Julius contained a Buried Alive tease and Possum contained DEG and Johnny B. Goode teases from Trey. Mike's Song included a theme from Star Trek tease from Page. Weekapaug and Suzy Greenberg were unfinished. Suzy contained Crossroads and Sunshine of Your Love teases. Crossroads was subsequently played for the first time since May 8, 1993 (198 shows).
Jam Chart Versions
Buried Alive tease in Julius, Dave's Energy Guide and Johnny B. Goode teases in Possum, Theme from Star Trek tease in Mike's Song, Crossroads and Sunshine of Your Love teases in Suzy Greenberg
Debut Years (Average: 1990)

This show was part of the "1995 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1995-10-11

Review by Man_From_Mars

Man_From_Mars While I was not looking forward to the 1,200+ mile journey from Missoula to Phoenix before fall tour started, that drive is still to this day my most epic road trip between shows. We camped in Montana after the show and woke up to some frigid temperatures. We drove all day. We were a couple hours south of Salt Lake City in the early evening when we determined we could check out Bryce Canyon with a bright full moon and make it to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon for sunrise.

Bryce Canyon was absolutely stunning. At that time of night nobody was there; no RVs, no tour groups, and no kids running around screaming. We took full advantage and walked around where you wouldn’t get away with walking during the day. The light from the moon lit up the hoodoos in spectacular fashion. We stayed as long as we could before getting back on the road toward the North Rim.

The approach to the Grand Canyon from the north is interesting. You drive through a forest for about an hour right into the parking lot and can’t tell there is an epic canyon steps away due to the trees. We quickly departed the car and found a path to a rocky point where a few others were perched. We found a spot above the path and settled in to watch the creeping daylight slowly illuminate the colors of the canyon walls. Eventually the sun came up over the eastern rim. Truly breathtaking!! We stumbled upon the North Rim Lodge for an equally epic breakfast while overlooking the canyon. We got back into the car and completed the 6-hour drive to Phoenix still on a day off :)

Compton Terrace was the fifth and final outdoor show of fall tour. The general admission venue allowed us to get up real close. Stash opened the first set to my surprise; only the 2nd time that had happened. Clearly after two days off Phish was itching to get back at it. Things start off innocently enough, strong interplay between everyone. Trey takes the lead and they are heading in a direction not seen this tour at the 11th show on the 11th day of October. A driving yet patient jam ensues until Trey decides to raise the bar yet again. Whoa! Nothing like some non-stop high-octane booty-shaking Phish to start the show, a full band assault right until the ending. Oh yeah!

Trey thanks the crowd and says “that last song was live in concert. And we would like to play this next song, live in concert.” We started cracking up because we heard a local Phoenix deejay say this repeatedly, and seriously, on Phoenix's classic rock station just the day before. They were playing tracks from A Live One, which was released earlier that year in June, to promote the show that wasn’t sold out. The band must have heard it as well. Too funny!

The Old Home Place (26 show gap) was another unexpected yet perfectly placed song. Good Phish, good times; the crowd is pumped! Cavern punches in from the ending and is played rather strongly. Cavern’s ending gets spaced out before dropping into Divided Sky. This version is inspired and pulls at all the right cords. It feels pretty good, and the energy is electric.

If I Could probably wasn’t what the crowd really wanted but it worked in the end as it always does. Interestingly, Trey lays back on this version and lets Page take lead. The Fog That Surrounds follows and now Trey is alternating lyrics with Fishman. Trey goes off in the jam and it’s quite different from prior versions; check it out!!

Everyone deserves an Acoustic Army this tour. Afterward, Trey says “that song was featuring Mr. Henrietta, on the lead guitar, live in concert.” Trey starts Julius and the crowd starts clapping along. Trey is at his finest for his solo; don’t sleep on this Julius! Sample In A Jar closes the 70+ minute set in rocking fashion! “We’ll be back in 15 minutes!” Sure you will ;)

This 2nd set is must hear Phish; actually the whole show is. Trey says “on behalf of the band, we’d like to thank you for making that move” and immediately starts Possum, the 3rd of tour. The intro is extremely playful as is the jam. It doesn’t take long for the band to bring the heat. Trey amps up the intensity with some fine picking. Watch out for Dave’s energy guide! Trey jumps on his percussion rack briefly as he holds a note; impressive. Next thing you know, he’s ripping it up and dropping a Johnny B. Goode tease before closing the song in a maniacal manner. Top notch Possum!

Trey immediately starts Bathtub Gin, a song played sparsely the past year. A crazy jam ensues with odd time signatures and interweaving playing. The theme returns and one might think they are going to wrap it up. That’s not the case as they jump back into the ether. They quiet down the mood before hinting at Weekapaug. They wrap it up by returning to the theme prior to the sudden ending. Mound takes off next and maintains the Phish vibe. Excellent choice! “No one knows how far he’s traveled!” from Montana to Arizona ;)

Mike’s Song (7 show gap) is long overdue and only the 2nd of the tour. The first jam is fantastically fierce while the second jam seems like it could get crazy but the tempo suddenly drops and we find ourselves exploring the cosmos complete with a Star Trek tease by Page. They plod along until McGrupp And The Watchful Hosemasters (24 show gap) emerges from the spaciness. The perfect bust out for the first time in the middle of Mike’s groove. It is sung tenderly as the band plays along ever so quietly. The composed section is spot on and then Page takes over with some excellent chops before the rock solid ending. Weekapaug Groove emerges from the space and cruises along at a fast pace. They tease Llama briefly before taking it to the next level where Page shines for a while until...

