Jam Chart for Scent of a Mule (47 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1994-04-04 SOAMule Burlington, VT 6:41 Debut includes a Page solo followed by the familiar klezmer style riff as the whole band accelerates the riff until Mike starts howling, indicating a return to the lyrics.
1994-10-18 SOAMule Nashville, TN 10:31 Bela Fleck on banjo, with Bela and Page playing along together before the full band kicks into a low key jam.
1995-10-14 SOAMule Austin, TX 12:02 Scat singing and playing by Trey in response to Page's solo. Another long Page solo. Prayer-like chanting from Mike before return to lyrics.
1995-10-28 SOAMule Auburn Hills, MI 13:00 Wild Page solo with Trey and Fish joining at times > Trey scat singing and guitar > Page solo with Trey singing along > Page alone on piano > klezmer > wierd extended falsetto singing by Mike > ending.
1995-11-10 SOAMule Atlanta, GA 13:02 Vocal/guitar jam by Trey responding to Page. Trey is nuts! Trey vocally joins Page at end of his second solo. Fishman kicks in on drums to bring on the klezmer. More crazy falsetto/baritone singing by Mike.
1995-11-15 SOAMule Tampa, FL 12:12 Page solo > Trey singing scat and playing guitar with great audience reaction > Page solo > klezmer > prayer-like chanting from Mike > ending.
1995-11-19 SOAMule Charlotte, NC 12:34 Vocal and guitar response by Trey, but very different from all the preceding versions. Page picks up Trey's musical theme in his second solo. Mike adds his part with extended chanting before the return to lyrics.
1995-11-24 SOAMule Pittsburgh, PA 12:44 Typically strong Page solo followed by Trey on vocals and guitar. This one gets crazy as it picks up tempo and pitch. Another Page solo, klezmer, bizarre chanting from Mike, and ending.
1995-11-30 SOAMule Dayton, OH 12:17 Trey follows Page's long solo with some vocals, but mostly a beautiful guitar solo. Page responds in kind, with marvelous classical piano stylings.
1995-12-05 SOAMule Amherst, MA 13:50 Page solos, then comes Trey on vocals/guitar, but the vocals are very atypical. Page responds with another strong solo, the klezmer starts, followed by Mike chanting and stomping his feet. On the final beat of the song, the band breaks into a high-powered, accelerating jam that lasts for 1:34 until abruptly transitioning to "Lifeboy."
1995-12-11 SOAMule Portland, ME 12:48 Vocal and guitar response by Trey is hilarious and wild. Page responds back with another long and dramatic solo; the klezmer, and more weird chanting from Mike.
1995-12-16 SOAMule Lake Placid, NY 12:05 More '95 style "Mule Duel" wackiness, with the expected Trey guitar/vocal response, more Page soloing, and Mike chanting with a brief snore.
1995-12-30 SOAMule New York, NY 13:19 Great Page > Trey guitar/vocal > Page piano with Trey backing on guitar > klezmer > Mike singing high, then really low.
1996-06-06 SOAMule Woodstock, NY 12:03 "Sunshine Of Your Love" tease and Trey on keys for a portion of the Duel. An odd Duel for sure with howling and strange sounds, crazy Page, and chanting by Mike. Released on Live Bait Vol. 4.
1996-08-04 SOAMule Morrison, CO 12:21 Page solo, followed by Trey on guitar, then the rest of the band join in leading to the klezmer, chanting and finish.
1996-08-10 SOAMule East Troy, WI 12:49 "Sunshine Of Your Love" tease by Page during solo. Guitar/vocal response by Trey. He gets pretty crazy, screaming. A lot of noise - percussion, guitar - during Page's second solo. Chanting.
1996-08-17 SOAMule Plattsburgh, NY 15:19 The others encroach on Page's solo, then back off. Fishman takes over on drums for an extended solo. Page responds with his own solo. Finally, arrival at the familiar klezmer pick-up, chanting and finale.
1996-10-17 SOAMule State College, PA 12:20 Guitar/vocal response by Trey. "DEG" -like jamming in Page's second solo by Page and Trey > klezmer and chanting.
1996-10-22 SOAMule New York, NY 12:35 Guitar/vocal response by Trey in jazz style. Combined piano and guitar/vocal response to Trey's jazz work, which gets really nuts at the end. Klezmer, chanting and finale.
1996-10-27 SOAMule North Charleston, SC 7:34 Page > Trey vocal/guitar >Page on piano and Trey vocal/guitar together > Percussion -> Mike sings "Catapult" > Page plays "Catapult" on Theremin -> klezmer > Mike chanting > finale.
1996-10-27 SOAMule North Charleston, SC 2:41 -> in from "Catapult" to complete this crazy "Mule."
1996-11-06 SOAMule Knoxville, TN 14:53 Page > Trey vocal/guitar > Page piano, Fish on percussion, Trey guitar, Mike bass jamming out to Page's piano > klezmer and finale.
