Halley's Comet

, comment by aisincl , attached to 1999-12-07
aisincl This is currently battling 12/28/17 No Man's for my all-time favorite Jam. It's so incredible, and really has three distinct amazing sections.

The continuation of the Type 1 Jam, then a nice quieter exploratory section, and then we close with Machine Gun blissful glory. Has a nice feel like the joyous closing stanza of the 12/16/99 Tweezer. Just a total, complete Jam if there ever was one.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 1999-12-07
n00b100 This baby's on my personal Mount Rushmore for all-time Set 1 jams (it's this, the 11/17/97 Ghost, the 8/9/04 Gin, and the 8/21/15 Gin, as of this writing); it's easily the equal of just about anything from 12/31/99, let alone the rest of the year. December '99 isn't their strongest tour, but jams like this make that entirely moot.
, comment by CreatureoftheNight , attached to 1999-12-07
CreatureoftheNight The review states "a different vibe around 20:30"
This is where I start the jam every time I listen to it. That's when the magic builds to one of the biggest peaks of the entire tour. A different vibe indeed!
, comment by Palmer , attached to 1999-12-07
Palmer Superhuman
Goosebumps worthy
My favorite all time jam that phish has ever performed. Please listen to this on headphones, loudly.
5 stars
, comment by metawhy , attached to 1998-11-11
metawhy Don't sleep on this monster of a jam!
, comment by zarathustraz , attached to 1998-07-10
zarathustraz To the best of my knowledge, the melody Trey finds towards the end of the Halley's jam will emerge at least two more times in '98. In Phish's next show in Portland, 7/15/98, their first American show of the tour, this melody will be integral to the jam that follows Horn; and we'll hear it again in the jam that follows NICU on 10/30/98. There may be other renditions of this melody, but those ones are for sure.
, comment by tiggerphish , attached to 1997-11-22
tiggerphish This was my very first HC, along with my first trip to the Mothership. An outstanding weekend, it is the best 3 day stretch of my life, period. The jam in this is amazing and seamless, with Trey working his magic on everything he did, from his fretwork to his mastery of the loop and it's integral part of this Fall run. The boys were like a well-oiled machine running on some power source from beyond our realm of existence this entire weekend, as it was nothing short of molten fire, and the jams flowed like lava from Mt. Phisherest, everyone's favorite volcano.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 1997-11-22
n00b100 It's funny that this jam never gets much recognition as one of the best jams ever, even though it's the cornerstone of the 2nd set of one of the best shows ever (I say it's *the* best, but that's me). But it's a really exceptional piece of business, downshifting right out of the gate into a quicksilver groove, building up into a Trey showcase (with a lot of help from Fish, who is on fire here), and then puddling into dreamy ambiance (much like the 10/20/13 Tweezer, which also finds its ending in a gauzy haze) in fine fashion. Pick nits all you want with 11/22/97 II, but I really don't think you can deny the power of this jam.
, comment by kipmat , attached to 1994-10-23
kipmat Very interesting segue - Fishman keeps the Bouncin' drum pattern going through the first minute of Halley's. Halley's is a tight version, and also features an abrupt jump into an otherwise great You Enjoy Myself. Given that Fall '94 shows were recorded on multitrack, I would love to hear the Bouncin'> Halley's> YEM sequence on a FTA show or Live Bait release!


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