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Link Wednesday, 05/06/1992
St. Andrew's Hall, Detroit, MI

Soundcheck: NICU

Set 1: Llama, Foam, Reba, MMGAMOIOMy Mind's Got a Mind of its Own, Maze, Tela > Brother, Forbin'sColonel Forbin's Ascent > MockingbirdFly Famous Mockingbird, Sparkle, Cavern

Set 2: MSOMy Sweet One, Stash, CoilThe Squirming Coil, YEMYou Enjoy Myself -> Shaggy Dog[1], ATRAll Things Reconsidered, Bouncin'Bouncing Around the Room, Uncle Pen, CDTChalk Dust Torture, HYHUHold Your Head Up > Terrapin > HYHUHold Your Head Up, 'A' TrainTake the 'A' Train, GolgiGolgi Apparatus

Encore: Carolina[2], GTBTGood Times Bad Times

[1] A cappella.
[2] Without microphones.

· Theme from The Brady Bunch, Flash Light, and Frito Bandito teases in You Enjoy Myself
· Magic quote in Shaggy Dog
· Cold as Ice tease in Chalk Dust Torture

Noteworthy Jams: Reba, Brother, You Enjoy Myself, Shaggy Dog

Average Song Gap: 19.89

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon

Notes: My Sweet One was preceded by a brief jam before the song proper started. YEM contained Brady Bunch theme and Flash Light teases from Mike. Shaggy Dog (first since November 3, 1988, or 449 shows) was performed a cappella and emerged from the YEM vocal jam. The YEM vocal jam also contained quotes of the Frito Bandito jingle and Shaggy Dog ended in a quote of Magic (Pilot). Page teased Cold As Ice both before and during the intro to Chalk Dust. Carolina was performed without microphones.

Song Distribution:
4 Stash
4 A Picture of Nectar
4 Lawn Boy
3 Rift
3 Junta
3 The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday
1 The White Tape

Songs by Debut Year:

This show was part of the "1992 Spring Tour."

multibeast Staff , attached to 1992-05-06 Permalink
Howdy! Another phine Phish phrenzy last night. The venue was not crowded at all, and there was even enough room for a spinner up front (which is where I tend to remain during the show:-)). There was some guy taking photos in the front of the wall where the security guys stand, and I think it was for the band. Everyone looked clean and fresh, and Mike was even a little dressed up,with a real spiffy showboat type hat. The first set smoked (what a surprise), and after Foam Trey was all smiles, giving us the thumbs up. Reba was stellar. Just before the orchestrated jam, Mike flipped the rim of his hat down, so we knew they were serious. The jam was one of the finest I can remember. Maze is my favorite of the new songs, so it was nice to see it again (after Chicago). Trey seems to really like this one as well. The crowd overall was a bit lame as far as movement and participation, but I think a lot of people were getting their first exposure to Phish, so what can you expect. The rap after Col. Forbin was great. Try had the floor drop out from under us, and we traveled THROUGH the Earth, and came up
on the other side, in Gamehendge. It was fun. Two great dance tunes were nice for an end to a great set.
During the set break, my friend's pipe got taken by security, and this is the third time in four shows that we have been hassled by security. We should be more careful.
Anyway, set two was very nice indeed. Trey had a big grin on his face and Mike still had the hat. He tipped it to the crowd during My Sweet One, and then it disappeared soon after that. The highlight of the show for me was the You Enjoy Myself. The Mike/Fishman duet after Trey's solo was some of the most abstract rhythmic interplay that I have seen out of this band, and at one point Trey looked over at Page and said, "F*ck!" It was really amazing. The Page solo was really long as well. The vocal jam was moving along well, when all of the sudden they were singing Shaggy Dog! It was completely out of nowhere. After Chalk Dust, they switched so Henrietta could come out and do a song for us. They seemed to be confused about what they were playing for the intro, and it turned into Hold Your Head Up. The Vacuum jam was long in Terrapin, and at one point I swore he had the majority of his mouth in the vacuum. A woman turned to me at that point and said "Why?" and I had no answer for her. Carolina was beautiful, although the Detroit crowd was a little noisy. Good Times smoked and everyone seemed happy
with the show. There were rumors floating around last night that there is talk of a tour with Santana this summer.
Score: 2
DollarBill , attached to 1992-05-06 Permalink
DollarBill Pretty good show tonight. Nice bootleg. A little heavy on the Fishman side early on but it balances out later. If anything I could go for more Mike.

First set starts off great with Llama, Foam and a really solid Reba. Mind of it's own kind of does have one tonight, just a little disjointed at times. Maze is good. Tela has been pretty regular this tour, good one tonight. Brother is as usual and tight. Forbin again? Also getting lots of playing time this tour. Nice Rhombus narration leads into a good Mockingbird which has some problems near the end. Sparkle is fine. Cavern makes a great closer, as usual.

My Sweet One starts off second set with a long intro section. Trey seems to have pulled himself out of tune again which shows in the Stash opening. Seems to be back to normal by Coil. Nice Coil. A good YEM leads into a short vocal jam, featuring a few "Suck it's" from Mike and Trey I think, into Shaggy Dog out of nowhere by Mike it sounds like. ATR has gotten a lot tighter since the west coast run. Bouncing is good. Pen is a little hesitant and unsure like they can't hear or something. A false Cold as Ice from Page gets cut off by Trey doing Chalkdust. Trey blows the ending line in the solo section. So then we have one of the very few Hold Your Head Up's of 1992 leading into a nice Terrapin, with a good solo from Fish. A lot of requests go unanswered as Page takes us on a good solid A-Train. Good Golgi closer.

Everyone quiets down for a funny Carolia, then a rocking Good Times, Bad Times sends us home for the night.

Overall a really good show. Much tighter, less mistakes, and a Shaggy Dog bust-out!
Score: 1
bouncin7 , attached to 1992-05-06 Permalink
bouncin7 If you haven't heard this REBA, stop what you're doing and listen. WOW!! Sick emotional unreal - still gives me chills.
Score: 0

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