Trey mentioned the Dude of Life in Suzy. Stash contained Linus and Lucy teases. Memories and Sweet Adeline were performed without microphones. Trey called Mike "The Man in Black" after I Walk The Line. Bowie was unfinished and included multiple Ring of Fire teases as well as a Jimmy Olsen’s Blues tease from Trey, a Spooky tease from Page, and a Simpsons signal in the intro. Chalk Dust and Tube contained Buried Alive teases from Trey. After Lengthwise, Trey wished a happy birthday to "Curtis" and then briefly teased Curtis Loew. Self (first since November 8, 1991, or 118 shows) featured The Dude of Life on vocals.

Jam Chart Versions
Linus and Lucy tease in Stash, Ring of Fire, Jimmy Olsen's Blues, and Spooky teases in David Bowie, Buried Alive tease in Chalk Dust Torture, Buried Alive tease in Tube, The Ballad of Curtis Loew tease
Debut Years (Average: 1988)

This show was part of the "1992 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1992-11-20

Review by dscott

dscott The rust is imaginary. This show is good and strange. A sprinkling of crisp classics and goofball novelties surround some marvelous highlights:
- Stash: This version gets peppy and light without losing its ominous edge.
- Bowie > I Walk the Line > Bowie: Amusing and strangely authentic Country Cactus interlude in the tease-heavy intro. Impressive thematically-oriented jamming. Then, it just suddenly comes to a stop with Trey announcing the set break. No trills (boo), but plenty of thrills.
- Chalkdust: A snarling fire puppy. Trey tears it a new one. Must. Hear.
- YEM: Simply glorious bliss section. Aggressive funk. Cool vocal jam.
- Hood: Brilliant version that somehow occupies sub-radar strata. Playfully creeping intro. Unique little piano variations from Page during the latter composed segment. Tantalizing build. Bubbly climax. You can feel good...and I'm a bit concerned about your Phish appreciation skills if you don't!
, attached to 1992-11-20

Review by nichobert

nichobert Well the thing about rust is, it's rusty. Sometimes the rustiest rust just can't help rusting when things get rusty.
, attached to 1992-11-20

Review by soundboy1

soundboy1 The above review proves that mindset is all that really matters at a show. I wanted to go enjoy it and I didn't notice any rust at all! I remember the Linus and Lucy Jam and the signals and Mike doing I Walk the Line. The Palace was a great place I was in the back row and the front row... They may have been rusty but I wasn't!(yet)
, attached to 1992-11-20

Review by Issiah

Issiah Was so young that Mom escorted us to this show. Everytime the Band Phish is brought up she starts singing Suzie Greenburg... It was much smaller back then. The palace is one of those beautiful intricate theatres found all across America. The Band had thos Plexy Glass Boards behind them then that they changed colors by using lights... It was much simplier. The thing that stands out most from this show was the Dude of life,, he was bad ass!!
, attached to 1992-11-20

Review by DollarBill

DollarBill Second night of Fall tour continues with knocking off more rust, working the new material, weirdness, and a special guest. Not a bad recording.

Well, since Trey said it was his new favorite, why not open with Axilla? Ok version, just a little rough. You can hear some laughing on stage between songs. Right into ATR which shows some rust but, otherwise good. Suzy is even a little rusty sounding from Page as they get settled in, and even sounds like they forgot to sing. Trey plays through right into a equally rusty Rift. The begining and end suffer the most. Sloth follows suit with the rusty sound as does Reba although, a good jam shows they are getting there. Sparkle is pretty standard. Stash sounds tentative at first but also has a great jam including Linus and Lucy from Mike and Trey which Page shuts down. Lizards is pretty good as they seem more warmed up now. Mike may have blown something on his amp as you can faintly hear a discussion on stage. Memories was cut from the recording as the taper might have shut it down or edited because of the low levels. So as Bowie starts, it is inexplicably stopped for another I Walk the Line. For the second show in a row this is a weird call for Mike. Maybe making fun of him for the equipment troubles. Bowie resumes and sounds like Trey is teasing No One to Depend on by Santana for Mike's amp perhaps? Bowie is unfinished and has an abrupt ending to it most likely due to the equipment failure. Average first set.

A decent Chalk Dust opens second set but has a rusty sounding ending from Trey. Fluffhead continues in that vein but is pretty good for not having played it in a while. Tube gets busted out for only the second time this year. The rust shows from Page. YEM also has a few rough parts but, the vocal jam is great. FEFY comes out for the second show in a row but, this time no pedal steel. Not bad with the original creepy fade-out ending. Dinner is nice to hear but is also rusty. Right into a Hood which has Mike sounding rusty at times. Nice Fishman section which actually has two songs tonight! A regular Terrapin and another brand new Lengthwise complete with audience sing along. Too funny! And then to end the show, kind of, the Dude of Life comes out to sing the fourth and last Self with the boys.

The official encores are missing from the recording I heard. I'm sure the levels for Adeline were suspect and maybe the taper just packed it in early. Oh, well...

Pretty good show but, very rusty playing. It might take a while to get back into form.
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