1996-11-14 SOAMule Ames, IA 12:10 Page solo > Trey guitar/vocal solo > Page on piano, Trey on guitar with crazy falsetto singing > klezmer.
1996-11-18 SOAMule Memphis, TN 12:54 Page solo > Trey guitar/vocal solo > Page on piano, Trey on guitar with crazy falsetto singing > klezmer > chanting.
1996-11-27 SOAMule Seattle, WA 14:28 Page solo > Trey on guitar/vocal with "Brady Bunch Theme" teases > Page piano with Fish on vacuum > klezmer > chanting.
1996-12-30 SOAMule Boston, MA 13:19 Page > Mike on bass > the whole band playing along > klezmer stops, Steven Wright rings bell, klezmer > bell, klezmer > bell, no Mike but straight transition to finale.
1997-02-26 SOAMule Stuttgart, Germany 6:39 Page > Trey guitar/vocal > whole band jazz jam with "Take the 'A' Train" tease from Mike -> "Magila" > klezmer > chanting and conclusion.
1997-02-26 SOAMule Stuttgart, Germany 2:58 -> in from "Magilla" to conclude an excellent and jazz-infused "Mule."
1997-07-06 SOAMule Desenzano, Italy 11:13 Page > vocal/guitar by Trey, with Mike and Fish joining in, and then Page in a funky jam > klezmer > conclusion.
1997-08-09 SOAMule East Troy, WI 11:18 Page > guitar and bass duet as a response > whole band in a cacophony of noise > pause > more noise > straight to final verse with no klezmer.
1997-08-17 SOAMule Limestone, ME 9:45 Page solo with others playing along > breaks into a funky jazzy jam > beautiful Page/Trey duet/jam joined by Mike and Fish -> Digital Delay Loop jam with "London Bridge Is Falling Down" teases -> "Mule" conclusion.
1997-08-17 SOAMule Limestone, ME 1:19 -> in from "Digital Delay Loop" Jam to end this incredible "Mule."
1997-12-28 SOAMule Landover, MD 11:42 Guitar and piano jam with "Roundabout" teases instead of traditional Mule Duel. Eventually the whole band joins in quiet but suspenseful jam that is quality music.
1998-11-15 SOAMule Murfreesboro, TN 12:55 Page solo > very quiet and pretty Page/Trey duet that is almost an ambient jam and is joined by Mike and Fish who add sound and energy. The jam grows quiet again > klezmer and finale.
1998-11-28 SOAMule Worcester, MA 9:39 Page solo > Mike solo > Fish solo > Mike and Fish duet > conclusion without klezmer.
1999-12-11 SOAMule Philadelphia, PA 12:22 Page Solo > Mike and Trey duet > full band jam that is really upbeat and rocking > conclusion.
2003-07-29 SOAMule Burgettstown, PA 10:12 "Wouldn't It Be Lovely" jam by Trey and others in response to Page's solo.
2012-06-23 SOAMule Burgettstown, PA 11:04 Most improvisational version in 12+ years that includes an extended Mule Duel with Page on theremin at one point.
2013-07-14 SOAMule Columbia, MD 11:01 Page solo > very nice Trey/Mike duet > then Fish busts out a new toy, the Marimba Lumina > klezmer > falsetto singing by Mike > conclusion.
2013-08-05 SOAMule Hollywood, CA 9:21 Page solo > Fish playing Mike's bass with mallets > whole band drum solos > klezmer > chanting by Mike and conclusion.
2013-10-22 SOAMule Rochester, NY 10:05 Page solo > Fish on Marimba Lumina in a weird but cool and spacey jam > klezmer > "old school" chanting by Mike > end.
2014-07-20 SOAMule Chicago, IL 11:43 Rocking Page solo > weird spacey Trey section > all 4 band members on Fish's drums and Marimba Lumina > klezmer > weird chanting by Mike and others > ending.
2014-10-22 SOAMule Santa Barbara, CA 10:47 A wild one. Page's solo is more of a crazed Page/Trey duet. Fish follows on Marimba Lumina with ghoulish howling by others > klezmer > weird Mike chanting > conclusion.
2014-10-31 SOAMule Las Vegas, NV 10:32 Page and Trey in a rocking, guitar-accented piano showcase > ghoulish and spooky Halloween jamming > klezmer > weird chanting by Mike > conclusion.
2015-08-11 SOAMule Philadelphia, PA 10:50 Page solo with Trey comping on guitar > "Martian Monster" vocal quote > Fish with a spacey Marimba Lumina solo > klezmer > prayer-like Mike chanting > conclusion.
2016-07-03 SOAMule Saratoga Springs, NY 11:01 Solid Page solo > Fish on Marimba Lumina > Weird, spacey electrified bass action from Mike > klezmer, prayer-like chanting from Mike > conclusion.
2016-07-22 SOAMule Inglewood, CA 10:31 Perhaps beset with tech troubles throughout this show, nonetheless the "Mule" is entertaining fun, with a Page solo > Trey and Fish Marimba Lumina "Duel" > klezmer > weird Mike chanting > conclusion.
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