Soundcheck: Memories, Dog Log, Blues Jam, Shaggy Dog, Makisupa Policeman -> Blues Jam, Take the ‘A’ Train

SET 1: Wilson > Runaway Jim, Foam, Colonel Forbin's Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird > My Sweet One, Stash, The Curtain > Cavern > The Mango Song > Run Like an Antelope

SET 2: Buried Alive > Reba, Chalk Dust Torture, Sparkle, Brother, The Lizards, Hold Your Head Up > Terrapin > Hold Your Head Up, Harpua

ENCORE: Sweet Adeline[1], Golgi Apparatus

Trey felt so generous during the trampoline giveaway before Sweet Adeline that he decided to give Fish away as well, pushing him into the crowd. He also teased The Christmas Song before and during Buried Alive. Harpua included Dog Log teases from Page and Mike. Sweet Adeline was performed without microphones.
Jam Chart Versions
The Christmas Song tease in Buried Alive, Dog Log tease in Harpua
Debut Years (Average: 1988)

This show was part of the "1991 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1991-12-07

Review by DollarBill

DollarBill Pretty good pre Christmas show. Solid setlilst. Lots of Christmas song teases. Harpua to close! Encores were missing from the bootleg.
, attached to 1991-12-07

Review by Anonymous

(Published on the legacy site many years ago...)

Well there it is.If you have made it through the set list then you've already noticed Harpua,But hold on. The roads were way bad to make the 3 hour drive took bout 5 and w/out tix all the longer.We arrived at bout 4:30 and a few people were hanging out also w/out sticks.The number got larger and hopes were dwindling when one of the security big boys("say he musta' weighed 210") came out and said "I got just two tickets.."and by the time he uttered the G my hand was raised and eye contact was made and he made way for my friend and I.The crowd was real dumbfounded for a couple of seconds then some one said "Yea.they've been here all afternoon."and get this THE CROWD CHEERED!for a second I thought oh shit now I've pissed of some people, but instead they actually cheered.That was the most amazing thing and I will Always have faith in the Phish "scene".I wanted to give part of my tix to every person there.We all should be proud.(damn cool) Well that's the end of the tix story to the show.There was a lot of people w/out sticks but I saw almost all of those people stubed in by intermission which wasn't quite the crime since I believe there was quite a few people not able to make it due to the weather.The show opened w/ bubble blowing by the crowd and Wilson,Jim and a cool Foam.But then the first whammy out of the bag O' tricks.They broke into Col. Forbins with Trey Narrating some thing similiar toGamehendge with plenty of poetic liscence.He was working real hard to involve in the whole transformation

from the hall to Gamehendge to see the Col. climb the Mt.Talk of clouds, lightning,rock falls and eye sockets where the story line.Mike did a cool bass in the Mockingbird part.(Mike was definately back in the swing of things this night compared to two weeks ago.a good thing.)After the mind expanding experience of Col.came Sweet 1 wher the bass always sounds like Jug band,and then into Stash where Trey was doing this thing I'm going to deam Guitar Farts,and it probably goes w/out explination.The rest of the set finished w/Curtain,Caverns,Mango Song,Run like an Antelope. IInd set started with Trey doing a Merry X-mass Guitar line which he then proceeded to incorperate into Burried Alive,which last new years they played old anxine(sp)in.The next was Rebawhich outroTrey was playing on the offbeats while the rest of them were playing normal.(well don't take that literally)Chalkdust to the new pair of Sparkle and Brother.Are they saying "Somebody is jumping in the tub with brother."during the chorus?(chris was doing some fancy foot(hand)work on lights)Lizards went into Henry-etta(sp)thing w/ O-man saying"well haven't learned any new Sid Barret tunes yet then came the mellow Love You.Band intro's happened in the bluesy jam insuing and Fishman used the hose while Mike placed the out take of the vac in his mike.Then a miracle struck,"Happy Birthday.."so&so and then came Harpua!When was the last time this was played?got me,but I've been waiting for it for a couple of years and whammy close to 15min. dog lovin,cat eating,bliss.Trey started out talking bout' old worn master being gone for a long time(think he was suggesting something?)and to find old Harpua.He moved to Poster Nutbag who he was petting and making cooing sounds then Fishman got in and started screeching the whole thing got a bit out of hand to the point you had to wonder what Jimmy was really doing the cat.(they were lovin it)(opps dbl. meaning) When the enchore started the band got into the holiday spirit by giving away the trampolines(YES,Believe it)The crowd had bout' 5 people claiming each tramp,when Fish say's"kill,kill,KILLL,I knew we should of raffled em' of".Trey was feeling so giving that he gave Fishman to the crowd also.Then Memories(sweet adaline) and a very appropriate Golgi Appuratus.(let me not forget the huge snowball fight during intermission, the cops were trying to keep in check but fat chance.) Met a two netters by pinning the word to my forhead.(Hi Bill T.)a wee bit silly but effective.(Ps.I wasn't recording but there was quite a few decks going so there out there.)Nuff said.
, attached to 1991-12-07

Review by Anonymous

(Published on the legacy site many years ago. Originally posted to 12/8/91.)

I guess I didn't explain the tramps thing too well. Before the encore, Trey handed the two trampolines to the folks in the front row ("We're giving these away because it's the end of the tour). Of course, there was practically a riot up front with about fifteen people grabbing the trampolines and hoping to be their new proud owners. Then Trey and Mike offered to give Fishman to the audience as they pushed him off the stage. Mike took a few snapshots of the proceedings to preserve them for posterity. Is this the end of the trampoline era. What should we expect for the spring tour (there won't be any shows for three months other than New Years)? By the way, Page is still using the Leslie, it's just been moved behind his Peavey monitor and its a little hard to see.
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