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Link Tuesday, 04/27/1993
Concert Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Set 1: Buried Alive > Poor Heart, Foam, Bouncin'Bouncing Around the Room, Rift, Stash, GuelahGuelah Papyrus, It's Ice > Sparkle > BowieDavid Bowie[1]

Set 2: GolgiGolgi Apparatus, My FriendMy Friend, My Friend[2] > ATRAll Things Reconsidered, Maze, LizardsThe Lizards, BBJBig Ball Jam, YEMYou Enjoy Myself, HorseThe Horse[3] > SilentSilent in the Morning, HYHUHold Your Head Up > Love You > HYHUHold Your Head Up, Cavern

Encore: MSOMy Sweet One, Amazing Grace

[1] Oom Pa Pa and Simpsons signals in intro.
[2] Beginning featured Trey on acoustic guitar.
[3] Trey on acoustic guitar.

· Sundown and The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald teases in You Enjoy Myself
· The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald tease & quote in The Horse
· Stairway to Heaven and The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald teases in Cavern
· Getting in Tune quote

Average Song Gap: 2.68

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon

Notes: The Bowie intro contained Oom Pa Pa and Simpsons signals. The beginning of My Friend and all of The Horse featured Trey on acoustic guitar. YEM included Sundown teases in both the song and the vocal jam. The Wreck of Edmund Fitzgerald (Gordon Lightfoot) was teased in the YEM vocal jam, teased (with lyrics) in the intro of The Horse, and quoted at the end of Cavern. Cavern also contained a brief Stairway to Heaven tease from Trey. Getting in Tune was quoted before Love You. There are no known recordings of the first set in circulation.

Song Distribution:
8 Rift
4 Stash
4 A Picture of Nectar
4 Junta
2 Lawn Boy
1 The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday
1 The White Tape

Songs by Debut Year:

This show was part of the "1993 Winter/Spring Tour."

DollarBill , attached to 1993-04-27 Permalink
DollarBill The boys get a day off before crossing the border, to yet another new venue, to play the 61st show of the tour in Canada. Iím totally bummed that there is no first set recording to hear. Taper got caught at the border, or just late getting there? Anyway, this review will be very brief because of the lack of source material.

First set: ???

Golgi was a solid opener for the second set with no real problems. Trey gets the acoustic out for a shaky My Friend intro. The song itself was ok, just average for this tour, as was ATR and Maze. Page takes us to school during the middle of a nice Lizards. Well played for the most part, although Trey blew the last note. Then the Balls come out, and itís become a habit now to do this before YEM for, maybe, a finger break before a heavily composed song? YEM was pretty good overall with a decent fun jam leading into the Sundown vocal jam. Unfortunately, to make matters worse, the last four minuets of the YEM file is crap digital noise. Not sure what happened there? Trey gets the acoustic back out for some fun banter before a rough version of the Horse. Silent, on the other hand, is quite a lot better overall and much more locked in rhythmically. HYHU brings Fish out with more great stage banter about the vacuum and a full on tease of something. Eventually they do Love You with a vac solo of course. Cavern makes for a great closer to a pretty good set.

After a few weeks off, My Sweet One makes a comeback in the encore spot and this one is well played and then everyone gets shushed for Grace, which the recording was also messed up so, Iím sure it was fine.

Well I canít offer a full opinion of this one, since I canít hear it, so I guess this was just average to my ears for this tour. Iím going with three stars to keep the average down a bit.
Score: 1

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