Chalk Dust included a Walk This Way tease. Sneakin' Sally did not contain a vocal jam. Trey teased Rift before the start of the second set. Character Zero ended with a slow jam where Trey quoted the lyrics to Fast Enough for You.

Jam Chart Versions
Walk This Way tease in Chalk Dust Torture, Fast Enough for You quote in Character Zero, Rift tease
Debut Years (Average: 1992)

This show was part of the "2000 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2000-10-05

Review by DollarBill

DollarBill This is a nice, average, almost end of tour show from the fall of 2000. Pretty good playing overall, but nothing really stood out to my ears as being significantly better than average.

First set opens with a nice Chalk Dust, good, but not great. Guyute was good though it had some off parts from Mike. Wolfman’s was good and had a nice transition jam into a Sally, which was a little rusty sounding. Limb was good and maybe the highlight of the set? This was the second and last performance of the Go Downtown song and it sounded like Page and Mike were not ready for Trey to jump into this one. I guess Trey tried to make it up to them by giving them both solos in a reasonably solid Beauty of my Dreams. Axilla, Horn and Possum round out a good, solid first set, and were all well played, but just average performances at best.

Mike gets the call to open the second set with a good rendition of Drowned. Then Trey leads them through a nice transition into NICU, but his timing is kind of off in the first verse and it just kind of came out weak over all. It was a bummer for me to hear because it’s one of my favorite songs. Bowie also started off kind of weak to me, but the jam is pretty good and makes up for the first part. Halley’s, Walk Away and Piper were all well played, but just average for this time period and tour, nothing too special to my ears. Zero followed suit in being average and included an awkward ending with the FEFY refrain lyrics? Not sure what that was all about, and it made for a very strange ending to an average or below second set.

Guitar Gently Weeps was also pretty average to my ears and sounded a little tired, but they were approaching the end of the tour, and the end of an era in their careers. And most likely… they were very tired. This is pure speculation on my part, of course.

Anyways, not a bad show, just not five star material in my book. I’ll go with three stars, as it seemed purely average for this tour. If second set had more “X-factor” it could easily have been a four star show.
, attached to 2000-10-05

Review by The__Van

The__Van What will show 2 in the final run give us? Some surprisingly good segues and an atypical Zero?

Chalk Dust opens the show with a fun little Walk This Way tease. Guyute is well played and is a fine choice for the 2nd song. Wolfman's gets into some cool funk rock and has a super slick turn-on-a-dime segue into Sneakin' Sally. Good stuff. But beyond that, the set doesn't have much else to offer. LxL through Possum is played very standard with nothing to distinguish from other versions of these songs on this tour alone.

Drowned starts up the 2nd set and I'm immediately expecting another 9/14. Of course while it's not stretched out to those epic proportions, it does offer an interesting jam. It starts off with a standard type 1 jam but slowly begins to morph into something like a 2.0 jam. Fish and Trey are totally in sync. The tempo begins to pick up as the intensity increases and all I'm feeling is 2.0. The jam stays in a pretty solid groove for a few minutes before a surprising and well executed segue to NICU. This NICU is played well.

Bowie up next gets a spacey intro without Fish’s regular drumbeat. The jam proper starts off standard fare but eventually works its way to a cool major mode section that rocks for a bit before returning home. Definitely worth a listen. Halley’s gets a short outro as Trey starts up the Walk Away riff for a ’00 segue favorite. I’m a little sour on this Piper. It’s really felling like they have run out of ideas for this in the same way as Sand. I guess it’s a well played jam but it’s territory I’ve heard time and time again on this tour already. Zero seems like it would be a standard set closer with Trey starting off a typical blistering solo (with a 2.0 sounding guitar tone). But Trey is dragging. Every few bars he pulls the tempo back a little more. He pulls it down to super slow sludginess and starts singing FEFY lyrics. It’s weird but not in a good way. WMGGW brings the show to a close.

Stick around for the segues and Drowned through Bowie. The rest of the show had me bored.
, attached to 2000-10-05

Review by Abe_Froman

Abe_Froman A pretty solid show, until....which I'll get to in a second.

Really nice opening sequence of Chalk Dust through Limb by Limb. Also, maybe I'm just projecting because of the show's location, but was Trey playing some surf rock guitar in Possum? Like some Beach Boys/Dick Dale power chords? Maybe that's just me.

Very good Drowned to open second set, and I think the Bowie is the highlight of the show. There are legit SERENE moments in here, very soft parts that I really enjoy. And finishes like Bowie should be finished.

So, the rest of the story. Piper>Character Zero. It feels like they just don't know where to go with this Piper. It's has the makings of many other 2000 versions, with some frenetic stuff, some groove in other parts, but it's pretty messy to me, the band just does not feel hooked up. Maybe Trey recognized this disconnect, maybe not, but then he calls for Character Zero, and ok, the set's gotta end sometime, but this thing just bottoms out, and then the Fast Enough for You quotes? It's not fair for the last 20 minutes of a show to color your entire opinion of two and a half hours of music, but that was just ODD, and left me with a strange kind of feeling.

Guitar Gently Weeps is played pretty passionately and helps to redeem the show for the most part, but yeah, that ending was jarring, to me anyway. (Check out the Bowie.) On to Shoreline, two to go.
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