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Link Wednesday, 04/04/1990
Quigley's, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

Set 1: GolgiGolgi Apparatus, YEMYou Enjoy Myself > Walk Away, 'A' TrainTake the 'A' Train, Possum, Foam, Rhombus Narration > DividedDivided Sky, Carolina

Set 2: Mike'sMike's Song > HydrogenI Am Hydrogen > WeekapaugWeekapaug Groove, Esther > Uncle Pen, SlothThe Sloth, LizardsThe Lizards, IDKI Didn't Know, GTBTGood Times Bad Times

Encore: Contact, Highway to Hell

· Theme from Popeye tease in You Enjoy Myself
· Theme from Woody Woodpecker tease in Take the 'A' Train
· Take the 'A' Train tease in Possum
· Wilson tease in Rhombus Narration

Average Song Gap: 5.05

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon

Notes: YEM contained a Popeye theme tease, 'A' Train included a Woody Woodpecker theme tease, 'A' Train was teased in Possum, and Wilson was teased in the Rhombus Narration. I Didn't Know was dedicated to "George" and the second verse of Contact was dedicated to "Eli" for his birthday.

Song Distribution:
6 Junta
3 The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday
2 The White Tape
1 Stash

Songs by Debut Year:

This show was part of the "1990 Tour."

kedrar , attached to 1990-04-04 Permalink
Awesome show at Quigley's. I was back in Philly getting my knee operated on, and I got to catch Phish at the 23 East cabaret in Ardmore Pa. the month before. I had just gotten back to Boulder, where I was in school at CU, and managed to catch this show. Couldn't convince anyone to blow off a major party to go with me, so I went alone. I met up with my buddies later and tried to convince them to go with me to JJ Mccabe's, which was the next night. Some other local band, possibly band du Jour, was playing, so they said "no."
Score: 0
jereandjess , attached to 1990-04-04 Permalink
I have a pic of a poster for this show that I saw on ebay or something quite a while ago. I believe Acoustic Junction also played at this show.
Score: 0
DemandOpener , attached to 1990-04-04 Permalink
DemandOpener There's really nothing that special about this show. Pretty typical for late 80's/early 90's Phish. Not to say there's anything wrong with it, but apart from an enjoyable early YEM, there's really not much to see here. I went with 2.5 stars because there's some slop in Foam and GTBT.
Score: 0

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