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Link Saturday, 12/16/1995
Olympic Center, Lake Placid, NY

Soundcheck: Jam > Poor Heart, Funky Bitch

Set 1: Buried Alive, BagAC/DC Bag > Taste That Surrounds, Ya Mar, SlothThe Sloth, DividedDivided Sky, Dog Faced Boy, Julius > SuzySuzy Greenberg

Set 2: SampleSample in a Jar, Reba[1], SOAMuleScent of a Mule, Cavern > Mike'sMike's Song > Simple -> WeekapaugWeekapaug Groove[2] > CoilThe Squirming Coil

Encore: Fire

[1] No whistling.
[2] Unfinished.

Noteworthy Jams: Scent of a Mule, Simple, Weekapaug Groove

Average Song Gap: 4.44

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon

Notes: Reba did not have the whistling ending. Weekapaug was unfinished.

Song Distribution:
4 Hoist
2 Stash
2 Lawn Boy
2 The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday
2 The White Tape
1 A Picture of Nectar
1 Junta

Songs by Debut Year:

This show was part of the "1995 Fall Tour."

HotPale , attached to 1995-12-16 Permalink
HotPale My 1st Phish I had some understanding of what things may look like having been to some big concerts already, but in all reality I had no clue. My older brother had been to some Phish and Grateful Dead shows and I had heard some stories, but none of them had truly prepared me for what I was in for. My crew had just finished up mid-terms/finals the day before for we were mostly in our junior year of high school. That Saturday afternoon we walked into town after partying all night in the vacant apt. of the convalescent home my buddy's dad owned. (multiple complaints and police phone calls) Phish's tour bus drove by us and Fish yelled, "which way to the venue?" I pointed straight ahead as they drove by and my friends laughed at me and said that was the band. When we got into town I had never seen anything like this scene. Dudes walking around with foot long nugs calling out, "Kind bud" and the like. I asked my friend if it was always like this and he said with the breakup of the Grateful Dead Phish's fan base had increased tremendously. Shakedown was transforming from the Dead to Phish and I was a witness, a participant, a new fan.
The shows were incredible. The band vs. audience chess game confused me, but I loved it anyway. We had amazing second row floor seats for both nights and the tix were $ was good...the boys jammed hard and I believe I fell in love that weekend. I knew this would not be the end...took another 10 months to get to my next show, but I got there...thank you Phish for the good times and the bad times!
Score: 4
westbrook , attached to 1995-12-16 Permalink
westbrook The first set is thoroughly average for the tour, but the second set is worth seeking out for a lightning-fast Reba and a very strong Mike's Groove. This Mike's is one of the most powerful type 1 versions of the song and Simple gets into a pretty nice rocking jam. Weekapaug has a percussive jam in it with Trey on the mini kit before it shifts down into an ambient outro which sounds more like a 94 jam than 95 if you ask me.

3 star show. Definitely listen to the Reba and Mike's Groove
Score: 2

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