Have Mercy was played for the first time since August 14, 1993 (111 shows). Down with Disease was unfinished. The Old Home Place, Nellie Kane, and Foreplay/Long Time were performed acoustic. This show is available as an archival release on LivePhish.com.
Debut Years (Average: 1990)

This show was part of the "1994 Fall Tour"

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, attached to 1994-11-12

Review by westbrook

westbrook I agree with the other reviewer that this is an above average show, even compared to the general epicness that was Fall 1994. The classic opening pair of Jim and Foam get things under way nicely and everything else in the first set is played very well with good intensity. Maze and Stash are monsters. The second set is a finely crafted affair with fantastic jamming and solid setlist choices. The Down with Disease-> Have Mercy->Down with Disease segment is must-hear, and the following Lifeboy (my favorite ballad) is a treat too. A quick Rift later and here we are in a nice stretch of bluegrass, which is a big part of the appeal of Fall 94 for me. This is followed up by one hell of a Hood. Certainly a top 5 (maybe 3?) version in my opinion. Trey goes off; who doesn't love that? This show has the 3 key features that make me adore the Fall 94 tour, and 94 in general.
1. Exploratory Jamming (DwD)
2. Great Setlists (including bluegrass)
3. Top-shelf "emotional peak" jams (Hood)
Grab it and go. No hesitation.
, attached to 1994-11-12

Review by Penn42

Penn42 Solid Fall '94 show. On the whole, I'd say this show is a little above average on '94's continuum. However, since '94 is one of those years where they brought it every single night, this show is just a splendid listen and any minutia or comparisons I bring up in the rest of this review don't really matter; it's all just spectacular music, ya know?

Set I

This setlist is stacked. Maze, Guyute, Stash, Esther... All in a row? Yes please! All the composed songs are performed well and this Stash is particularly fiery. Lots of tension with not a whole lot of release, it's pretty gnarly and, well... tense.

Set II

Classic opener in Julius. I'm a sucker for early/mid second set Fluffhead's, and this rendition is very good. Now we're to the anchor of the set, the Disease->Have Mercy->Disease sandwich. To be honest, I've never been a huge fan of their rendition of Have Mercy. But this one gets to some pretty spacey places and I really like the transition back into Disease, so it's all good in my book. This little ending Disease jam gets real out there and then melts down and Lifeboy emerges. (I really like all the old Rift and Hoist era ballads; I wish they would make a reemergence into their consistently played repertoire.) Okay, lets finish this up: The bluegrass is fun as usual, this Hood has a tremendous ending though not the smoothest journey there, and this Golgi is a fun set closer.

Some might complain about Sample in the encore slot, but that wouldn't be me. Sample is a deceptively good song.

Awesome show, love me some '94!
, attached to 1994-11-12

Review by dr_strangelove

dr_strangelove Another great fall '94 show, its hard to find any faults with what's going on here. The band's playing is great, the setlist is full of delights, great from top to bottom. HIghlights:
1) Runaway Jim: Beautiful execution, the band's energy is apparent in the high rocking ending coda of the song.

2) Foam: This one has some good crescendos/decrescendos and synchronized tension building. This is a band in absolute, well-oiled tip-top shape.

3) Maze: Expert level Maze, good tension and synchronization again, with the bands members keeping the energy level at 10 throughout.

4) Stash: They build a very cool tension theme that they jam on and use this to float outside the Stash bounds. Even the closing segment has little forays into dissonance, and at moments sounds like a monstrous dying spider rolling onto its back and curling into a clasping claw of 8 legs. Very great version and my highlight for set I.

5) Julius: High octane right out the gate for set II. Trey's playing is absolutely insane. Amazing soling, lead foot on the gas!

6) DWD -> Have Mercy -> DWD: No time to waste, the jam section immediately starts with phenomenal type I licks from Trey and the band quickly pushes past the DWD theme into Type II land. At the entrance, its a throbbing pulsating rhythmic romp that turns dark and punctate, then Page signals calm with some beautiful notes floating over the ether. A new incarnation of pulsating begins, oscillating with calm and psychedelic chaos. Its a strange jam but it works really well because everyone is playing off each other. The emergence of Have Mercy is patient and flawless. They really ride the Mercy groove with Trey playing long ambient "pad-like" notes and Page holding down the melody. The re-emergence of DWD is pretty surprising and I can only imagine the fist pumping it induced from the audience. Excellent version and highlight of set II.

7) Harry Hood: As the show notes mention, the band brings the energy level down to a murmur and then emerges into a gorgeous bliss jam that Fishman builds and pushes with Trey following suit, until he explodes with the rest of the band in step. This is how a Hood should peak. A screaming, beautiful ending to a great show!
, attached to 1994-11-12

Review by Miguelito

Miguelito What a show! Starting off with the classic combo of Jim and Foam, the first set is a keeper. We get a lovely If I Could with a fantastic ending section that highlights both Page’s and Trey’s playing. This leads into a amazing sequence that I can only dream about today: Maze Guyute Stash Esther. All are well-played although the Stash is my favorite of the bunch and is worthy of several listens. CDT closes it out solidly.

Set II begins with exuberant Julius that sets the tone for the rest of the show. Fluffhead is always welcome, anyplace anytime. And then along comes the jaw-dropping DWD > Have Mercy > DWD sandwich, which is phenomenal. Arguably the highlight of the show and one of my favorite parts of the tour so far. The Hood is another big moment of the show, and this version is spectacular, dropping into a beautiful quiet jam that then builds into to a magnificent peak. This was a fine tour for Hood tune and this version doesn’t disappoint.

This show has much to offer, with numerous highlights in both sets, and is highly recommended.
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