Nellie Kane was played for the first time since July 1, 2000 (137 shows). Before Meat, Trey announced (in a reference to Meat's lyrics) that Mike had changed his name and is now "The Artist Formerly Known as Cactus" and "The Artist Presently Known as Prince."  Subsequently, during Meat, Trey introduced Mike as "Prince" and Fish as "Prince's alter ego on the drums, 'Princess.'" Free Bird was played for the first time since June 22, 2000 (144 shows) and was performed a cappella for the first time since December 29, 1998 (223 shows).
Debut Years (Average: 1994)

This show was part of the "2009 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2009-11-29

Review by Thaddyd

Thaddyd I happened to be in Portland on a business trip. When I checked in to my hotel I saw lots of people looking like they were going to a show. When I asked someone, they told me that Phish was playing only a few blocks away but of course the show was sold out. I have always been a big Dead fan but had never gotten the chance to see Phish. I went and scored a floor ticket outside the Civic Center. WOW. What an incredible show. They were fantastic. Phish is now on my list of bands to see whenever I can.
, attached to 2009-11-29

Review by tydyvision

tydyvision Thought I might add a review to what is still one of my favorite shows of the 3.0 era, all these many months later.
Awesome little venue, the sort of tiny New England multi-purpose arena that finds its niche when hosting a baseball card convention or Tupperware General Assembly but really earns its stripes when the Phish comes to town.
The band's history practically drips from the rafters here and they seemed to be feeling it this late night in November. It served to be a perfect warm up show for the MSG run around the corner but is in no way a door mat to those shows musically.
Nestled into the quaint little town of Portland, the "Quad C" as I've taken to calling it, is an easy access venue and I had the entrance scoped out well prior to showtime. This allowed me plenty of time to check out the town and its watering holes before I had to be back to get a good spot in line. And did I ever? I was about the tenth in line to enter and from there it was a straight up sprint to the GA front row. I had to choose between Mike and Trey side...a tough decision for some but I'd been dying to feel Mike's bass bombs wreak havoc for months, so I knew my spot would be on the rail right in front of Gordeaux.
I was standing right next to a guy with a little orange sign with glitter letters that said, simply, 'Weigh'. Trey came out, all smiles, and sort of panned his gaze through the front row.
He mouthed the word, "weigh?" to the guy as sort of a question to which the dude simply nodded.
He got his Weigh.
I had on the Antelope's Jersey which Mike seemed to stare at blankly with passionate interest. (Hey there, Mike. What's up? You looking at my shirt there?)
Whole set was a Mike fiasco.
I chose well.
Mike became a Prince this night.
The Meat and Undermind were the clear set highlights. Meat had been M.I.A. for far too long and Undermind was great to hear live. Of course, Nellie Kane was hot and hadn't been played since I last saw it live, a cool connection.
This happened a few times in 3.0 for me.
Most recently with the Manchester Song I heard the Ocean Sing and, more outlandishly, After Midnight.
The second set in Portland is one that I still have dreams about.
Enough about me.
Moma continued the thick atmosphere out of the break (*ting!*) but from there the show just happened in a big way.
Rock and Roll was played for another cat's sign and raged well into the still infant Light.
Crimes of the Mind took the crowd a stanza to place but was well received. Great tune. Lots of >'s...Pebbles was hot and long overdo and 2001 was raucous. Fish owned this one.
Portland was very much to me a defining show in that this (including MSG '09) was the first time that I started to notice the new, concise jamming that would become the 'sound' of 3.0.
All of these songs had it, especially this 2001. Power-packed. Nothing missing. Pocket Einstein shit!
Then the closer/closer fakeout of Golgi and Cavern led us into the beast of the second set, as it should be-
Antelope was bliss.
This one had it all and should be checked out by any serious 'Lope fan at all costs, as well as it's twin at the next show in NYC. Crystally accurate, fun, loud and unbridled...this Antelope was one for the books and was nailed.
The encore basically served to let us all know they'd had as much fun as we'd had. Freebird was so sweet sounding to someone who had recently been calling for acapella Freebird. Too much.
Carini opened up the pores again one last time and they let us slide down into the night in style with Waste.

All in all, Portland may have been the perfect show.
It's certainly one that should be in any collection and could be relistened to on the reg.
See you on the NYE run '10!
FWIW, neems.
, attached to 2009-11-29

Review by Mr_Miner

Mr_Miner Waxbanks, your all wet. That was an outstanding stepping back in time.

First set was explosive and the opener, Possum was classic. Mikes/Groove was hot, hot , hot!

So much energy. Well worth a listen.
, attached to 2009-11-29

Review by Justin_Towle

Justin_Towle This was my first show and I must say it was an incredible experience. I in the front row for the first 15 minutes or so but then realized there was no room to dance, so I took one step back into the second row and had tons of room, it was GREAT! Awesome Possum into DWD; full of energy! I couldn't stop dancing during the entire show. That 2001 also just had me groovin and I loved the Antelope! It was pretty funny watching that free bird thing too, Trey nailed the mouth guitar solo as well. haha. This will be the first show of many for me I'm sure and I think this was a great first.

Have a nice day
, attached to 2009-11-29

Review by waxbanks

waxbanks A lot of Phish's 2009 highlights come with big BUTs attached.

