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Link Friday, 03/09/1990
The Front, Burlington, VT

Set 1: TMWSIYThe Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday > Avenu Malkenu, Caravan[1], Ya Mar[1], Bouncin'Bouncing Around the Room, Forbin'sColonel Forbin's Ascent > MockingbirdFly Famous Mockingbird > SlothThe Sloth > Possum, Donna Lee[1], AntelopeRun Like an Antelope[1]

Set 2: Reba, Oh Kee PaThe Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > BagAC/DC Bag > CurtainThe Curtain > Dog Log > SlaveSlave to the Traffic Light[1] > Highway to Hell[1], YEMYou Enjoy Myself[1] > La Grange[1], Contact, BBFCFMBig Black Furry Creature from Mars[1]

Encore: Whipping Post[2]

[1] Dave Grippo on alto saxophone.
[2] Fishman on vocals and guitar.

· Manteca tease in Caravan
· Theme from The Odd Couple tease in Run Like an Antelope
· Manteca tease in Reba
· Frankenstein and Sunshine of Your Love teases in You Enjoy Myself
· The Fishin' Hole tease in Big Black Furry Creature from Mars

Noteworthy Jams: Ya Mar, You Enjoy Myself

Average Song Gap: 11.22

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon, Dave Grippo (Guest)

Notes: Caravan, Ya Mar, Donna Lee, Antelope, Slave, Highway to Hell, YEM, La Grange, and BBFCFM all featured Dave Grippo on alto saxophone. Caravan and Reba contained Manteca teases. Antelope also included a tease of the Odd Couple theme. YEM had a Frankenstein tease and Sunshine of Your Love was teased in the song and vocal jam. BBFCFM contained a Fishin' Hole (aka The Andy Griffith Show theme) tease from Trey. Whipping Post featured Fishman on vocals and guitar.

Song Distribution:
6 The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday
5 The White Tape
4 Lawn Boy
2 Stash
2 Junta

Songs by Debut Year:

This show was part of the "1990 Tour."

TheEmu Staff , attached to 1990-03-09 Permalink
TheEmu This is a solid show, definitely, although not spectacular. Pretty much all of the stuff with The Truth is good, including Highway to Hell and BBFCFM (what? yeah.) I enjoyed the Caravan w/ Manteca teasing, the Ya Mar, the Antelope, and especially the AC/DC Bag. The OKP>Bag>Curtain>Dog Log>Slave>HTH run is all nice, and the YEM definitely has its moments. About the only shaky moments were TMWSIY> Avenu M. and the composed sections of Reba (although the jam isn't too bad, and contains more Manteca teasing.) Overall, I'd have to say three stars for this, maybe 3.5 thanks to the sax.
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