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Link Widespread Panic, Thursday, 11/11/1993
The Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Set 1: Pleas, Space Wrangler > Henry Parsons Died > Travelin' Light, Diner > Pilgrims, Hatfield, Walkin' > Holden Oversoul, Love Tractor

Set 2: The Take Out > Porch Song, Can't Get High, Worry, Makes Sense To Me, Little Kin, Chilly Water, Fishwater, Pickin' Up The Pieces, Heroes, Mercy, Wondering, Mr. Soul

Encore: Get Up Early In The Morning[1], The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys[2] -> Time is Free Jam[2] -> The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys[2]

[1] With Trey and T. Lavitz; "Tipitina" quotes.
[2] With Trey and Page.

Notes: Trey sat in on guitar for the entire encore. “Get Up Early In The Morning” featured T. Lavitz on piano; the remainder of the encore featured Page on piano. "Get Up Early in the Morning" contained "Tipitina" (Professor Longhair) quotes.

Musicians: Dave Schools, John Bell, Todd Nance, Michael Houser, John "JoJo" Hermann, Domingo S. Ortiz, Trey Anastasio (Guest), Page McConnell (Guest)

deBebbler , attached to 1993-11-11 Permalink
deBebbler In the winter of 1997 I was living in a new town and knew nobody. It was a fierce winter with loads of snow and it just seemed to go on forever. On Valentine's day I was visiting In-Flight in East Lansing when I snagged two vital items: A submission form to receive a free Pharmer's Almanac for submitting 10 reviews, and a 1993 Phish tape that had this encore as filler.

I listened to a lot of Dr John, so GUEITM was not new to me, but this version was the most powerful one I had ever heard. I immediately started playing it on my weekly late night rock FM show. Couple that with my favorite Traffic tune, and I was in heaven. I have heard the whole show once before, and while it is good, it is the encore that showed real fire.

Good stuff. Still listen to this regularly, and this GUEITM has made it onto many mixed CDs...
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