The second set is full of welcome songs and revolves around the swell R'n'R > Light > Crimes segment, but it never quite coheres into magic. (Golgi, Cavern, Antelope - c'mon boys, one set-closer will suffice! Dig deeper!!) Mike dropkicks the first set into a new dimension after a fine-but-monochrome Stash, and the Meat/Undermind combo is unexpectedly perfect, but it feels like a recital set up to that point. Freebird is their most joyous a capella tune, but this version is a dreadful mess.

This show is an exciting, unevent 6.8, y'know? Worth the trip to be part of such a small, uncomfortable crowd in the ol' northeast, but you probably won't listen to this show all the way through. Trey has said that he envisions the band's present purpose as *escapist pleasure*, and this is that. But the first 20 minutes of 12/2/09 II (that MSG Light!) contain more 'Type II' improv than this show. If that's your thing then worry not - there are other shows. Still, you can't go wrong with Phish '09.
, attached to 2009-11-29

Review by koider

koider I just want to say thanks to the guy who traded his floor ticket for a CC section ticket when they started the 3rd song of the second set...

I thank you so much, had a wonderful time down there.

, attached to 2009-11-29

Review by NigelTufnel

NigelTufnel Adore this show, my first indoor taste of Phish. First set treasures are found in Weigh (delightfully well played), Meat (extended jam and a NASTY take on the song proper), and an experimental Undermind. This first set has everything I could ask for. I treasure the song selection.

Set two features an above average Moma and a good RnR that gets to spaceland near the end (with excellent Kuroda work that doesn't translate well on tape...because it can't). Light is also finding it's legs in the live setting, and the band probably walked away from this jam pleased. A good, early take. Crimes of the Mind followed, and I thought it was an excellent call, listening back. Who knows when THAT song will come back...

I'm a sucker for anything Round Room, so when Pebbles started I was psyched. Quality version too. In the box...but still. Given how little they play it these days, I'll take any version I can get. 2001 was great to see for the first time, and Golgi/Cavern/Antelope was a good end to the set for 2009 me. 2012 me would probably be pissed and found complaining on this very website the following morning. My, how times have changed :)

Encore was excellent. Free Bird was both shocking and hilarious. Carini was also shocking but I loved the call, and I was delighted to hear Waste.

Overall, a fantastic two-set affair that left 2009 me mindblown. Don't miss Phish in Maine.

(actually, please'll make it easier for me to get tickets)
, attached to 2009-11-29

Review by disc_diva

disc_diva I've seen close to 75 shows over 18 years and this show was easily in the top 5 for me. The other 4 were "pre-hiatus".
Way to go boys, you still got it!
, attached to 2009-11-29

Review by Possum1958

Possum1958 Fantastic show. Set one was so good that the show could have ended at set break and I would have been happy.

To Jean who wrote: "I just want to say thanks to the guy who traded his floor ticket for a CC section ticket when they started the 3rd song of the second set... I thank you so much, had a wonderful time down there."

... C'est moi. You caught a great one for what I recall you saying was your second show. Thanks for helping hold down those killer seats on the side of the arena during the break. On my way out of the arena I handed your CC ticket to a collector. That CC ticket radiated good karma.
, attached to 2009-11-29

Review by mazed207

mazed207 I dont normally review shows because I love them all but this was a special show for me so I wanted to share. Having been to about 25 shows, I have seen some great ones , this one ranks near the top.

a few hours before the show i actually ran into trey and got to talk with him for about 5 or 10 minutes and I told him i had been watching the setlists and no Weigh in a long time. he said it was a good request! I was so happy when I heard the beginning of that noodle. Amazing experience. And then the show.

Mike defintely gave alot of funk throughout the show, dwd was crazy. weigh was great just what i wanted, a few songs they played a little faster then normal, great energy. Stash and Meat was awesome, Then Mikes to Weekapaug was unbelievable! Moma Dance ,Mike mind phucked us all ! Trey had alot of energy and the show was pushing 4 hours! The lights have definetly gotten a nice transformation that flows well with 3.0. Not alot of 3.0 tunes here but I loved Crimes of the Mind, great bustout! They really just jammed the entire show and let everyone groove. Acapella Freebird Was funny trey fell down laughing at the beginning, and Carini left my ears ringing even after I left the show. Small crowd didnt even look soldout. 8k people?
, attached to 2009-11-29

Review by chalkdustmango

chalkdustmango Great show all around. Well worth the long drive from Albany.
, attached to 2009-11-29

Review by tydyvision

tydyvision I think that it's important to note, also, that the Crimes of the Mind was played for the first time since 7.10.94 at SPAC. Also interesting was the fact that it was the first time played without The Dude of Life on vocals. Pretty significant bustout in my opinion!
, attached to 2009-11-29

Review by Griff99

Griff99 During the Jam of Kill Devil Falls Page Teases Birds of a Feather.
, attached to 2009-11-29

Review by Lawnboy6104

Lawnboy6104 isnt this the first MEAT in a while as well?
, attached to 2009-11-29

Review by waxbanks

waxbanks That said, this is an *awesome* Moma Dance too.
, attached to 2009-11-29

Review by newoldfiddle

newoldfiddle Arrived in Portland around 6:30 and headed to the closest bar to have a glass of wine before the show. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the Vikings-Bears game and, though not a pro football fan, caught a glimpse of Prince (the artist formerly known as) in his skybox watching the football game. He actually looked a little down that day, possibly lonely. So I mentioned to my girlfriend -"purple rain?". Well, didn't get that but before Meat Trey mentions Mike will no longer go by Cactus but Prince. And Mike's alter ego Fishman will go by Princess...there you have it...
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