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Link Friday, 02/21/1997
Tenax, Florence, Italy

Set 1: My Soul, Foam, DwDDown with Disease > LizardsThe Lizards, C&PCrosseyed and Painless, YEMYou Enjoy Myself[1]

Set 2: Ya Mar, AntelopeRun Like an Antelope[2] -> Wilson[3] -> Oh Kee PaThe Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > BagAC/DC Bag > Billy Breathes, Reba[4] > Waste > CaspianPrince Caspian

Encore: Character Zero

[1] During the “Wash Uffize Drive Me to Firenze" section, Fish exclaimed "this is a dream come true!"
[2] Unfinished; heavy metal jam rose from "Rye, Rye, Rocco" segment.
[3] Heavy metal style.
[4] No whistling.

Noteworthy Jams: Down with Disease, Reba

Average Song Gap: 7.69

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon

Notes: During the “Wash Uffize Drive Me to Firenze” section of YEM, Fish exclaimed “this is a dream come true!” Antelope was unfinished and a heavy metal jam rose from the “Rye, Rye, Rocco” segment. Wilson was subsequently performed heavy metal style. Reba did not have the whistling ending.

Song Distribution:
4 Billy Breathes
3 Lawn Boy
3 The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday
3 The White Tape
2 Stash
2 Junta
1 Hoist

Songs by Debut Year:

This show was part of the "1997 Winter European Tour."

TheEmu , attached to 1997-02-21 Permalink
TheEmu Most of the highlights of this show are concentrated in the first set, which contains excellent versions of Down With Disease and Crosseyed and Painless. YEM was also quite enjoyable, being performed, at long last, in Firenze.

Second set starts off promising, with a hot Antelope which becomes a vicious, heavy metal Wilson. From there, though, the set somewhat disappointingly loses steam. After many years I have become much more of a fan of Billy Breathes, Waste and Prince Caspian, but to have them all together in the second half of set II is a bit of a letdown, IMHO. The Reba is pretty decent, about a B+ version I think, but it doesn't really peak and just dissolves into Waste.

Between DwD, Crosseyed, YEM, and Antelope-> Wilson, this is still an above average show, though. Four stars.
Score: 2
DaReba , attached to 1997-02-21 Permalink
Not sure why more people aren't gushing over this masterpiece. One of the most inspired nights in Phish history. Got this show with a group of three 97 Europe shows. . from start to finish. superp hard in your face and gut blues rock in a space the size these guys hadn't ripped a whil. if you don't here the first set you don'y here the first set
Score: 0
DaReba , attached to 1997-02-21 Permalink
gotta do a semii song by songer for this show
the my soul is short and sweet, the foam is for those Fish fnas. listen to his cymbal work here.
this cross eyed is the best they will ever play this song. no doubt
The rest of the set is Classic material. nothing left to say
Score: 0
zsmith0307 , attached to 1997-02-21 Permalink
This one got a low 4 stars from me.
The first set has a dream setlist... I mean... wow! DWD is the set's highlight and indeed all tour they had been slaying DWD. The Crosseyed,YEM is a ridiculously great way to end a first set, but both are average versions.

The second set is consistent with many of this tour: mostly mellow and predictable, but also containing a few surprises. The opening Ya Mar is certainly above average, and while most people probably want their Antelopes and Rebas finished, I give props to Phish for experimenting and pulling off non-traditional segues into Wilson (a very atypical version) and Waste, respectively.

Not essential, and still trailing 2/17 as the show of the tour, but the best set 1 of the tour so far, and an all-around enjoyable listen.
Score: 0

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