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Link Sunday, 08/23/1992
Colorado State Fair, Pueblo State Fairgrounds, Pueblo, CO

Set 1: CDTChalk Dust Torture, Stash, Sparkle, Maze, Foam, Runaway Jim, Cavern > Llama

Average Song Gap: 2.38

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon

Notes: This set was an opener for Santana.

Song Distribution:
4 A Picture of Nectar
2 Stash
2 Rift
1 Junta

Songs by Debut Year:

This show was part of the "1992 Summer U.S. Tour."

geniussheis , attached to 1992-08-23 Permalink
Was one of maybe 35 people who came to see Phish. The Santana fans were definitely looking at the Phish phans in bewilderment - especially since they were mostly Mexicans in cowboy hats. Standard set - ended too soon. Trey thanked Santana for the opportunity and experience. Interesting juxtaposition between sets. Rides and coasters remained opened long after even Santana finished.
Score: 1
DollarBill , attached to 1992-08-23 Permalink
DollarBill No recording found again for another Santana opener set. Not too much deviation from the "Best Behavior Tour" set lists. They did put the two best played new songs back in with Maze and Sparkle. Stash closer looks interesting.

Moving on...
Score: 0
ob1trey , attached to 1992-08-23 Permalink
First show, I barely remember the show, after the "fog of war". I implore anyone to get their copy of The Phish Book, on page 2 or 3 there is a picture of a bloodied Trey with a caption that reads it was taken at this show. I heard a rumor after this show that Trey was punched by Carlos Santana or a member of his band. When Santana invited Trey out to play with them during their set, I swear Trey upstaged Santana, and perhaps was punched for doing so? any comments?
Score: 0

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