This show featured the Phish debuts of Marissa and Come Together. Mr. Completely was played for the first time since July 15, 2003 (380 shows).
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Debut Years (Average: 2001)

This show was part of the "2017 Summer Tour"

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, attached to 2017-07-19

Review by kyleindeed

kyleindeed Who the hell is already rating this show 3 out of 5 within the first 15 minutes of voting being available? Jaded vets? TAB critics?

We just got the 2nd Phish Mr. Completely EVER and a Caspian that flipped to building upside down out of nowhere.

There was ridiculous firepower tonight in the burg and the song exploration has just begun. No repeats all summer, this appears to be the consensus.

S1 didn't have a set flow, but it didn't need it. They were enjoying just playing tunes and making up on the fly. Having fun pays off for the quality of the performing. Caspian proved its worth again (Magna, Dicks12...) this song is no joke and deserves versions like these.

Mr.Completely gives this show its history making moment in time and will still be in the argument for jam of the year even after BD. I won't say it will win, but it will be strongly strongly discussed and analyzed. And hey, it COULD win if given the credit it deserves.

Mercury as well was a very welcome surprise after Mr. Completely along with a Q4 Steam > #Line that was nothing short of exceptional.

They were just vibing. If last night Dayton was more about song selection and placement, tonight was more about let's just whale everybody's faces off because we're all really REALLY excited about BD. Esp, the band.

Til Friday, pholks. Phish will be waiting with guns a blazin... Indeed :-)
, attached to 2017-07-19

Review by Shafiq

Shafiq Whoever it is that is giving every show a low star count and downvoting other reviews, please stop. We are experiencing something special this summer, so it's not fun to go to a show, scroll down to the ratings/reviews and see that every time.

That being said, the show in retrospect was a little all over the place. But knowing what's been happening every show this summer, the bar is set pretty damn high for what to expect. Prince Caspian gives us our first big noteworthy moment in the first set this tour to send us to setbreak.

The Punch opener kept things going, and then we get to Mr. Completely. Initially wondering about the song choice, the band churns out the 4th 20+ minute jam of the summer on a song played by Phish for the 2nd time ever. Like, what??? I'm sure someone else will review the jam itself later, but this is a moment that just shows what Phish 2017 is all about. Last night in Dayton gave us a unique Wombat among other things, and tonight Mr. Completely makes its case for jam of the year out of nowhere.

The rest of the show had me (and I'm sure everyone else too) just waiting for another 7th/8th/9th slot batter to step up to the plate and hit a grand slam, but it wasn't to be. There's a clean segue from Mercury into Come Together, Steam comes in late but fizzles out, and Number Line has a great Trey solo to close out the second set.

It's saying something that 5 shows into the summer tour, this one is lowest on the totem pole in listening priority outside of Prince Caspian and Mr. Completely. Phish continues to deliver a massive 3rd quarter jam and sprinkles some exploration elsewhere too. We'll see what the boys have in store for us come Friday.
, attached to 2017-07-19

Review by aybesea

aybesea Well, I had set out to review the entire tour, but this is becoming ridiculous!

Mr. Completely!!! Out of control.

I did the math (like lots of others) and looked at the number of songs that V3 has played in the past, and either:

1) Are Phish originals
2) Are band member originals
3) Are songs that the band has played at least 4 times (to get rid of the one-off type stuff)

And I get that there are still 239 songs left! That's if you don't include any new things, second timers, etc.

Is this a real thing??? It sure could be!

BTW - Whoever's being a total dick and skewing these ratings downward... KNOCK IT OFF! This is an incredible tour.
, attached to 2017-07-19

Review by vinsanity46

vinsanity46 I personally heard this as another strong 2017 show that started with an eclectic first set, though this first had more highlights than any of tour so far. Undermind sucked me in, Divided Sky lifted me up, and then Caspian chewed me up and spat me out in the best way possible. I love this tune but I was really wanting SOAM to end the set and then of course, in classic Phish fashion, they showed me both that my expectations don't matter and that they can blow my mind at any time.

