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Link Sons of Papaya, Saturday, 04/08/1995
East LA, Syracuse, NY

Set 1: Rogue Hair, Cherry Pickiní Frog, Display of Grace, Rose Hill, Cut the Wave, Trina's Odyssey, Everything is Everything, Self, Big Heart > Pelican Jig, Happy Birthday, Intestinal Fortitude, Pumpkins

Set 2: Cabin Fever > Attack of the Rodeo Clown, Route 89, Make You My Bitch, The Bus, Sea Captain, Chooch DeLuke, Leading the Elephants, Stevie's Crib, Go-Kart, Llama

Encore: Weekapaug Groove Jam[1], Self[1]

[1] With Fish.

Notes: This gig was for Mimi Fishman’s birthday bash; Fish (Mimi) joined the band for “Make You My Bitch.” Later, Fish (Jon) joined the band for the encores.

Musicians: Jon Fishman (Guest), Mimi Fishman (Guest)

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