The end of Bowie contained Lizards, Possum, and Divided Sky teases from Trey. This show marked the Phish debut of I Get a Kick Out of You.
Jam Chart Versions
The Lizards, Possum, and Divided Sky teases in David Bowie
Debut Years (Average: 1992)

This show was part of the "1998 Summer U.S. Tour"

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, attached to 1998-08-02

Review by Victor_Cleave

Victor_Cleave At 14 years old this was only my 3rd rock concert (behind Kiss and Ozzfest) and my first ever Phish show!
I had an uncle who very much lamented never taking me to see a Dead show, so he jumped at the opportunity to introduce me to Phish.
I was not very familiar with most of the music at the time, but a few things captivated me and set me down the path.
First off, I listened to TONS of Sinatra as a boy so I was totally stoked about the I Get a Kick Out of You.
Second, the whole atmosphere was obviously something I had never experienced before.
Looking back I realize just how epic this show was!
Got Divided Sky, Reba, Ghost, Bowie, and Hood for my first time!
Only years later would I realize how rare that is.
, attached to 1998-08-02

Review by MiguelSanchez

MiguelSanchez this is a good fun show. roggae through you better believe it baby stays a little mellow but well-played. boogie on really gets the crowd grooving, and this is my favorite reba of '98. very good version. try is right on point. weigh is a nice treat, and the "new tune" birds of a feather closes this set down in style.

the set opening possum is a doozy. they really take this one all the way out there before storming back. this ghost and the jam the ensues have a nice dark/funky feel. it is nice and explorative before petering out into life boy. trey plays very well on david bowie. plus, they throw a whole bunch of nice little teases on the back end of this one. outside of a debut of "i get a kick out of you," the rest of this show ends end good but standard fashion. harry hood is nice, and bittersweet motel is a little bonus. good show.

set 1:

roggae, boogie on reggae woman, reba

set 2:
possum, ghost, david bowie
, attached to 1998-08-02

Review by Logan

Logan This was my first Phish concert and I had no idea how great the show was that I was seeing at the time. I remember being slightly bummed that they opened with Roggae, a slow song I didn't know back then, but now it's one of my favorites. THIS circus is the place for me...

My first Divided Sky is still the best version I've heard in person, but it's certainly nowhere near contention for one of the greatest ever. Still, it's special to me.

I also remember being excited to hear Weigh and
David Bowie at my first show.

Besides the song selection and excellent all around playing from the band, I remember that my friends and I rode in the bed of a pickup truck before the show. We caught a hitch near the farm where we were camping down the road to Deer Creek (back when Deer Creek was still surrounded by cornfields on all sides). Actually, a lot of fans were catching rides in pickups that day, but I bet the local farmers liked helping all the hippies.

Also, one of my neighbors at the show had duct taped a glass pipe to his leg beneath his patchwork pants to get it inside the venue. He was slightly perturbed that he wasn't patted down by security but only because he then had to unnecessarily rip off a ton of his leg hair on the lawn.

Well, that's the gist of what I remember from 23 years ago. Ah, I miss 90's Deer Creek.
, attached to 1998-08-02

Review by dr32timmymeat

dr32timmymeat Lifeboy has a really interesting uproar from the crowd deep in the song, in the climactic final choruses. Maybe there were glow sticks flying around? Maybe someone ran on stage? Or maybe the crowd was just legitimately moved by this early-era tune being played to a T.

Whatever the hoopla was about, it's not a normal end of song ovation.

Lifeboy rightfully doesn't get that much fanfare... it's not that great of a song. But this version is particularly on-point and the crowd gets real lathered up during it.
, attached to 1998-08-02

Review by Looking4Owls

Looking4Owls You NEED to listen to set II! Superb. Possum and Ghost are fantastic. I love the Sinatra!
, attached to 1998-08-02

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround PHISH, SUNDAY 08/02/1998
Noblesville, IN

SET 1:

Roggae: Standard.

Divided Sky: An absolutely phenomenal rendition! Trey delivers an outstanding performance, showcasing his exceptional talent. The inclusion of massive trills at a certain juncture ignites tremendous enthusiasm among the audience. It's evident that Trey approached this piece with immense passion and energy, resulting in a flawless execution that truly captivates the audience. Would recommend.

The Horse: Standard. >

Silent in the Morning: Standard. >

You Better Believe It Baby:

Boogie On Reggae Woman: LOL at this being a jamcharts version. It is basically a standard version with a short, fairly benign jam. >

Reba: The climax in this one is sort of all over the place. Trey playing a million notes and Page seems like he is sort of flying off the handle too.

Weigh: Standard. >

Birds of a Feather: Trey does this one justice. Yes it’s short but he makes that doc scream a number of times.

SET 2:

Possum: Page's virtuosity on the B-3 organ was nothing short of extraordinary, as he skillfully navigated the keys, delivering layers of rich and soulful tones. Fantastic synergy between Mike and Trey - nothing short of breathtaking. The segue to "Ghost" served as the perfect transition, injecting a fresh and invigorating twist into the set. Would recommend!

Ghost: Trey takes the lead from the outset, commanding the spotlight with unwavering presence. However, Page doesn't linger in the background; he skillfully maneuvers to share the forefront, creating a dynamic interplay between their instruments. The collaboration between Trey and Page is seamless, as they engage in a captivating dance for musical dominance. As the performance progresses, the last 4 and a half minutes introduce a unique twist, veering into a herky-jerky and funky terrain. The duo maintains an electrifying energy, infusing the composition with unexpected rhythmic shifts and vibrant textures. Yet, the conclusion takes an intriguing turn, gradually fading into an enigmatic nothingness that leaves the listener in contemplative awe. The journey from fervent collaboration to subtle dissolution adds an element of mystery to the musical narrative, creating a memorable and thought-provoking experience. Would recommend! >

Lifeboy: Well-deserved breather. Crowd seems to go nuts for this one. >

David Bowie: Not only does the band play with precision and skill, but they also treat the audience to a delightful array of clever teases in the latter part of the rendition. These subtle nods add an extra layer of excitement and musical depth to a fairly standard version otherwise.

I Get a Kick Out of You[1] - Phish playing Sinatra, nice. This was the debut, and they would only play it one more time at 11.9.98.

Loving Cup: Standard.


Harry Hood: Solid yet unspectacular. >

Bittersweet Motel: Standard.

Summary: A commendable and proficient performance, though it may not reach the heights of spectacularity. The execution is solid, showcasing a reliable and steady delivery without necessarily venturing into extraordinary territory. While the current rating stands at 4.32/5, a more nuanced evaluation might settle around 4/5.

Replay Value: Divided Sky, Possum, Ghost

[1] Phish debut.

The end of Bowie contained Lizards, Possum, and Divided Sky teases from Trey. This show marked the Phish debut of I Get a Kick Out of You.
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Overall: 4.322/5 (>50 ratings)
Boogie On Reggae Woman, Possum, Ghost
The Lizards, Possum, and Divided Sky teases in David Bowie
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