Jam Chart for Ya Mar (39 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1987-02-21 Ya Mar Burlington, VT 5:40 Debut.
1988-05-24 Ya Mar Burlington, VT 4:24 Awesome version which transitions to a reggae party with Jah Roy.
1988-06-20 Ya Mar Burlington, VT 4:55 Segues into Reggae Fest Vol. 2. with Jah Roy
1990-03-09 Ya Mar Burlington, VT 6:58 Dave Grippo on alto saxophone.
1990-12-02 Ya Mar Burlington, VT Dave Grippo and Russ Remington on saxophone. No recording available.
1994-04-05 Ya Mar Montréal, Québec, Canada 10:07 Cool bass solo follows Page's organ solo. Then Trey plays a great guitar solo, which Mike joins, to conclude.
1994-04-10 Ya Mar Buffalo, NY 9:17 Great interplay by the band during Trey's solo, with delicate precision.
1994-10-14 Ya Mar New Orleans, LA 6:17 Michael Ray on trumpet and shaker, and Carl Gerhard on trumpet. "Salt Peanuts" tease. Great version.
1994-11-30 Ya Mar Olympia, WA 9:41 -> in from "Fixin' To Die." Trey turns the volume down to almost zero, then builds it back up during his solo. -> to "Mike's Song."
1995-07-01 Ya Mar Mansfield, MA 9:17 Straightforward, but stretched out with great playing by all, especially Trey.
1995-11-11 Ya Mar Atlanta, GA 9:39 "Lizards" teases. Cool drum solo.
1995-11-21 Ya Mar Winston-Salem, NC 9:53 Fish solo.
1996-08-07 Ya Mar Morrison, CO 9:30 Lots of Trey banter during the jam, including his warning about the notorious Red Rocks giant iguana.
1996-10-23 Ya Mar Hartford, CT 9:23 Bob Gullotti on second drum set. Nice two-way drum solo.
1996-11-02 Ya Mar West Palm Beach, FL 9:33 Karl Perazzo on percussion. Great version with a "tropical" feel.
1997-07-01 Ya Mar Amsterdam, Netherlands 9:43 Worm banter. Great short jam and drum solo. Page rocks!
1997-07-10 Ya Mar Marseilles, France 7:56 Short but sweet - Fish/Page duet (drums and Hammond B-3), then Trey/Mike duet, then Fish/Page duet (high hat and clavinet), then Fish/Trey duet (bell and low guitar), then Fish/Page duet (ka cymbal and Rhodes), then foot stomping (all). "Magilla" and "St. Thomas" teases, vampire children references.
1997-07-25 Ya Mar Dallas, TX 9:56 Bob Gullotti on second drum set. -> in from "Taste." Big two-way drum solo. -> to "Ghost."
1997-07-31 Ya Mar Mountain View, CA 14:04 First version since 6/20/88 that really breaks into a jam outside of typical "Ya Mar" structure. Not too far out there, but definitely a quality version.
1997-12-02 Ya Mar Philadelphia, PA 14:00 -> in from "Dog Faced Boy." Jam quickly moves away from conventional "Ya Mar" structure into a rhythmic, grooving foray with building intensity. "Crosseyed And Painless" tease," and a fantastic -> to "Weekapaug."
1997-12-13 Ya Mar Albany, NY 18:24 At about 8:30, the opening chords are replayed, and the band breaks into a funky, upbeat 10 minute jam of exceptional quality. Must hear. SBD recording "From The Archives" available.
1998-04-05 Ya Mar Providence, RI 14:11 At about 8:00, Trey launches into an extended, beautiful solo that is joined by the others at about 11:15 in a light, airy jam that segues -> to "Prince Caspian."
1998-06-30 Ya Mar Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark 9:23 Drum solo during the jam. Unfinished.
1998-07-17 Ya Mar George, WA 12:49 > in from "Makisupa." Nice, easy going summer outro jam follows typical "Ya Mar" jam. Followed by a big "Gumbo."
1998-07-25 Ya Mar Austin, TX 16:35 Awesome top notch version. Following the customary Page and Trey solos, the band breaks into a low key, slighty funky, slighty ambient jam with a feel-good summer vibe. Then the jam takes on a darker but more energized tone.
1998-07-31 Ya Mar Columbus, OH 11:25 Pretty straightforward, but a nice, stretched-out, rhythmic jam with a cool closing.
1998-11-04 Ya Mar Denver, CO 9:35 A cool little jam develops with Trey plucking staccato notes, Fish rocking the wood blocks, and Mike playing way up high.
1998-11-27 Ya Mar Worcester, MA 10:34 "I Dream Of Jeannie" theme tease in a well-played version that briefly breaks away into a new groove near the ending.
1999-07-04 Ya Mar Atlanta, GA 12:12 Mellow, easy going and stretched out version that gets away into a nice groove near the end. Very '99 sounding.
1999-07-23 Ya Mar Columbus, OH 11:22 Fairly ordinary, but much more spirited and up-tempo than 7/4/99, until the ending gets a little spacey.
1999-12-08 Ya Mar Portland, ME 14:24 A nice percussive, somewhat dark, jam emerges that is unusual in its sentiment.
2000-05-23 Ya Mar New York, NY 15:57 An excellent rhythmic, snappy jam emerges with a lot of "DEG" and "Digital Delay Jam"-like sounds from Page and Trey at first (from about 8:30 - 11:00). Trey started the song in the wrong key (G) but asked Page to modulate to the key of A (the proper key) before his organ solo.
2000-06-13 Ya Mar Naka-ku, Nagoya, Japan 12:48 A very serene, ethereal but structurally straightforward version, with the volume almost inaudibly low in the final minutes. Quite similar in vibe to much of the highly acclaimed show from the following day.
2000-06-23 Ya Mar Atlanta, GA 13:52 Sticks pretty close to the typical format, but the band really stretches this one out patiently, without a hint at all of feeling eager to get to the next song.
2000-09-11 Ya Mar Mansfield, MA 13:07 Typically upbeat, rhythm-oriented jam, but Page's solo is extended, with the band almost breaking into a groove, and there are several nice stop/start moments. Covers a lot of ground without ever moving beyond the "Ya Mar" format.
2003-08-02 Ya Mar Limestone, ME 17:09 Second song of the IT festival is a surprise jamming vehicle. Departs "Ya Mar" proper altogether at about 6:00 and launches into a fabulous, improvisational journey with several movements. Not quite brooding, it's no upbeat calypso party either. Great segue -> into "Runaway Jim." Only exploratory post-Hiatus version (so far).
2013-08-04 Ya Mar San Francisco, CA 6:15 Thankfully, after a 10 year "hiatus," the band finally does something interesting with "Ya Mar," in this case, improvising a short little audience call-and-response ("Woo!") during Trey's solo.
2016-07-18 Ya Mar San Francisco, CA 9:07 Replete with references to Oh Kee Pahs and Leo's/Fish's grandpa, this version is ripe with tropical sensations and staccato-like playing. A nice easy-going summer type jam, while the instrumental switch/marimba lumina section, a staple in 2016, recalls the humor-filled version from 7/10/97.
2017-07-29 Ya Mar New York, NY 8:27 Although somewhat brief, a cool little jam develops where Trey typically solos, and here, Trey and Page incorporate some interesting spacey effects, signature sounds from the historic Baker's Dozen run.
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