Down with Disease

, comment by TweezingSpaceRanger , attached to 2017-12-30
TweezingSpaceRanger When Trey goes all in around the 19:40 mark (LP time) it's face melting time from there on out.
, comment by CreatureoftheNight , attached to 2017-12-30
CreatureoftheNight Exceptional in every way. One of those jams that sounds better with every listen.
, comment by phishphan1984 , attached to 2017-09-03
phishphan1984 Fishman on Marimba Lumina
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2016-10-30
n00b100 Disease had its usual very fine modern era year in 2016, if a bit overshadowed by dint of a) Light probably having an even better year and b) 2015 being one of Disease's all-time great years. Either this or 10/21's is my favorite of the year; this one makes for a killer 1-2 punch with BOAF.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2016-10-21
n00b100 Say what you want about the Marimba Lumina section (and I think it's fine, myself), but the sheer driving power of the first half of this jam should convince just about anyone of why people love this jam so much. More jams in E minor, please!
, comment by SidewayJill , attached to 2016-07-19
SidewayJill This "I dream of Jeannie" disease is absolutely insane. High energy and makes you sweat just sitting. This DWD is one of the greatest I've heard. Redhot all the way through with so many high points and a strong finish. Just ridiculous especially before and after the under pressure tease. Love love love love
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2016-01-17
n00b100 A very fine jam indeed, entering into a solid up-tempo groove once the "Shipwreck" samples start flying in and building to a nifty little peak. Not quite on the tier of 2015's best Diseases, but that's Miami and Dick's we're talking about, so it's not exactly a demerit to be a step behind those mammoth jams.
, comment by GoonieBuff , attached to 2015-09-06
GoonieBuff This jam puts a huge smile on my face every time I listen to it. I can't help it. This Dick's Disease was a big highlight of the 2015 run.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2015-09-06
n00b100 One of those jams where I recommend hitting up the AUD or the YouTube video over listening to the SBD, because when Trey hits the peak in the final two bars of this epochal jam, the crowd goes *ABSOLUTELY FUCKING BANANAS*. It's unbelievably heartening to hear. Said it before, I'll say it here - this is the jam, to me, that people say the 10/29/13 Disease is.
, comment by SidewayJill , attached to 2015-08-23
SidewayJill Absolutely in LOVE with this "I Dream of Jeannie" disease at Bill Graham. Definitely one of my favorite DWDs. Very high energy. It feeds my soul. Amazing all the way through. Ridiculous right before and after under pressure tease. Changed my life : )
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2015-08-05
n00b100 Do not dare skip this jam, which just roams all over the map in glorious fashion, even if you give the rest of the show a pass. A Disease that would stand out a lot more in a year without the Miami and Dick's versions hogging the spotlight.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2015-08-02
n00b100 If you had to hold my feet to the fire on what I consider the most underrated jam of the modern era, this might well be my answer - a strong, but somewhat mid-tier Disease, which is probably their finest modern era jam vehicle, from one of Phish's finest ever tours, in a year where you could practically throw a rock and hit a great Disease. Don't miss out on this one, is what I'm trying to say.
, comment by pikepredator , attached to 2015-01-03
pikepredator yeah I gotta agree. it's 100%, top-shelf, pure-strain phish. they hit some of those magic places that would sound right at home in '93, 97, '03, or '13. I can't think of a 3.0 disease that is more cohesive or satisfying. it's magical.
, comment by ckess22 , attached to 2015-01-03
ckess22 @cphish12 said:
Listened to this absolute glorious piece of music many times today and all I have to say is WOW. The groove the band settles into around the 10 minute mark and play upon for the nearly 8 minutes is pure phish: Dreamy, funky, and blissful; this is why phish is phish. The peak of this jam is just outrageous with Fish playing like he's goddamn General Patton and the Third Amy bulldozing throw Europe and Trey going full out rock-out-with-your-cock-out around the Manteca riff is just glorious. Highlight of 3.0, but more importantly a highlight of Phish's whole career. END RANT
Good metaphor. Patton...I like it
Best dwd since 2003...I wanna say since 12/31/99 - 1/1/00, but I won't go there yet (btw, that's an underrated dwd).
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2015-01-03
n00b100 What is so damn great and heartening about this jam isn't so much the length as it is the *confidence*, the fact that the band just sounds so comfortable running through each movement in the jam. Maybe that goes hand in hand with length, but I don't necessarily think that's the case; there's no shortage of confidence in the Went Gin, after all. But the exceptional chemistry on display here - the "composed" jam just comes *totally out of nowhere* - is what will keep me coming back, over and over and over. Disease is one of the true MVPs of 3.0, and I don't know if this is the DWD of 3.0 to beat, but it most definitely is A DWD of 3.0 to beat.
, comment by markah , attached to 2015-01-03
markah I am definitely hearing a Ghost jam around the 10-min mark, as well as Destiny Unbound style-jamming around 13-mins.

