Divided Sky

, comment by mcquinn , attached to 2019-06-19
mcquinn First time seeing Phish in 15 years and I think this was the point I settled in. One of the five best songs perhaps.
, comment by TweezingSpaceRanger , attached to 2015-08-22
TweezingSpaceRanger I just want to point out that it had been a pretty cloudy day up until Phish took the stage. I remember that during Divided Sky the clouds opened up and let the sun come through. It made for a perfect start to this incredible day of music. Especially with the insane amount of beach balls and a giant inflatable whale being tossed around in the crowd. Oh, and this version of Divided Sky is worth a listen too!
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2014-10-24
n00b100 I don't have a ton of attendance bias towards the four (as of this writing) shows I've been to, but I think this is a pretty darn sweet version and I'd petition for it to make it on the chart. Y'know, if I still did stuff like that anymore.
, comment by Kriddaz , attached to 2003-07-10
Kriddaz Agreed, I went to both nights and am sad that 7/9 has such low ratings. There was some awesome energy that night. Then again I was also in the lower 102 section for the first time EVER at Shoreline.

I just came here while listening to this Divided Sky, specifically to see if there were any DEG comments.
, comment by ucpete , attached to 2003-07-10
ucpete Trey's playing in this version is so different and inspired. The description has it right -- his playing does have a staccato-DEG vibe to it, and the rest of the band follows suit. It's hose jamming, but "muted hose" if you will -- reminiscent of the quieter sections from early '90s Foams. Among the greatest Divided Sky renditions ever, and easily the best I was lucky enough to see. While the previous night is ridiculously underrated, this Divided Sky is the lone star from an otherwise sub-par night.
, comment by findyourcity , attached to 1996-08-13
findyourcity Absolutely scorching right out the gate, but not just rote stuff, some highly creative licks and phrasing from Trey too on top of that epic crunchy '96 tone. Of course this is a whole band masterpiece, you can listen while focusing on any one of the guys and you'll be thoroughly blown away. One of my favorite openings to a show and an easy top 5 show all time for me. Check out the second set Mike's > Lifeboy if you haven't yet, my favorite Mike's for sure... but what can you say about Divided Sky Tube Tela Maze opener. Those were the daze my friends!
, comment by kipmat , attached to 1995-10-05
kipmat Just about every version of Divided Sky features an inspired, and inspiring, Trey solo at the peak, but he really nails this one. The 'doc sounds like it is soaring above the Himalayas.
, comment by kipmat , attached to 1994-12-07
kipmat This version might be the only time that there was actually silence during the "pause" in Phish history. Starting at 5:12, there's the usual cheering for about 15 seconds, then there's a few "woo"s and plenty of shushing, but eventually there are five solid seconds of nothing (or maybe just quiet murmuring) prior to Trey playing the note at 5:55. Then there's another nice long pause before Fish hits the cymbal cue to bring the band back in. Pretty amazing, in a way.
, comment by curtiss , attached to 1994-10-31
curtiss Word!
, comment by Bowie_HiHat_Intro , attached to 1994-10-31
Bowie_HiHat_Intro Easily the greatest version of this song ever performed. Blows any other version out of the water in comparison. This is the song that pulled me in to the Phish kingdom and will always be held in a special place in my heart.
, comment by kipmat , attached to 1991-11-01
kipmat Nothing too crazy here, but the solo section makes the most of instrumental balance in the soundboard mix. The combination of Trey's tube screamer guitar solo and Page's pull-out-the-stops Hammond B-3 work bring this version to a fist-pumping peak.


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