This show featured the first Fuck Your Face since April 29, 1987 (1,426 shows). AC/DC Bag contained Buried Alive teases. YEM contained Fuck Your Face and Moving in Stereo (The Cars) teases. The YEM vocal jam included portions of Proud Mary and Get Back interspersed with Dong Work for Yuda (Frank Zappa) and Slow Ride quotes.
Jam Chart Versions
Buried Alive tease in AC/DC Bag, Fuck Your Face, Moving in Stereo, Proud Mary, Get Back, Dong Work for Yuda, and Slow Ride teases in You Enjoy Myself
Debut Years (Average: 1994)

This show was part of the "2010 Early Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2010-07-02

Review by aBongIheardMyLandlordFling

aBongIheardMyLandlordFling The scorching first set lent us a twisted Wedge and a soupy, dripping Wolfman's. It was capped by a Chalkdust that was absolutely peeled wide open!

Second set however, no one was prepared for. The Lizards had everyone glowing, especially in the aftermath of the walloping 46 Days and haunting Twenty Years Later. But the sinister segment that would corrupt us next came crashing down with the force more obscene than 2 Girls 1 Cup. Carini > Fuck Your Face was fucking EVIL. And they RIPPED IT! The ensuing dance party during 2001 lifted the amphitheater into the cosmos and the rest was, quite literally, phishtory.

Note: "Proud Mary" included "Get Back" teases. Also, a girl was holding a "Fuck Your Face" sign in the front row of the previous night's show in Raleigh. The band DEFINITELY saw it...
, attached to 2010-07-02

Review by kingphish68

kingphish68 The faithful were rewarded for sure. Lizards>Carini>FYF....unbelievable!!! Trey was on fire and having a great time. Mike was the man laying down some phat, phunky bass grooves. Charlotte wanted a legendary show and this was it. One for the record books no doubt. Thank you Trey, Mike, Page & Fish.
, attached to 2010-07-02

Review by TNTNeal

TNTNeal Sick show. Trey was on fire. Phenomenal vocal jams.
, attached to 2010-07-02

Review by Wolfscream

Wolfscream For a time, I was obsessed with being at the Perfect Show....that I would attend a "5" Show or what would become the New Years Eve 1995 Show. Something Legendary. Fortunately, now I look at it like every show is legendary and I'm just happy to be there and share in the groove so to speak.

It's all about the feeling and the vibe when you're there, but you do miss some things for certain. I can tell you that the group I was with as well as myself, had an awesome time at this show. When I listened to the download, I was fearing that my emotion had clouded my judgment. But alas, I was excited to hear a great show and one I'll "go to" for some time to come.

This show had a really great mix of old, new and surprise. That is what, in my opinion, makes a great show....of course superb playing helps. Buried, AC/DC and Vultures was a unique twist for me...I hadn't seen those live in a long time. I will never argue with some Stash or Chalk Dust either. Very strong 1st set.

Then the 2nd Set punches you in the ear. I happen to love 20 Years Later and the live version was very cool. But throw in Lizards, Carini, FYF right after that! Perfect blend of New, Old and Suprise! But wait, 2001 and YEM to close and some Beatles to send us on our way. I don't think it gets much better than that.

July 2nd 2010 my friends, my friends was certainly a phenomenal "Day in My Life."
, attached to 2010-07-02

Review by Sugarmag

Sugarmag Phish is really kicking ass right now. I started seeing shows in 92 and these guys still seem to get better at what they do. Chaulkdust , Carini , Fuck your face , YEM ,Get back , A Day In the Life were awesome. After seeing the amazeing Trey show at the Fillmore a few months ago , I was not sure if the reunited Phish could match that great evening but they did.
, attached to 2010-07-02

Review by lunkdjedi

lunkdjedi How were they going to top raleighs have mercy bust out? FUCK YOUR FACE. What a killer show, start to finish our entire group was dancing and simultaneously losing our minds, our faces and ourselves in the sea of bliss.

So dark, so fucking sweet. I couldn't have fathomed that my home town show would would be a shredder of historical proportions. Much love to all.

Aside, kinda crazy that in 3.0 I'm writing this review from the road....what does atlanta have in store?
, attached to 2010-07-02

Review by art_vandelay

art_vandelay being that this was my first phish show post-hiatus, i was just happy to be there & pretty much left my critic's hat at the door. having listened to the show after the fact, i can say that the boys played with focus & discipline, and rarely a bum note was heard. my only gripe is that while any given jam was solid, often it would seemingly end abruptly instead of naturally. so if you're looking for something from the days of '97, you won't find it here....

one highlight cannot be ignored 'tho, and that was a nasty "carini" which effortlessly segued into "fuck your face", which of course sent the diehards into a frenzy. i've heard a couple other FYFs, but none match the version heard this was like the song was MEANT to morph out of "carini", it was so perfect.

abrupt jam endings notwithstanding, it was still a solid performance worth seeking out, with many highlights sprinkled throughout....
, attached to 2010-07-02

Review by Allan

Allan This was my second show and I had no idea what a gift it was at the time - I just knew that it blew me away. After the second set, I slumped into a seat trying to collect myself and a veteran walks by - slaps me on the back and says, "I know dude, I know."

