This show was brought to you by the letter "S." Sparks was played for the first time since November 29, 1996 (465 shows). Sweet Adeline was played for the first time since August 1, 1999 (287 shows). Silent was played without the Horse for the first time since December 13, 1999 (251 shows). Sabotage was played for the first time since November 21, 1998 (320 shows). Scents did not have the intro. Sanity contained Running Away (Bob Marley) quotes from Fish.
Jam Chart Versions
Running Away quote in Sanity
Debut Years (Average: 1995)

Show Reviews

, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by JordyBug

JordyBug I got into Denver on Friday night @ 5pm. I mail ordered for Sat&Sun only...... I spent the night staring at my review is, Santa Fe street has some nice gallerys, great mexican food at El Noa Noa, the weather is perfect, and I am an idiot.
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by paulj

paulj Behind the soundboard was a large, fenced off grassy area into which many glowsticks landed. As dusk began to settle toward the end of the first set and continuing into the second set, a security guard patrolling the interior of the fenced area patiently gathered glowsticks and slowly spelled out F-A-R-M-H-O-U-S-E. This endeavor was interrupted about halfway through so that he could build a large glowstick "S" above Farmhouse.
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by Mikesgroover

Mikesgroover A simply magnificent way to open the summer's swan song run, this performance exemplifies why so many keep coming back for more. Creativity, rarities, jamming and exploration. So many highlights and almost no missteps, with just the right balance of rock and roll and exploratory moments.

Trey was energetic and full of life tonight, but Mike Gordon drove the bus and elevated the performance. Sally>Sparks was a real musical treat, but Stealing Time and even Susskind Hotel were notable for their enthusiastic deliveries.

The segue of the night is the Simple>Steam, but the entire second set smoothly fit together and never felt forced, with the exception of a slightly out-of-place Silent in the Morning. At one point (I believe during the end of Seven Below) Fishman was so lost in a jam that when Mike walked over to tell him what they planned to do, Fish never even noticed him. Eventually rest of the band were all staring at Fish grinning, looking at their drummer whose eyes were closed while he was lost in the moment.

A Soul Shakedown Party indeed.
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by forbin1

forbin1 couch toured this show.. loved the whole "S" I'm sure a lot of other people did...couple of bust outs..which were a nice treat..sparks, sabatoge..this is why I love this unpredictable band..

P.S. I'll probably get a -1 for this..since some fool did it to all the other reviews for this show..
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by JARdale

JARdale What a fun show. Once everyone realized what was going on it went to a different level with trying to call what tune would be next.... especially considering how it became so limited with "S" tunes. Good jams, awesome breakouts. This show is one of the reasons I love this band. They mix it up so much and have a blast doing it. They looked like they were having more fun than the crowd. Can't wait to see what the next two nights bring.
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by JonnyRingo

JonnyRingo Yes, it was a gimmick show that featured 26 songs that began with the letter “S.” However, this gimmick show worked for me, providing an interesting and entertaining night of music. Even though there was very little big exploratory jamming (excluding the meandering “Split Open and Melt” and space jam of the night “Seven Below”) or smooth seques (“Soul Shakedown Party -> Seven Below” was very forced) the sheer volume of rare material played made the show a perfect opening night for a three-show run. Simply put, it was a very fun night of music.

To put the Friday show into perspective think about this: Two Rolling Stones songs (“Sweet Virginia,” and “Shine a Light”) were played in the same set, The Who’s “Sparks” was played for the first time since 11/29/96, the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” was played for the fourth time-ever, the first time since 11/21/98, “Sweet Adeline” was played for first time since 08/01/99, “Silent in the Morning” was played for the fourth time-ever without it’s typical intro “The Horse,” “Soul Shakedown Party” was played for the third time since 2004 and “Suskind Hotel” was played for the second time-ever. On paper this show would make most Phish junkies drool. It is easily the biggest stat-building show of the summer. However, as crazy as the show concept was and as sporadic as the song selection might have seemed, or felt, there were definite highlights. The Mike Gordon-penned song “Suskind Hotel” was a pleasant first set surprise, providing the first inspired weekend solo from guitarist Trey Anastasio. The crowd energy in the first set seemed to really take off during the “Sneaking Sally through the Alley > Sparks > Scent of a Mule, Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan” run, the later featured some smoking guitar work from Anastasio as well. By set break everyone at the show was buzzing with “S” excitement—would the “S” theme continue in the second set? If so, what songs would they play? Truth is, at that point it didn’t matter if the first set lacked flow, the “S” buzz had taken over and that carried into the night’s second set.