I am also definitely hearing myself listening to this jam another couple thousand times in 2015.
, comment by cphish12 , attached to 2015-01-03
cphish12 Listened to this absolute glorious piece of music many times today and all I have to say is WOW. The groove the band settles into around the 10 minute mark and play upon for the nearly 8 minutes is pure phish: Dreamy, funky, and blissful; this is why phish is phish. The peak of this jam is just outrageous with Fish playing like he's goddamn General Patton and the Third Amy bulldozing throw Europe and Trey going full out rock-out-with-your-cock-out around the Manteca riff is just glorious. Highlight of 3.0, but more importantly a highlight of Phish's whole career. END RANT
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2014-10-24
n00b100 Either this or the 8/5/11 Hood is my favorite jam that I've witnessed in person (yes, not a long list); I've described it as "weapons-grade nuclear", and that pretty much sums up the final section of this jam, where they turn on the afterburners and Trey reminds us that he used to *shred* (as opposed to what he does now, which is, um, not that). A really wonderful and somewhat underrated jam from a very fine show.
, comment by patper , attached to 2014-10-24
patper It's my most listened-to jam from this year by a lot. I get giggly every time I hear it. I love how WEIRD it gets, then turns around in awe-inspiring fashion. Trey and Mike go into some really wacky territory here, giving me that "oh no, will we get out of here in in one piece?" kind of psychedelic feeling. It settles down a bit which prompts Fishman to launch into a SERIOUS drumbeat, powerful and commanding and dirty as hell (is this the point when those ceiling lights I've heard about came on?). Trey sets a glorious chord progression and the band just takes off, blasting through the ceiling, the perfect juxtapositional energy to the weirdness from the earlier section of the jam. Oh my.


, comment by winebibbing , attached to 2014-10-24
winebibbing That "magnificent conclusion" sounds to me like the boys are going full on Poison "Nothin' But a Good Time" at the 14:00 mark before shutting it down. Just wondering if anyone else hears that or if it's me just wanting to hear Phish jam out on one of my favorites from childhood!
, comment by Hugh_Mongus , attached to 2014-08-30
Hugh_Mongus Really like how this DWD was finished. Sounds like a Tuesday tease @ 13:35 -13:50.
, comment by CreatureoftheNight , attached to 2014-08-01
CreatureoftheNight Deserving higher praise. This jam was so good, Phish released an official video: />
, comment by cmg348 , attached to 2014-07-11
cmg348 Serious hose. Sounds a lot like Fall '97, frankly.
, comment by ThomasFunkyEdison , attached to 2013-12-29
ThomasFunkyEdison One of my favorite versions. Different than the 97 funk rockers, this one offers a completely different take on the classic. I guess it helps that I was a few doses deep during this show...don't ya love when that happens?
, comment by itsice88 , attached to 2013-12-29
itsice88 Nice to see this jam get the "Highly Recommended" treatment. It definitely deserves it.
, comment by TheEmperorJoker , attached to 2013-12-29
TheEmperorJoker The word that comes to mind after 100 listens is TRIUMPHANT. The return to the DWD riff is gd triumphant.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2013-12-29
n00b100 Trey does love his returns to the DWD theme, as that riff is just too darn cool to leave alone (see 2/16/03, 12/11/97, 2/17/97, and so on), but to me this is somehow the most dramatic of them all. I think part of it is because he organically hits upon it, almost like a segue - he's playing a riff, then a more familiar riff, and suddenly it's DWD - and part of it is because of Page's refusal to drop into the DWD key even after the rest of the band has hit their usual marks, lending it an added tension most DWD reprises don't have. The rest of the jam is quite good, too, from that nifty chord sequence at the 9:00 mark to the amping up of energy before the reprise itself, but that final minute is what really pushes this bad boy over the top. 12/29/13 II will grow in reputation over the years, and this is the main reason why.
, comment by CameToPlay , attached to 2013-12-29
CameToPlay This is probably my favorite jam of 2013. Lots of space and separation and foreshadowing. Cerebral and almost linear. Not a lot of meandering, but never feels rushed. Sinks down into the abyss and then has nowhere to go but back up. Brilliant moment when Mike signals the end jam and Trey and Fish are all over it at the same time. And the triumphant return at the end is full of creativity and precision by Trey. Sounds simple, but isn't. Just efficient. Fine way to wrap up 2013.
, comment by CreatureoftheNight , attached to 2013-11-02
CreatureoftheNight DwD has so many great versions, it's easy for this one to get lost in the shuffle. Although it's not earth shattering, this show and the Disease keep me coming back for more. Starting around the 8 minute mark, the band slides back into the funk that had permeated the entire weekend. Familiar territory, but the band was unified and focused. 12-13 minutes gets into more soaring territory. This is when I gave buddies a few smiles of what was to come. 14 minutes is the climax and by 15 minutes we've come down softly to a gallop at 16 minutes and a smooth transition into Piper.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2013-10-29
n00b100 I still maintain that MSG's version is better, but it's better than I originally made it out to be - and what I originally made it out to be was a perfectly fine jam with 5 minutes of absolutely blissful hose at the end. The movement from minor-key darkness towards the major-key optimism that leads into That Five Minutes is quite nice, enough so that it justifies you listening to the whole jam instead of the part what everyone likes. A version this good is certainly worth noting, that is for sure.

