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No known setlist

Vorcza Trio opened. Trey sat in on guitar for the majority of the show. This gig marked the final performance at the Winooski location of Higher Ground.

No known setlist

  Trey sat in on guitar for several songs during this set opening for Orchestra Baobab. There is no known setlist or circulating recording.

SET 1: Atlantis, Storm, Flare, Back on the Train, Cadillac, It Makes No Difference, Lambertville, Meat, Reason, Plantlife

SET 2: 13 Days, Distortion, Blood on the Cactus, Sometimes, I've Got a Feeling, Appreciate, Health, Augustine, Has it Really Come to This?, Isolate, My Old School, Gumbo [1], Theme From the Bottom [2]

ENCORE: Down By the River [3], Isolate Reprise [4]

Mike sat in on bass (replacing Amfibian bassist Bob Kay) for “Gumbo” and “Theme,” and on guitar for the encores. Seth Yacovone sat in on guitar for “Blood on the Cactus” and the encores. Jamie Masefield performed on mandolin for “Augustine” and “Has it Really Come to This?”  “It Makes No Difference,” “Distortion,” “Isolate” through “Gumbo” and “Isolate Reprise” featured Mark Varga on alto and baritone saxophones and Aaron Chapman on tenor saxophone.

During an unannounced performance by Trey Anastasio’s ensemble, one by one all of the members of Phish joined in while one by one all of the members of Trey’s band sat out, leaving Phish to complete Sand and then perform Chalk Dust. For complete show details please visit the TAB entry for this date.

This show was billed as “The Vermont Easter Jam” and featured scheduled performances from The Unknown Blues Band, a duet with Jamie Masefield and Paul Asbell interpreting the music of Django Reinhardt, and the Grippo Funk Band. After these performances there was an unannounced set by TAB. Page sat in from “Small Axe” through “Chalk Dust.” Fish sat in from “Last Tube” through “Chalk Dust.” Mike joined in for “Sand” and “Chalk Dust.” During “Sand” members of Trey’s group gradually left the stage, leaving Phish alone to complete “Sand” and perform “Chalk Dust.” The cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground” featured all the members of both Phish and Trey’s ensemble, Jamie Masefield, Seth Yacovone and others. This gig was a benefit for the Winooski Parks & Recreation Department, Burlington Women’s Rape Crisis Center, and the Child Life Department of Vermont Children’s Hospital.

SET 1: Shugy, Waiting for the Polls to Close, The Eleven Headed, The Ibim > Face to Face, Carpel Tunnel > Riding On the Edge of the Sun, My Apartment

SET 2: Sing Sing, Eternity’s Breath, Don't Worry, Beantown, 4 and 1 [1] > People Say [2] > Making Flippy Floppy [3]

ENCORE: Boogie On Reggae Woman[3]

Trey sat in on guitar from “4 & 1” through the encore. Fish sat in on drums for “Making Flippy Floppy” and the encore. Jen Hartswick sat in on trumpet for “People Say” through the encore.

Mike sat in with Dirty Dozen Brass Band on bass for covers of “The Chicken” and “It’s All Over Now.”

"Ochimini" contained "Think (About It)" (Lyn Collins) and "Mothership Connection" (Parliament) quotes. Page performed “Strange Design” solo on an upright, acoustic piano. "Magilla" contained a "Flintstones theme" tease. This show was made available as a LivePhish download.

No known setlist

Mike sat in on bass for several songs during this Leo Kottke solo performance. There is no known setlist or circulating recording.

SET 1: Red Rain [1]

Trey sat in with Tim Reynolds on guitar for the encore, a cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Red Rain.” 

SET 1: Open Sesame [1], At the Pershing[1]

Fish sat in on drums during “Open Sesame” and “At the Pershing.”

SET 1: You Write the Book, Hey Pocky Way, Silver Jack, Back Street Woman, When I Paint My Masterpiece, Six Days on the Road, The Field, Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes, Blood Red Roses [1] > Louisiana Sun [2] > Jam [3] > ICU[1]

ENCORE: White Freightliner Blues[1] > Back Porch Boogie Blues[1]

Mike played a second bass for “Blood Red Roses,” “ICU,” “White Freightliner Blues,” “Back Porch Boogie Blues” and the bass duet; Mike replaced regular Max Creek bassist John Rider on “Louisiana Sun.”

SET 1: Jam, Templars, Black Market, Full House > Spiders, The Country Open, Proust, Dark Eyes, Oh Yeah!

ENCORE: Powderfinger

ENCORE 2: War Pigs [1] > Luke's Wall[1]

Fish sat in on drums for the "War Pigs" > "Luke's Wall" second encore.

