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Link Friday, 10/01/1999
Hilton Coliseum, Ames, IA

Set 1: CDTChalk Dust Torture, MomaThe Moma Dance > Sparkle, First Tube, GinBathtub Gin, Heavy Things, LxLLimb By Limb, Cavern

Set 2: NICU > AntelopeRun Like an Antelope, HorseThe Horse > SilentSilent in the Morning > Gumbo > MistMountains in the Mist, Julius > Fluffhead > SlaveSlave to the Traffic Light

Encore: Bold As Love

· Can't Turn You Loose tease in Gumbo

Noteworthy Jams: Bathtub Gin, Gumbo

Average Song Gap: 11.17

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon

Notes: Gumbo contained a Can't Turn You Loose tease from Page.

Song Distribution:
3 Farmhouse
3 Rift
2 The Story of the Ghost
2 A Picture of Nectar
2 Lawn Boy
2 The White Tape
1 Stash
1 Hoist
1 Junta

Songs by Debut Year:

This show was part of the "1999 Fall Tour."

antelopehood , attached to 1999-10-01 Permalink
antelopehood This was a very solid show that doesn't get much recognition, hence, this being the 1st review, and the show happened in 1999.
The 1st set looks pretty standard on paper, but it was full of energy, and very well played.
The 2nd set just seemed to flow so perfectly. And of course, you thought Fluffhead would surely close it out, but good ole Slave decided to put an exclamation on the night. I'll take any 2nd set that includes Antelope, Fluff, and Slave. And a little Hendrix for an encore? Please and thank you.
Score: 8
PunkDwarf , attached to 1999-10-01 Permalink
PunkDwarf This Gin is top notch Trey stuff. Check it out.
Score: 2

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