Perhaps by sheer luck, Friday’s second set flowed better than the first and the opener “Sand” only fueled the crowd energy. A few of my personal second set highlights include a very beautiful and often underrated “Scents and Subtle Sounds” that gradually slid into a pretty divine “Slave to the Traffic Light,” which could have easily ended the set and left the crowd roaring for an encore. The “Sanity” and “Sweet Adeline” that followed and the “Sabotage” encore continued the “S” madness and were all fun, at times hysterically funny, and totally unexpected. Was Friday night a mind-blowing show? No, it really wasn’t. But it sure was fun as hell and was absolutely entertaining to be there.
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by markhood

markhood Was not able to attened the show because I was getting married but we had S's on all the placecards because that is the letter of our last name. Kind of funny.
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by CreatureoftheNight

CreatureoftheNight Like many in Denver last weekend, I was convinced to make the trip after hearing summer tour. I made the call after Super Ball, but it took UIC to bring more of my buddies to town.

I experienced a lot more of the pre-show butterflies than normal. For some unexplained reason, I was much more pumped for this show than usual. The Sloth only fueled my fire.

Our area of page side started chattering after the start of Suskind. Something was definitely up. Songs were especially spicy, and we all made calls for the rest of the set list. Throughout the night, one by one, all of us seemed to get a few right. Scent of a Mule got a huge response from our side of the crowd, but I was most excited about my first Sparks and great jams out of Sally and Melt.

Sand can do no wrong right now. This version will stand the test of time for me because it was so patient. Trey doesn't go for the jugular until the very end, allowing Page and Mike to play a bigger role. The peak was still HUGE, don't get me wrong. Simple brought its usual sweetness and Steam finally payed me a visit. Seven Below was my favorite jam of the night, mostly for the last few minutes. Suzy slammed into Scents and Subtle Sounds telling us there wasn't going to be a break. Keep moving people. Trey's endless sustain in Slave helped set up the final emotional moment of the show. This version reminded me that this song will never be ordinary again.

The most impressive thing about Friday night was how engaging it was from start to finish. No filler whatsoever. Even ballads seemed to have more luster. Jamming was sprinkled throughout the entire show and the set list had to be creative to work. We'd get big jams the next two nights, but I left feeling like I didn't need anything at all.
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by Captain_Fantasy

, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by DrFluff

DrFluff My Couch Tour Review- SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Fantassssssstic. Must download now.
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by floydthecpanzee

floydthecpanzee I agree with what everyone has said, great weekend opener, funny Phish joke with the "S" show - which somehow did not seem too forced. Even before I had figured out the "S" theme while knowing all the songs (yeah I know I'm pretty slow and a bit twisted at the time) I commented to my friend (who had also not figured it out either in my defense) at the end of the 1st set that they came to freaking play in Denver for Labor Day. I think it's pretty phenomenal to be able to say that your favorite band can play a show composed only of songs in their library that begin with the letter "S", with out too much shenanigans (i.e. some songs that they haven't played in a while but not full of random covers), and still put together a great show that actually flowed very well for the most part. But I digress ...

I wanted to comment on an earlier review stating that the only exploratory jamming in this show occurred during SOAM and Seven Below. Although I agree that those jams are great and some of the best of the night, the jam from Simple into Steam is both exploratory and pretty darn good as well. It's not very long but I would definitely recommend giving it a spin.

In the campground after this show, I think one of the common themes was "Phish is REALLY back." That sums up pretty well my entirely satisfied state of mind at the end of this show ...
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by tennesseejac

tennesseejac Some silly souls sing so sweet. What a wonderful show! Absolutely love the creativity, but this was not the best show of the run. Sunday takes the cake on that one. Maybe we will get a “T” show one day?