Starting any set with PYITE is a great way to rouse the crowd and being that it has not once been taken for a walk (as far as .net reports), one may intuit that, because this started the second set, the boys are preparing to either weave a concise, coherent, and complementary set or just drop a monster jam. Tonight we get both. Only Phish's 2nd take of Mr. Completely yields a stellar jam that sounds (to my ears) like a functional, progressive conglomeration of the sounds from some of the most notable jams in the past 2 years. But then again, as some other .netter once quoted Elvis Costello in a review, "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture", but I digress.

This second set has some serious flow but not allll the way from start to finish IMO. While I wish the Mercury jam wouldn't have cut off when it did, after the first set goodies and the Mr. Completely, I was plenty fine with another TAB song as a breather. I could have seen a Dirt instead of Contact to really get into the feels before hitting the Axilla > Steam > BDTNL closing train, but if their playing Contact mid-late second set is my main gripe, I enjoyed the shit out of the show. Loved to hear Steam and then BDTNL brought some high energy happy raging to close out a set that leaves us drooling for the BD. Encore was standard 2017 fare.

Well my good people, we are 5 shows into tour and we already have four 20+ minute jams to digest. These shows may be considered a warm up but seems like the boys are already playing loose, tight, and ready to get reeeaaalll comfortable at MSG.
, attached to 2017-07-19

Review by fhqwhgads

fhqwhgads What a great show! NICU and Axilla seemed kind of downtempo in comparison to their usual tempi, but that doesn't detract from the one-two punch to close Set I: Home > Prince Caspian, where Caspian manages to get dark, but still peak excitingly. I like the new Mike song, Marissa, but it has a similar reggae-fied lilt to Yarmouth Road and (to a lesser extent, but still following a firmly Little Feat-influenced pattern) 555. Punch You in the Eye opening the second set is an harbinger of greatness, I think, and the Mr. Completely to follow (the fourth 20-min+ jam of tour so far!) proves that admirably. Its jam starts out in a kind of blissy holding paradigm, but shifts towards a funkier headspace (reminiscent to me of Fall '97 in moments) and peaks with an intensity that bears comparison to some of the bigger Bathtub Gins. Mercury is always welcome, and this time it jams into the new Trey tune Come Together. The remainder of the show is full of shorter, Type-I tunes (well, Backwards Down the Number Line is about medium long, LOL), and as I said, Axilla doesn't really churn the way it usually does, but hey, the encore is fun (nice to see Bug) and why not take a victory lap after the hour or so comprising Home > Caspian // PYITE > Mr. Completely > Mercury -> Come Together? My star-rating for this show is influenced by the Phish debuts as well as the jams.
, attached to 2017-07-19

Review by SkyTrainWand

SkyTrainWand This was a really special concert, that's about all I can say right now. So many things in so many ways that I have never even heard before. This second set is absolutely hands down one of the best I've EVER heard. The Caspian was unexpected and incredible. I've seen like 3 or 4 different versions of Mercury now and they've all been great. Show was a freakin blast
, attached to 2017-07-19

Review by zepphead

zepphead Awesome show but i won't review only because i am extremely biased since it was my 12 year old son's first show! I just wanted to drop a note into posterity to thank everyone that helped me usher Javin into our wonderful guys know who you are! A million times, thank you!

I will note that this show gave me a number of firsts personally, these guys seem to play what i think to myself pre-show would be great to hear (i'm sure a lot of us feel that way in retrospect), i.e., My Soul, Halley's, PYITE, Mercury(!!!), Contact & Rocky Top! And that Mr. Completely was a wonderful, totally unexpected, treat!
, attached to 2017-07-19

Review by bushwood_a_dump

bushwood_a_dump Wow, nothing to add for review notes. The rest have done a good job with that, but one comment and one question:

-Love Trey's tone thus far. Back where it should be!
-From the above it even conceivable that they could go Summer (18 shows) without a repeat? My god that would be killer, and statistically frightening for a band. Phish, Dead, or otherwise, I can't think of any tune/song based band doing that!?!?
, attached to 2017-07-19

