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Link Thursday, 10/04/1990
Field House, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH

Set 1: GolgiGolgi Apparatus, LandladyThe Landlady, Esther > Possum[1], CoilThe Squirming Coil, LizardsThe Lizards, DestinyDestiny Unbound, SlothThe Sloth, Uncle Pen, BowieDavid Bowie[2]

Set 2: Reba > Bouncin'Bouncing Around the Room > Foam, Fee > Tweezer, Magilla, Cavern, YEMYou Enjoy Myself

Encore: DividedDivided Sky

[1] Charlie Chan and Popeye signals.
[2] Charlie Chan and Oom Pa Pa signals in intro.

· Uncle Pen tease in David Bowie

Noteworthy Jams: Possum

Average Song Gap: 3.47

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon

Notes: Possum contained Charlie Chan and Popeye signals. The intro to David Bowie contained an Uncle Pen tease from Trey as well as Charlie Chan and Oom Pa Pa signals.

Song Distribution:
7 Junta
4 A Picture of Nectar
3 Lawn Boy
3 The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday
2 Stash
2 The White Tape

Songs by Debut Year:

This show was part of the "1990 Tour."

TheEmu , attached to 1990-10-04 Permalink
TheEmu This show isn't as tight as some, especially the second set, in which Reba, Foam, YEM and Divided Sky all have mild to semi-significant flubbage. The Possum is fairly blistering, and the Destiny is quite a bit tighter than the last one I listened to (9/22/90). Beyond that, though, I think this show is average at best, including a Bowie that kind of limps and staggers in sections before finishing strong, and the Divided Sky encore (how many DS encores are out there?) where they seem to have lost a lot of energy. Not a bad show, just nothing spectacular. For highlights, I guess I'd say the Bowie and YEM, as well as the announcement from Trey that if you want to learn how to really dance to The Lizards, you need to watch Chevy Chase in European Vacation. Three stars straight up.
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