Trey interjects Llama, the 2nd of tour, and it sticks to the script for the most part and solidly rocks out. Suzy Greenberg keeps the energy flowing and the Sunshine of Your Love and Crossroads teases are very nice. Page scats for a little bit before focusing on his solo. One more Sunshine Of Your Love tease for good measure before the closing chorus which quickly gets abandoned for the 2nd Crossroads (LTP 5/8/93) to date. This version is smokin’ hot!

Hello My Baby is the first breather after 70+ mins of top notch rock and roll. A Day In The Life is a pleasure to listen to and a terrific show stopper to conclude the 2nd set. Great lights! Chalk Dust Torture gives the band one last chance to shred before another day off.

We’re one and done in Arizona. We use the day off to drive the 1,000+ miles to Fort Worth, Texas to start a three night run on Friday the 13th that concludes with two nights at the Austin Music Hall.

“No one knows how far he’s traveled!”

Worthy of a listen: Stash, Divided Sky, If I Could, The Fog That Surrounds, Julius, The Entire 2nd Set!! Both sets if you enjoy listening to a well played two set Phish show!

, attached to 1995-10-11

Review by Mikesgroover

Mikesgroover The 14-minute Stash openr never gets mentioned but is certainly a must hear version. Trey jokes after it's over, "That last song was 'Live in Concert.'" The "Live in Concert" joke is repeated throughout the first set. Despite a solid Divided Sky and Fog that Surrounds, there's nothing else in the first set that reaches the heights of this Stash.

Second set opens with an extremely strong, high energy Possum. Mike’s is typically solid for the era, with some spacey weirdness around the nine minute mark. McGrupp is such a great interlude during Mike's, a reminder of how well they used to play this song and how much cooler it was when Mike’s “sandwiches” contained a wider variety of meat. A gentle McGrupp spaces out back into Weekapaug. They tease Llama once in the middle of the Paug before actually going into it, never wrapping up the Paug.

The Sunshine of Your Love teases are very pronounced in this Suzy. In one of the weirdest segues I’ve ever heard, Trey just abandons the last Suzy chorus after Fish’s scream to go straight into Crossroads for the second time ever, to the surprise of the band and the crowd. Not sure why Crossroads was dropped completely after '98.

A solid fall '95 show, with a really excellent Stash and interesting Mike's.
, attached to 1995-10-11

Review by Rabbi_Lipschitz

Rabbi_Lipschitz This is THE show that hooked me for life!! Great venue. Great memories. I can still visually recall Trey pointing to a girl up front with a Bathtub Gin sign which they promptly launched into. I thought that was the coolest thing (more a comment than a review).

Thank you
, attached to 1995-10-11

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround SET 1: Stash: What an amazing opener! This had opened a show once before up until this show: 3.24.92. This Stash smokes! Trey after the song is over, “that last song was live in concert. And we would like to play this next song, live in concert.” Totally jamcharts worthy.

The Old Home Place: Standard. >

Cavern: This type of placement had not been seen since Big Birch 7.13.94, so this certainly bodes well for this show. >

Divided Sky: Little different than your run of the mill version. Check it out as it is not only unique but rips.

If I Could: Gorgeous.

The Fog That Surrounds: Trey and Fish trade off on lyrics. I believe this was a first. Interesting how Trey picks away at the peak of this jam. Unique.

Acoustic Army: Mr. Henrietta on lead guitar, live in concert – Trey

Julius: Cool Buried Alive tease in here. Trey is at the height of his powers as he just tears this song to pieces.

Sample in a Jar: Standard.

First set summary: Killer first set! All time Stash and Divided Sky, they are always versions I point to when discussions come up about those two tunes, especially Stash dark horse type conversations.

SET 2: Possum: Trey RE chess match: On behalf of the band we’d like to thank you for making that move. This one gets a little evil/minor chord jam. Bit intense. Great jam! >

Bathtub Gin: Besides the Murat, this is version is one that really grabbed me back in the day. Trey even employs some loops early on in the jam! I like how in the last three minutes it gets chill and then Trey starts messing around with Weekapaug. Awesome version!

Mound: Standard.

Mike's Song: Awesome version and has some length to it clocking in at over 12 minutes. This one gets way out into space with some loops and other effects employed. This Mike’s has some real mind-bending potential. At the very end Trey is vocalizing along with the theme they have built, no lyrics just kind of singing along to it and this melts perfectly into ->

McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters: Page sounds amazing in this one on the baby grand. >

Weekapaug Groove -> Llama: ‘Paug is standard but the segue into Llama is incredible!

Suzy Greenberg -> Crossroads: The Sunshine of your Love stuff in Suzy is unreal, first Trey and then Page explodes with it on the baby grand. Legendary. When Suzy should go into the Fish scream, they instead hit the eject button for Crossroads. Sloppy, but whatever. This is a huge bustout and just second time played, gap is 197 shows from 5.8.93. Trey blows this out of the water. Machine Gun Trey.

Hello My Baby, A Day in the Life. ENCORE: Chalk Dust Torture: Standard

Second set summary: I have listened to this show many times over the years but every time I go back to it, I get blown away all over again. They are masters of their domain at the heigh of their powers. Possum is great, Gin and Mike’s are amazing. The segueing previously mentioned are unreal. This show has it all and I would gladly rate this as a 4.5 out of 5. It is one of the best shows of this tour, from one of their best tours ever. This show is a must listen for any Phish fan.
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