Now who do I need to call about getting the green treatment for 12/29/13?
, comment by lumpblockclod , attached to 2013-10-29
lumpblockclod The whole version is quite good, especially beginning at 10:30 or so. But it's obviously the last 5 minutes that make this a legendary version. They're unfathomably good... among the best 5 minute stretches of any year.
, comment by CameToPlay , attached to 2013-10-29
CameToPlay Have listened to this one a bunch and did again today. I pretty much have the same opinion every time. The hose at the end is transcendent. Not just Trey, but the whole band. The rest of the jam is "ok". So does the end jam carry the whole song? I'd say yes. Either way, you can always just skip ahead to the 16:00 mark, and listen to 12/29 in totality since it is a better version....imo.
, comment by CreatureoftheNight , attached to 2013-08-05
CreatureoftheNight Absolutely gorgeous jam here that leaves the standard arena rock behind in a hurry for blissville and a great transition into My Friend, My Friend. Brief as it is, it also gives a preview of the HollyHood to come. Why isn't this version on the jamming chart?
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2011-06-03
n00b100 Imagine how much good music that has been played since June 3, 2011 for this jam - THIS jam - to have slid off the collective radar to the degree that it has. The "Acknowledgment" (shouts to @waxbanks) jam is one of those truly gripping moments from this, or any other, era of Phish.
, comment by spac_melt , attached to 2011-06-03
spac_melt This is the one. My absolute favorite jam of 3.0, and top 5 all time. The jam that begins around the 15 min mark, is incredibly similar to the 7/10/13 Crosseyed, and just smokes. And, of course the kinda sorta "Love Supreme" jam is maybe my favorite 5 minutes of Phish. This is, to my ears, THE best DWD of all time, and should be praised as such.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2009-08-14
n00b100 The Reba jam here is as utterly majestic as the why-did-you-do-that-Karen transition into Wilson is jarring and unfortunate. Ah, well, latching onto it at the end of what was a reasonably good plain ol' DWD jam is still more than enough reason to give this one a listen.
, comment by frankstallone , attached to 2003-12-30
frankstallone Love this DWD, the transition back into DWD proper is a spine tingler
, comment by CreatureoftheNight , attached to 2003-12-30
CreatureoftheNight In the moment, I lauded the highest praise for this version. It still holds up today. Quite an emotional solo from Trey. Remember when they used to finish Disease?
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2003-02-16
n00b100 The actual Disease proper isn't a world-beater or anything, but it serves as the starting point to one of my favorite 2.0 sets.
, comment by Pinhead_Larry , attached to 2000-06-10
Pinhead_Larry Just trying out the new feature here on the jam charts. This has got to be one of my favorite DwD's ever. Hell, most big "jam vehicles" are great in the year 2000 (RCMH Ghost, Fukuoka Twist, hell, even Suzy G got some love at Darien.), but this takes the ambient jamming style to a whole new level. Great band interplay, love the hose to this one. I can't remember or pick out specific parts, but as a whole, it doesn't get much better than this.