No known setlist

Page sat in on keyboards with Cyro Baptista & Beat the Donkey for a portion the second set. Dave Grippo and Jen Hartswick also made guest appearances during this gig. There is no known setlist or circulating recording.

Mike played bass for the second set that included “Rivers Rising,” which segued into a bass duet with Leftover’s Greg Garrison. Mike then stayed in place of Garrison for renditions of Bill Monroe’s “Rocky Road Blues” and the Rolling Stones’ “Let It Bleed.”

No known setlist

Page sat in on keyboards for the latter portion of the second set as well as the encore. Additional guests Dave Grippo and James Harvey performed for the majority of the gig. There is no known setlist; the gig was comprised primarily of improvised instrumentals. 

SET 1: Yes I Will [1], Sometimes[1]

Trey and Jennifer Hartswick sat in on guitar and trumpet, respectively, for “Yes I Will” and “Sometimes.” TAB had performed earlier in the evening at Burlington’s Memorial Auditorium.

No known setlist

Trey sat in with Cyro Baptista & Beat the Donkey during the second set, using a borrowed blue Stratocaster guitar. Dave Grippo and Jen Hartswick also made guest appearances during this gig. There is no known setlist or circulating recording.

No known setlist

Fish sat in on drums for a few tunes with this Frank Zappa cover band that includes Ike Willis, as well as other Frank Zappa band alumni.

SET 1: War Pigs [1]

Fish sat in on drums and vocals for the “War Pigs” encore. Dave “The Truth” Grippo also sat in on saxophone earlier in the show during “Airmail Special." 

This show was a benefit to raise funds for the medical bills of Burlington musician “Mr. Charlie” Frazier, who had recently suffered a stroke. The gig included performances from Doctor Jones, The John Tower Group, Nobby Reed Project, Seth Yacovone Band, and Mr. Charlie’s own band, Blues for Breakfast. Page joined Blues for Breakfast on keyboards for renditions of the Grateful Dead classics “Scarlet Begonias” and “Franklin’s Tower.”

SET 1: Intro, Land of the Lost, Fat Albert, Warning, Jesus Ranch, Kielbasa, History of Tenacious D, Dio, The Road, Lee, Cosmic Shame, Saxaboom (toy), G-and-R, Karate, Kyle Quit The Band, Kyle Took a Bullet, Kyle Took a Bullet, Rocket Sauce, Fuck Her Gently, Sasquatch, Tribute, Blow-Job (video), Rock Your Socks

ENCORE: Flash [1], Wonderboy[1], Golden Slumbers[1] > Carry That Weight[1] > The End[1]

Page sat in on keyboards for the entire encore. 

This show was a benefit for Clear Path International. Trey performed acoustic guitar for this evening of bluegrass along with John McEuen and Jimmy Ibbotson – founding members of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. They were joined by members of opening acts The Brementown Singers, and Banjo Dan and the Midnight Plowboys for a show-closing jam: a 20-minute rendition of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s “Will The Circle Be Unbroken?”

Seth Yacovone Band opened. This show was quasi-stealth and announced only 24 hours in advance. Though members of Trey’s summer touring ensemble, Russell Remington and Ray Paczkowski were absent from this one show. “Alive Again,” “Cayman Review,” “Every Story Ends in Stone,” “Flock of Words,” “Mr. Completely,” “Moesha,” “Money, Love and Change,” “Quantegy,” and “Simple Twist Up Dave” were all debuts.  Trey humorously mis-identified the debut of “Every Story Ends in Stone” as “Every Story Has a Stone.” Before “At the Gazebo” Trey told of watching that morning’s Forth of July parade and having a fantasy about taking the TAB horns section on a float, moving along and playing this song.

This evening began with the world premier of Mike's film Outside Outfollowed by an audience question-and-answer session with Mike and a performance by Col. Bruce Hampton and the Codetalkers with Mike on guitar and vocals. This show featured the debut of Mike originals "Outside Out" and "Soulfood Man." "Outside Out," "Yield Not to Temptation," and "Soulfood Man" featured tap dancing by Jeannie Hill.

SET 1: I’m Coming Home, Flare, Hippie Dream, Natures Way, Appreciate, Kiss Me Like You Kissed Me In The Van, Ribbon of Sun, Ouch!, No Promises

SET 2: Jam -> Now I’m Freaking Out, Mesopotamia, Unless You Wanted Me To, Elevate Me Later, To Be Real, Into The Universe, In Love with This World, Thesba [1], Strange Design [2], McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters[2], Grind[2], Driver[2], Wading in the Velvet Sea [3]

ENCORE: Leaf of Fall [4], Farmhouse [5]

ENCORE 2: Olivia's Pool[5]

“Thesba” through “Driver” were performed by Trey on acoustic guitar and vocals and Tom Marshall on vocals; Stephen “Tebo” Thomas also added vocals on “Thesba.” Tom, Trey, Matt Kohut, and Pete Cottone performed “Wading in the Velvet Sea”; this constituted first live performance by the band UTALK. All the members of Amfibian performed the encores, with Trey on electric guitar.