Thanks boys.
, attached to 2010-07-02

Review by TheEmperorJoker

TheEmperorJoker This was my first REAL Phish show. I saw them about 10 years previously but was way too bombed to know genius when I saw it. I have seen 14 shows since this gem and I am still trying to see another The Lizards.
The Buried Alive->Bag with BA teases is absolutely sick but other than the rarely seen Mexican Cousin, there is nothing too noteable in the first set. It certainly isn't bad, but there's nothing remarkable about it either.
The second set is a different thing all together. The "charlotte jam" out of Drowned is not to be missed. The much referenced Lizards->Carini->Fuck your Face bust out of all bust outs is must-hear if only to hear the crowd go bezerk when they hear Mike say "this guitar's gonna fuck your face cause it knows how to scream". The You Enjoy Myself to end the set is absolute gold as well. It is very tight throughout and then the vocal jam takes this puppy to another level. Teases of Proud Mary and Get Back interspersed with Zappa and Slow Ride quotes....are you kidding me!? In my opinion the best YEM of 3.0.
I give this show an 8.9 out of 10 with 8 being the bar for a solid Phish show.
, attached to 2010-07-02

Review by panic1985

panic1985 They somehow managed to open better than last night! Buried Alive - Bag - Vultures?!?! Awesome stuff. Overall the first set was very good. Mexican Cousin seemed out of place, but Stash Sparkle - Chalkdust was a great way to end a set and nearly blew the roof off.

The second set continued the first set's ass kicking as they tore up Drowned - 46 Days. After the Lizards!!! (I thought we'd have enough animals after the Vultures and Wolfman) We tried to catch our breath for a minute and then the absolute greatest thing that I've ever seen at any show by anyone ever happened. Nobody was expecting this: Carini - Fuck your face - 2001 - YEM with the best Vocal Jam I have ever heard with Proud Mary and Get Back.


Nobody can even review that, it was 100% pure awesome.

A Day in the Life isn't such a bad encore either, what a way to end the show.
, attached to 2010-07-02

Review by caesar

caesar Phish soundchecked killing in the name of here
, attached to 2010-07-02

Review by Cheard

Cheard For you rockers, this show had very few mellow moments. No "slow" songs were played in my opinion. Plenty of Phish 1.0 and 2.0 in first set, played with 3.0 technicality. From Lizards to the end of the show was spectacular. I wish that had squeezed one more song in the encore before noise curfew, but I certainly won't complain.
, attached to 2010-07-02

Review by BuffaloKen

BuffaloKen wow....WOW! It's hard to say, over my 13 years following them, what the 'technically' best Phish show has ever been, well, it's impossible, and a matter of taste, but after THIS show, I think song-by-song it could be head-shattering. The night before saw possibly the greatest Boogie On to close, and Charlotte picked up where Raleight left off. without going song by song, listen to the above reviews, very accurate, Carini>Fuck yer face was hardcore air-punching, feet stompin', southern ass-kickin badass kill the hippie shit! Lizards was brillaint and like being in the middle of a harmonious, peacful riot. oustanding Wolfmans, 2001, and basically every single note struck the entire night was perfect, in tune and played with demonic passion. Chaldust to Close almost cause 10,000 people to fall over dead, that's how sick it was.

heads were crushed fo' sho'!
, attached to 2010-07-02

Review by weewaw

weewaw This was my first show! Such a fun time!

Got some songs I knew and liked, went with my best friend Drew (RIP). Got some tasty jams in the second set, and a YEM closer.

Drove back to Spartanburg that night and crashed in the parking lot outside of my friend's dorm since they didn't answer the phone, then we drove home the next morning.
Still have the bootleg shirt I got in the lot, though it is getting mighty ragged.
Changed my life.
, attached to 2010-07-02

Review by tillmanj

tillmanj I have seen every Charlotte show the boys have ever played (probably every NC show come to think of it) and NOTHING comes close to the second set of this show! The Raleigh show on 7/1 was a mind blowing Page fest, and this show topped even that scorcher.

From the first notes of Buried Alive, it was f'ing on! Not sure what Mexican Cousin was doing in there, but whatever, I caught my breath and got rocked by a technically perfect Stash, Sparkle > CDT to end a storming set.

Second set picked up the tempo and energy to unknown heights. Carini>FYF was wild, dark, demonic Southern mayhem! And to follow with > 2001 > YEM? Face.melt.
, attached to 2010-07-02

Review by gutdo

gutdo Great show! The Last show I was at was Coventry, so I was a little skeptical. Very solid from start to finish. Lizards>Carini>FYF>2001>YEM>Proud Mary>Get Back was superb. Well done guys!
, attached to 2010-07-02

Review by GottaJiballer

GottaJiballer Quick note that I haven't seen about this show yet. Carini contained a lyrics change to reference the streaker from the 12/5/09 Charlottesville show. "I saw you with Carini and that naked dude/I couldn't eat my food."
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