Most of the Japan shows, regardless of high or lower ratings, have at least one highlight, but this show (I think in the 3.5-ish range) has this amazing show opener, and a roaring Piper in the same vain (though a bit more "rocking" ;) . That's enough for me to give this show a solid 4. But seriously, this Disease is worth it.

Highly recommended for anyone who's into the patient jamming of late '90's-'00's.
, comment by Lando_Lizards , attached to 1998-11-13
Lando_Lizards Fantastic DWD that rages to a peak before switching gears and patiently working its way back to finish the song.
, comment by festine , attached to 1998-08-16
festine Does anyone else hear 46 days in the funk jam? Listened yesterday and I forgot which show I put on, and for a minute I thought it was segueing into 46 days.
, comment by bl002e , attached to 1997-12-11
bl002e Clipped from "Phish Destroys Rochester" (


As I’m liable to drone on for longer than it would take to listen to this twenty-minute masterpiece, here’s a list of its highlights:

• From the start of the jam section until about ten minutes in, this is Trey’s song, to do with as he pleases. Absolute filth pours out from his Languedoc. Check out around the 6:32 to 7:00 mark for a representative piece.

• Page stakes a claim in determining this jam’s direction at around 10:25 in. Over the next minute or so, the band does a masterful job of plotting a descent course from where they started. Seatbelts are optional – this is a turbulence-free ride.

• Trey’s lick at 11:55 is gorgeous, with another to come at 12:45. In between, all four members create a huge amount of space to build on top of.

• The next few minutes showcases what I love about this jam – the band’s ability to compose on the fly. While they explore a few different thematic directions, they simultaneously start locking into a tighter groove.

• Fishman’s fill at around 14:41 is rhythmically echoed by Page at 14:52, followed immediately by Trey landing onto the jam’s final theme.

• An absolutely inspired riff by Trey at 15:48, which has given me instant goose bumps each of the approximately five billion times I’ve listened to this. The theme continues until about the 17:24 mark, at which point it stops on a dime. A very unique ending to a very uniq—

• Never mind! Twenty-eight seconds later, we’re right back into where they stopped. They build it back up over the next two minutes, smoothly transition into a fiery “Maze”.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m a fan of this “Disease”.
, comment by RunawayJim4180 , attached to 1997-08-17
RunawayJim4180 Good lord what a DWD! And to think it flows into the Bathtub Gin to end all Gins...followed by an amazing 2001 and then the Hood! Best set ever?
, comment by TweezingSpaceRanger , attached to 1995-06-26
TweezingSpaceRanger Probably the darkest, nastiest, and most psychedelic DWD I've ever heard. The jam begins with intense, skull-rattling energy that does not let up for a second. I swear there is almost a sped up Tweezer tease from Page early on in the jam. The segue into Free is butter. Must hear.
, comment by _Jemp_ , attached to 1993-12-31
_Jemp_ I was 22years old and this was my 3rd or 4th Phish show
I liked Phish but I had no idea at the time what a long and strange trip it would be.
I remember clearly feeling like I was walking in early only to hear the beginning of that blistering Llama as I got in the venue.
The stage was like nothing I've ever seen before looking like a broken fish tank. Fish swimming over the band and a giant glitter belching clam.. Being a Zappa fan The peaches en regalia made my jaw hit the floor. But that DWD tho .. That bassline was so thick and round, pure joy
I love listening to this show as I feel it was a turning point for the boys
Here's to another 30 years
, comment by pHscale , attached to 1993-12-31
pHscale F'ing right @fluffhead108. masterful machinegunnery.
, comment by fluffhead108 , attached to 1993-12-31
fluffhead108 So. F'ing. Good.
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