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Link Tuesday, 06/21/1994
Cincinnati Music Hall, Cincinnati, OH

Set 1: Runaway Jim, Mound > SampleSample in a Jar, It's Ice > HorseThe Horse

Set 2: Fire, Poor Heart > DwDDown with Disease > My FriendMy Friend, My Friend, SOAMeltSplit Open and Melt[1], Esther > CDTChalk Dust Torture, BBFCFMBig Black Furry Creature from Mars, GinsengGinseng Sullivan[2], BBFCFM RepriseBig Black Furry Creature from Mars Reprise[2], Dog Faced Boy[2], Sweet Adeline[3], Julius, Sparkle > HoodHarry Hood, SuzySuzy Greenberg

Encore: Amazing Grace[4]

[1] Atypical jam.
[2] Acoustic; without microphones.
[3] Without microphones.
[4] Without amplification.

· Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo and Moby Dick jams in My Friend, My Friend
· Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo tease in Split Open and Melt
· Barracuda tease in Chalk Dust Torture
· Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo tease in Suzy Greenberg

Noteworthy Jams: Split Open and Melt (highly recommended), Harry Hood

Average Song Gap: 4.55

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon

Notes: After a few lines of The Horse, the fire alarm went off. The band kept playing but the house lights came on and the building was cleared for 20 minutes. The music resumed with Fire, and that was the only “set break.” My Friend included a Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo jam and a brief Moby Dick tease from Trey. SOAM subsequently included additional Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo teases and an atypical jam. Chalk Dust contained Barracuda teases. Suzy contained a Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo tease from Trey. Ginseng Sullivan through Dog Faced Boy were performed acoustic and without microphones, and Sweet Adeline and Amazing Grace were performed without microphones.

Song Distribution:
5 Rift
4 Hoist
3 Stash
2 A Picture of Nectar
1 Lawn Boy
1 Junta

Songs by Debut Year:

This show was part of the "1994 Summer Tour."

, attached to 1994-06-21 Permalink
(Published in the second edition of The Phish Companion...)

The infamous Fire Alarm Show. This was a pretty wild one. The venue is very nice and ornate. They were used to having plays and symphonies there, hence the 70 year old security women and “no smoking of any kind” rule.
My friends and I went in the venue and found our seats, which were about fifteen rows back from the stage. I then decided to hit up the bathroom before the show. This was my first indicator that the Cincinnati Music Hall would not know what hit them after this concert. I went in the men’s room door and it was a big cloud of smoke! There was a security guard (yes, a 70 year old woman) yelling at the kids to put out their hand rolled cigarettes, and go back to their seats. It was like getting caught by grandma doing something really bad. I thought she was going to start grabbing our ears and taking us to the principal's office. But low and behold, everyone just bolted out and scrambled in different directions.
After this experience I decided to just go back to my seat and take my chances there. The show started. Seconds later the mob of people took all the chairs on the lower floor and stacked them on the ground. At this point Grandma and her cohorts had run for cover. The whole place started filling
up with smoke. It was complete anarchy (but in a wholesome, not-looking-for-real-trouble kind of anarchy). Trust me, I know good Anarchy and bad Anarchy. I’ve seen Guns and Roses a couple times.
So as far as the music went, it was good until the middle of “Horse”. The lights went on and the fire alarm went off. I have two theories about this: there was so much smoke the ire alarm went off, or somebody set it off. Regardless, we were forced to evacuate, even though we all knew darn well there was no fire, or at least not yet.
So we filed outside and all discussed whether the show would go on or not. Then came the announcement that we could go back in. The only good part of this evacuation was that if you didn’t have a ticket you could go in for free.
Everyone got back in and the band came back out, and Trey made an announcement: “The fire marshal (not Tom) says that if there is any more smoking of any kind, the show will be over.” Then the band went into a ripping version of Jimi Hendrix’s “Fire”.
The other part of the show that was pretty memorable to me was the acoustic part. “Ginseng Sullivan”, “BBFCFM” reprise, and “Dog Faced Boy” were a lot of fun to hear acoustic. I think that is the only acoustic “BBFCFM” I have ever heard, but hopefully not the last.
All in all it was a very chaotic experience. But fun.
Note: During “My Friend My Friend”, a buddy I went to show with (who was delirious) tried to convince me that he set off the fire alarm with his mind, and Phish was playing “My Friend” because we were all mad he set off the alarm and messed up the show. He then left the show. If anyone can prove or disprove this, let me know.
Score: 10
Jklinow , attached to 1994-06-21 Permalink
The Split Open and Melt in this show is my all time favorite. It starts out in typical 94 Melt fashion but soon Mike starts up a different chord progression which gives the jam a feel like its going back and forth between major and minor almost. This continues for a while until it calms down and trey and mike start up this upbeat major descending riff. This is a perfect example of the guys communicating and picking up on changes and licks in a split second. This jam becomes super beautiful and quiet until it morphs back into a classic Melt finish. What a Jam. One of my favorites for sure. Its on livebait 4 and i suggest everybody should take a listen to this gem.
Score: 1

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