SET 1: High-Heel Sneakers [1]

Mike sat in on bass for a rendition of “High-Heel Sneakers.” The remainder of the setlist is unknown and there is no known circulating recording.

Trey joined The Dude of Life and his band for the listed songs; “Chrome Car Reflections” was an acoustic duet with Trey and The Dude.

SET 1: Flare, Appreciate, In Love with this World, Dirt, Elevate Me Later, Unless You Wanted Me To > To Be Real, Face in the Crowd

SET 2: Back to Mesopotamia, Brian and Robert, Onion, The Wedge [1] > If I Can't Turn to You[1], Drunk By Noon

ENCORE: Olivia's Pool

Trey sat in on guitar – an all-white Fender Stratocaster in place of one of his signature Languedoc guitars – for The Wedge and the Chris Harford original If I Can’t Turn To You.

SET 1: Nimbus, Dromedary, Billy's Bounce, Spiders, The Milliken Way, Xenoblast

SET 2: The Gourd, Ballad for Trio, The Phoenicians [1], Milestones, Oh Yeah![1]

ENCORE: Stockholm Smokepipe

Fish played the "dumbek" on this forty-five minute version of The Phoenicians as well as drums on Oh Yeah!

SET 1: Francella [1], Self[1], Pete Rose[1], Dahlia[1]

The listed songs featured Trey on guitar.

SET 1: Secrets > Big Boat, Rainbow > Double Dare > Don't Think Twice It's All Right, I Will Always See Your Face > Late in the Evening

SET 2: Love Makes You Lose Your Mind [1] > Can't Let Go[1], I Want to Die Easy[1] > Cities[1]

ENCORE: The Bug[1], Henry[1] -> Just a Rose[1]

Mike played a second bass for the entire second set and encore.

SET 1: Stranger Than Fiction, Rise, High and Lo -> Meat

SET 2: The Ghost of Ralph's Mom, Blue Eyed Son, Bring it Back Home, Yodelittle [1], Opium -> Seat of My Pants -> Rebubula

ENCORE: San Ber'dino, Fire [2] -> I Know You Rider[2] -> Fire[2]

Fish sat in on percussion and drums for Yodelittle and drums for the Fire > I Know You Rider > Fire encore. Yodelitlle contained quotes from The Wondrous Boatride from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Jamie Masefield also performed on these songs, as well as on Bring it Back Home.

Trey sat in on guitar for the above-listed encore.

The songs listed featured Mike on bass. Jeff Mosier also made a guest appearance during this gig, which was opened by Blueground Undergrass.

No known setlist

There is no known stelist for this show and recordings do not circulate.

SET 1: Genesis [1], AK-47[1], I Know You Rider[1]

Trey sat in on guitar for the above songs.

SET 1: Mr. P.C. [1]

Page sat in on keyboards during this opening set for Gov’t Mule.

Mike joined the band for several songs on vocals and banjo.

This gig was a benefit for Very Special Arts of Vermont and was the first ever “Trey Anastasio”-billed performance. Gotta Jibboo and Tops Off were debuts. All other songs were TAB debuts, excepting First Tube, Last Tube, Mozambique, and Sand (that all debuted on 4/17/98).

SET 1: First Tube [1], Sand[1], Mozambique[1], Mr. Meat Man, Naturally To Blame > Wighat, Silicone Fairy[1], Last Tube[1] > Higher Ground

SET 2: Tore Up, Magilla, Sunny, Stir It Up, Crossroads, Come On (Part One), Soul Power Jam > Pass the Peas, Drums

This performance included costumed dancers, theatrics that included people being hoisted by cables, artists displaying various props (including Mike Gordon placing cactus props on stage), and innovative lighting that featured large fluorescent tubes. The second set was a looser jam session and included guest appearances from Dave Grippo on saxophones, James Harvey on trombone, Bobby Hackney on vocals, and Fish on drums. This show marked the debut of First Tube, Sand, Mozambique, and Last Tube. While not billed as a Trey Anastasio performance, with Russ and Tony it represents the public debut of the core TAB touring ensemble.  

This lineup of the Sneakers Jazz Band included James Harvey on trombone, Dave Grippo on alto sax, John Rivers on acoustic bass, Jeff Salisbury on drums, and Trey on guitar for whole show except the encores, when Paul Asbell played Trey’s guitar.

This private performance was a practice session for the Rift-era material. The band taped the session and recordings do circulate. 
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