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Link Wednesday, 05/05/1993
Palace Theatre, Albany, NY

Soundcheck: Give a Little Bit, Poor Heart Blues, Funky Bitch Blues, Brother

Set 1: Rift, GuelahGuelah Papyrus, Foam, Sparkle, Stash, Bouncin'Bouncing Around the Room, It's Ice > Glide > Maze, GolgiGolgi Apparatus

Set 2: Runaway Jim -> My FriendMy Friend, My Friend[1] -> Manteca -> My FriendMy Friend, My Friend, Poor Heart > Weigh > BBJBig Ball Jam > Ya Mar, YEMYou Enjoy Myself[2] -> Jam[3]

Encore: Amazing Grace[4], Cavern > 'A' TrainTake the 'A' Train > Cavern

[1] Beginning featured Trey on acoustic guitar.
[2] Unfinished with no vocal jam.
[3] The Aquarium Rescue Unit and the Dude of Life. Fish on vacuum.
[4] Without microphones.

· Pop Goes the Weasel tease in It's Ice
· Theme from Mission: Impossible tease in Maze
· Two Princes tease in Ya Mar
· La Marseillaise and Yield Not to Temptation teases in You Enjoy Myself

Noteworthy Jams: Stash (highly recommended), My Friend, My Friend (highly recommended), Manteca, My Friend, My Friend (highly recommended), You Enjoy Myself (highly recommended), Jam (highly recommended)

Average Song Gap: 8.75

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon, Steve Pollak ("The Dude of Life") (Guest), Col. Bruce Hampton (Guest), Jimmy Herring (Guest), Oteil Burbridge (Guest), Jeff Sipe (Guest)

Notes: It's Ice contained a tease of Pop Goes the Weasel from Page and Maze contained Mission: Impossible theme teases from Page. The beginning of My Friend featured Trey on acoustic guitar. Trey dedicated Ya Mar to Sue on her birthday. Ya Mar subsequently included a Two Princes tease. YEM contained a La Marseillaise tease from Page and Yield Not to Temptation teases, did not contain a vocal jam, and was unfinished. The jam after YEM featured The Aquarium Rescue Unit, the Dude of Life, and Fish on vacuum. Amazing Grace was performed without microphones. The soundcheck's Funky Bitch Blues contained a Funk #49 tease.

Song Distribution:
6 Rift
6 A Picture of Nectar
4 Stash
3 Junta
1 Lawn Boy
1 The White Tape

Songs by Debut Year:

This show was part of the "1993 Winter/Spring Tour."

DollarBill , attached to 1993-05-05 Permalink
DollarBill After a day off around home base, the boys make their return, less than six months later, to the Palace Theatre in Albany for the first of two nights of fun. This is the 67th show of the tour and it’s a pretty good one. We are back to a board quality recording on this one as well and I couldn’t be happier to hear it complete with sound check and everything! It’s Sue’s birthday, Trey’s future wife, so there seems to be a little extra gas in the tank tonight too. There were also lots of repeats from the last show’s set list.

Rift gets pushed to the opener spot tonight and its getting better, but still had some timing problems in it. Guelah was ok, but Mike had some troubles in the Fly part. Foam also had some messy spots and the recording level changed as the taper got settled in. They were just not locked in on this one. Sparkle was ok, pretty standard for this tour. Stash had some tiny off spots, but a good jam anyway. Bouncing was average. Ice had a few rough spots and some noise in the middle section. Most likely Trey and Mike were screwing around. Glide was good and had quite a long hold on the last glad. Maze rocked, but had really weak climaxes in both Page and Trey’s solos. Golgi was a solid closer to this first set and was nice and dynamic.

Jim opens up the second set and Trey blows the last verse by going right to the double chorus instead. It was not very smooth overall. Jim goes unfinished as Trey picks up the acoustic for My Friend, which was kind of sloppy, but had a funny Manteca ending on it. Poor Heart was also kind of sloppy, but good. Another Weigh, which I love, was pretty good. Then the Balls come out… Nice dedication to Sue before a better Ya Mar with a funny Mike screaming section at the end. YEM is pretty good overall and descends into a crazy jam with guest stars and sounds like Trey singing gibberish on the megaphone, some trombone and vacuum! The jam also had great guitar interplay from Trey and Jimmy and a great jazzy scat session from Oteil on bass. It was a great way to end the show tonight.

Grace was cut from the recording, but that’s fine. Cavern gets the call for the encore tonight and what a weird one with A-Train right in the middle? No idea what that was all about, but it’s freaking sweet! Fish almost didn’t make it back in for the rest of Cavern and Trey continues to struggle with the lyrics a bit. The walk out music was Unforgettable. Indeed!!!

This is actually a four-star performance because the heavy hitters like Foam, Stash, Maze and Jim were all weak. However, after further soul searching, I’ve got to move this up to five stars just for the YEM jam and the A-Train bust-out! I also loved the extra sound check portion of the recording. I can’t wait to hear tomorrow’s show!
Score: 3
TheEmu , attached to 1993-05-05 Permalink
TheEmu So the first set is pretty standard. Pretty well played, a decent Stash, ho hum. The second set, though...let's just say that it is a testament to the number of amazing Phish shows out there that this one made it so long as an unrated show. Let's start with a great Runaway Jim with a fantastic segue into a My Friend, My Friend that includes a Manteca detour. Freakin' awesome, and we're already at 4 star status. The Ya Mar is also most excellent, with Trey showing off some beautiful quiet soloing for Sue, along with Two Princes teasing.

The YEM -> Jam pegs the "Crazy-Ass YEM" Meter in the red and keeps it there. Amazing and stupendous, WTF?!?!? and OFF THE HOOK!! Trey (I think) jabbering on the megaphone at one point, whacked-out business from the Dude, great jamming with ARU...the YEM slam dunks this as a 5-Star show, and is itself a must-hear jam, IMHO. Seek this second set out!!
Score: 2
makisupaman , attached to 1993-05-05 Permalink
makisupaman I was not at this show, but it ranks as one of the best shows I have ever heard from this band. Like the notes say, this show is full of anomalies, perhaps the best of which is take the a train cavern sandwich. goto and get yourself a copy, the soundcheck is included and this shows is a smoker.
Score: 1
phearless , attached to 1993-05-05 Permalink
phearless I was obviously not at this show, considering I was not even 1 years old yet, but this is without a doubt a top 5 pre-95 phish show with highlights all over the setlist, coolest cavern ever? I think so with this one and the 7-13-94 and the Island Tour version in a very close 2nd and 3rd. Every phan should definitely hear this show, and at the very least the second set from this show.
Score: 0

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