these runs and the endless smiles hit a new level for me. Thank you phriends and phish. Being with everyone you love and loving the music is something a couch tour doesn't let you experience. You guys were amazing! My favorite part of the garden party, and it makes me so happy is looking around and seeing EVERYONE dancing and moving. What other band can make you feel at Home when you experience that. Happy 2017! First time blogger, on the (Included a link to my picture I wanted to attach)
, comment by goats
goats DRUMZ>Space was incredible with the Grateful dead. Don't skip it! 1985 was the hottest year but all the years were different. Jerry was incredibly and the whole thing amazing. It was a time to sit and dose your face off not go to the bathroom.

As for this review, I don't even get the title? ...To0 late to save a drowning PHISH? Did you have fun and enjoy yourself? You may prefer an evening with grandma dining on fiddle faddle as you dive deep into the odyssey of old Donahue re-runs. I have seen Phish over 100 times over 27 years and can honestly say that I have NEVER seen a bad show or one I would even attempt to criticize. You are the wrong man for the job.
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