Set 1: Trench Town Rock, Take the ‘A’ Train, Tela, Time Loves a Hero, Taste, Talk, Torn and Frayed, Timber (Jerry) -> Tennessee Waltz -> Timber (Jerry), Take Me to the River

Set 2: Tube > Theme From the Bottom > Tweezer -> Twist > Twenty Years Later > Theme From the Bottom

E: Tush > Tweezer Reprise
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by phishtastic420

phishtastic420 This run of shows was the only I was able to make this summer, I can't be happier with my choice of shows to see what an amazing high energy and musically incredible labor day weekend!!
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by BoozyGreenherbs

BoozyGreenherbs a lot of unexpected dankness, and a lot of unusualness which is great, download asap
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by otherguy33

otherguy33 This was a fun first show at Dick’s, and I found it fantastic and had a blast. Highlights of the first set at the time were the Sample opener (2nd favorite phish tune, chronologically speaking), Sweet Virginia, Stash, and during set break when I realized all the songs began with S…which was after my buddy brought up the setlist, glanced at it for a minute, handed it to me, and said something like, “Pretty strong so far.” After 30-45 seconds I was like “Dude, all the songs begin with S!” And he was like, “Holy sh*t! Cool!” And then we chatted amongst ourselves, recreated, and by the start of the second set had totally forgot about…wait what was I even talking about? And why did Trey make those snake hisses at the end of the show? All I remember is that was the best Slave I’ve seen since. Haven’t liked any of them even as close to as much as I like that one. Oh yeah, and I was a little overexcited for the show in general I think, because I sang along much more than usual (thought for the record I didn't make a peep during Sweet Adeline, except perhaps to applaud prematurely). And then when they played Sabotage, (a song which, like Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, is one which everybody likes except me, no disrespect), my first thought — well to be honest my first thought was it was Hell’s Bells — but my second one was “oh they must’ve played that because I was singing along too loud.” And then I realized I was a self-centered retard.
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by TheEmperorJoker

TheEmperorJoker If not the best show of the run musically, it was simply the most fun I have EVER had at a show
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by FoolOnTheHill

FoolOnTheHill surprised there wasn't a secret smile during this show.
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by phishead

phishead did trey play his old guitar in the encore?
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by Captainebenezer

Captainebenezer Great " S " show. What is the actual stat on the Silent without the Horse? Is is 12/13/99 ?
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by bigc236

bigc236 heard it on the couch tour. Insane!
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by tait_nucleus

tait_nucleus first Silent without The Horse since 12-13-99 (?? shows)
fourth time ever
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by Esquandolas76

Esquandolas76 SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssuper Phun!
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by EvilKingWilson9

EvilKingWilson9 ssssssssssimply amazing
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by Blackeydsloth

Blackeydsloth Hopefully you skipped all the crap above and scrolled through to read an actual review. So this show was fun and played pretty damn good but is not spectacular. Definitely a show to have to pop in and play once in a great while. Nothing in this show is going to just blow you away. I think the bust outs were fun the only one i really liked personally was the Sparks though.
My highlights of the show was
Stash and Slit Open and Melt from set 1.
Sand>Simple, Seven below, Scents & Subtle Sounds>Slave
I was not a big fan of the Sabatoge encore. didin't really care for it in 98 and I don't much care for it now other than it was fun. But I do feel that it probably was one of those "lets play this song I know we haven't practiced it since 11/21/98, but what the hell we sabatoged these people tonight."

As for the crap above that are not reviews, I really hope they do something here on this site to be able to fix this non review of reviews.
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by cristilclear

cristilclear Hisssssssssssssssss
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by mrgreengenes

mrgreengenes All you can say is just wow. Too early to rate this Stealing Time the best ever?
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by Anonymous

thats what you get for a non sell out, look out all weekend guys...
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by makisupaman

makisupaman Alliteration at its PHINEST!
, attached to 2011-09-02

Review by IdRatherBeOnTour

IdRatherBeOnTour My CouchTour Review is 5 out of 5!! If I was there I would have shit myself with joy!
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