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Performances Song History
Powderfinger was performed the following 18 times:
Show Date Artist Venue Notes
2004-01-03Jazz Mandolin Project The Jackie Gleason Theater, Miami Beach, FL
2004-01-05Jazz Mandolin Project Roxy Theatre, Atlanta, GA
2004-01-09Jazz Mandolin Project Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA
2004-01-11Jazz Mandolin Project Mr. Small's Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA
2004-01-13Jazz Mandolin Project The Vogue Theatre, Indianapolis, IN
2004-01-16Jazz Mandolin Project The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL
2004-05-27Jazz Mandolin Project Webster Theater, Hartford, CT
2004-06-01Jazz Mandolin Project Stella Blue, Albuquerque, NM
2004-06-05Jazz Mandolin Project The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA
2004-06-07Jazz Mandolin Project The Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO
2004-06-09Jazz Mandolin Project 32 Bleu, Colorado Springs, CO
2004-06-12Jazz Mandolin Project Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, Manchester, TN
2004-07-02Jazz Mandolin Project Memorial Union Terrace, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
2004-07-04Jazz Mandolin Project Soo Pass Ranch, Detroit Lakes, MN
2004-12-31Jazz Mandolin Project Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT
2005-01-06Jazz Mandolin Project Carnival Celebration, USA
2009-02-19Jazz Mandolin Project Port City Music Hall, Portland, ME
2009-02-20Jazz Mandolin Project Club Metronome, Burlington, VT

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