Review by phishyeducator

phishyeducator The buildup to this Wednesday night began way back in the spring. Once this small jaunt before the Baker's Dozen was announced, it was decided that a large group of us from all over the country was going to get together and celebrate the 20th anniversary of their first show just days before the actual anniversary (7/22/97) in a city hungry for some Phishing. As well, Phish hadn't played in the city limits of Pittsburgh since 1996, and this is basically a hometown show for me, as I live just 2 1/2 hrs away and see all kinds of shows and games in the 'burgh. Arrangements were made, and entries in the PTBM lotto were made. The force was with us as we were all successful in the lotto. Each set of us would be scattered inside the building, but the Pete is small enough that we all ended up seeing and waving at one another once at our seats!
Day of the show rolls around and our phamily has gathered at a buddy's house outside Pittsburgh and we head out in two cars to the show. We really wasn't expecting much of a shakedown, being in the heart of the Oakland section of Pittsburgh, but to our great surprise there was a small but thriving shakedown kicking right outside our parking garage. After meeting up with everyone and exchanging hugs and greetings with friends from near and far, it was time to head into the Pete.
The security and ticket scan went smoothly, and soon we were saying our parting words before heading to our respective seats. After locating one another with a wave of a hand or hat, we settled in for a night of hoped-for magic. Soon enough the houselights dimmed and out they came.

Set I
My Soul - tight version, good shake-loose opening number to dust off the dancing bones.
NICU - Greeted with a cheer. Feel good tune, lots of singing along.
Halley's > Well play Halley's, and the band appears to be getting warmed up a little bit.
Undermind - aahhhh yeah, that's more like it. A nice little jam here that portends things to come.
Divided Sky - Such a needed song, for me personally, and boy do they nail it. Trey is on fire, and is hitting all the key notes of the composed sections and just a bright feel to the whole song. They are really playing well - together - this tour. Sounds like their chops are up too!
Marissa - neat little tune from Mike. Good feel to it.
Home - The jam out of this one was tasty. I even labelled it on the setlist on the back of my ticket stub as "Pittsburgh Jam" after Home, as they just hit a whole other gear!
Prince Caspian - What can I say? Jam of the night? Mr. C may have something to say about it in set II, but I think it goes right here. So many interesting places and themes are hit on in these 16 short minutes. Is it better than Magna-Caspian? You be the judge of that, but my money lays here. Great way to end the set! Once the house lights came on, many of us stood there - in stunned silence - needing a moment to collect our thoughts on what just transpired.

Set II
PYITE - great way to open the set, got all of us up and dancing right away. Led into...
Mr. Completely - first time played in 14 years, and only second time ever, and boy do they hit it hard! Another hard to beat jam weaves through the very fiber of this one, and there is no way to put into words the places we go together during this jam.
Mercury - Always glad to hear this one. It doesn't disappoint and although it isn't long, it's meaty in the jam department, leading into the first Phish version of...
Come Together - Well played and fit nicely into this slot in the set.
Contact - a good cool-down number and one not too commonly played.
Steam - Revving the engine up again, a good Steam leads into
BDTNL - I love this song, and I don't care! The jam leading out of Number Line really gets everyone rocking again. The version is fire!
Things People Do - this little ditty from Page is quite catchy.
Bug - powerful meaning for me, and well played for the most part. Just when we thought we were blessed with a double encore, they play a quick...
Rocky Top - great way to end this show!

The aftershow included the mindless wandering up out of the bowels of the arena and up the multitudinous steps leading back up to the parking garage. The whole way just trying to digest what just happened. Was it the greatest show in history? Nope. Best of tour? Who knows? But to me it's just amazing to think that we still have these four guys up on stage still out there making fresh, quality, ground-breaking music. The Caspian for the ages alone makes this one to listen to. I'm glad we were here, and can't wait until the next one...
, attached to 2017-07-19

Review by odonnellsp

odonnellsp Loved the show! Just wanted to point out that it probably wasn't coincidence they played "Mercury." Per Wikipedia: "In other languages, such as the French mercredi or Italian mercoledì, the day's name is a calque of dies Mercurii "day of Mercury"."

Considering the previous show's opening number, it wouldn't surprise me in the least. There's so much deep, rich meaning in the lyrics that I'm sure they were aware.
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July 26, 2017
19 hours ago
Madison Square Garden

Set 1: White Winter Hymnal[1], Cars Trucks Buses, My Soul, Roses Are Free > The Very Long Fuse, Gumbo, Yarmouth Road, Pebbles and Marbles, Farmhouse, Tube

Set 2: Carini -> Mr. Completely > 1999 > Steam > No Quarter, Character Zero

Encore: Powderfinger[2]

[1] Phish debut; a cappella.
[2] Phish debut.

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