Reba did not have the whistling ending. Possum contained a Simpsons signal as well as Dixie, Woody Woodpecker theme, and Johnny B. Goode teases. The soundcheck's Poor Heart and Funky Bitch were both slow versions, with Funky Bitch containing alternate lyrics.
Debut Years (Average: 1990)

This show was part of the "1995 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1995-11-12

Review by Miguelito

Miguelito I've been diving into some less covered shows and this is one that deserves a bit more attention.

I love My Friend My Friend in the opening slot, and Llama to follow is sweet. A nice, high energy 1-2 punch to get things going. Guelah is an always welcome rarity and this version doesn't disappoint.

The Reba is a magnificent centerpiece of the set. This tune will always have a special place in my heart ever since my love-at-first-listen when I popped Lawn Boy into the CD player back in 1991 and this version is as fine a take as any from this year. The recording is crystal clear here and the band is clearly in sync as they build to an intense peak. A very fine version.

The Taste is an early version, which still has Fish on some of the vocals. I don't miss these versions. The If I Could is a lovely breather before the Melt. This version is typical '95 stuff, which is to say it's pretty great. It builds to a chaotic peak and, while it's not the most out there or long version, it's an energetic, strong version.

After the audience chess move, the set opens with The Curtain. While I prefer my Curtain's to be With, I'll take it without if there's going to be a monster Tweezer like this that follows. Of course, back in '95 the band was only playing the tune without so we didn't have a choice and this is a nice set opener.

This Tweezer doesn't disappoint. While not as deep or exploratory as some of the versions from the past summer, this version is excellent. This upbeat version pretty much rocks the whole time and is worthy of a listen, especially if you tend to lose interest in the spacier or more ambient jams.

After a couple of other tunes, Slave makes its appearance and this is a lovely version with nice peaks and valleys. Kudos to the taper as each band member is clear here, and Mike in particular is fun to follow.

The Possum is a fun, tease-filled version which sets us up to end the show. While not quite the tease-fest from the second time I caught this song, on 5.17.92, this is a great version. Going into this song, I would have thought this was the set ending. If the band did in fact end here I don't think anyone would have been disappointed. However, the band had other ideas. I love Tweezeprise in the set closing slot rather than as an encore as it closes on the highest possible note.

For the encore we get Fire, a nice, short version but it's a perfect choice. After a rocking Tweezer, Possum and Tweezeprise, we should've expected nothing but a Hendrix cover. And we're done. An overall very good show in an excellent tour.
, attached to 1995-11-12

Review by westbrook

westbrook This show may be overlooked as it comes between the higher profile Fox Theatre and UCF shows, but it is definitely worth hearing. Good sounding AUD to boot. Let's get into it...

My Friend, My Friend is one of my favorite openers. Good version here. Energy picks up in the following Llama. Another fine rendition. Next up is BATR for some singalong time. Right back into it with Guelah Papyrus, also one of my favorites. Reba makes a big impact in the middle of the set. Excellent tension and release, give it a listen. Trey introduces Fish as "Brown, Moses Brown" before his vacuum solo in I Didn't Know. Solid versions of Taste and If I could follow. The SOAM at the end of the set is nice, but not quite a must hear version. Some chess banter precedes the set-closing Hello My Baby. Good first set. I like the song selection and Reba is damn good.

A Curtain opener usually means good things are coming. Well, this Tweezer definitely fits the bill and then some. It has a Free-like jam section and also goes through a melodic segment with Trey playing some really nice stuff. You should hear this Tweezer. Keyboard Army and Sample serve as a nice interlude before a great Slave. Trey really builds the tension and delays the peak, making the release all the better. Fishman humorously forgets the lyrics in Cracklin Rosie, but that's why we love him. The set ends in style with a thrilling Possum>Tweezer Reprise combo. This Possum is dynamic and crazy with teases, a Simpsons signal, and Trey scatting. Fire encore-no complaints.

Solid show, probably rated about right at 3.8, maybe could go a little higher. The highlights of the show are Reba, SOAM, Tweezer, Slave, and Possum.
, attached to 1995-11-12

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround SET 1: My Friend, My Friend: Very intense!

Llama: Gets dissonant in the late 3 minute range, pretty cool!

Bouncing Around the Room, Guelah Papyrus: Standard.

Reba: Awesome version, this one defintely gets out there. Not Type II or anything like that. But it just goes, and goes. Big peak at 13:02! Huuuuge peak and trilling at 13:51. Another charge at 14:13! Exceptional Reba!

I Didn't Know, Taste That Surrounds: Standard.

If I Could: Beautiful! Big finish.

Split Open and Melt: Breathtaking and blistering. How this is not charted is a criminal act.

Hello My Baby: Standard.

SET 2: The Curtain: Standard, great opener! >

Tweezer: This one features Trey on the drum kit kind of early on in the jam but once this one reaches ten minutes or so it is completely game on with jamming that is quite typical for the era. Really cool theme that develops at 11:16 and extends through 14:20 or so. This is a blissful, major chord jam in the time slot noted before. Reaches powerful heights. This leads into a heavy metal jam and then the old school, Tweezer wind down. This is an all-timer! >

Keyboard Army, Sample in a Jar: Standard. >

Slave to the Traffic Light: I love how this one starts off so quiet and patient. This is how the song was meant to be. Too often now the band can't wait to rush into the fray of this song. Stop with that! Chill out, take your time to explore the quiet nuances that are available. Huge peak and a notable version!

Hold Your Head Up > Cracklin' Rosie > Hold Your Head Up: Standard.

Possum: Dixie at 4:26 - Theme from Woody Woodpecker by George Tibbles and Ramey Idriss at 5:46 - Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry at 7:42. Also has a Simpsons signal. The voice box thing Trey uses often in Mule he uses in the 5 and half minute range and then he touches on that Woody Woodpecker stuff, brilliant. They bring this to a virtual stand still in the early 9's and then build it back up for a huge finish. Absolutely insane version, a must hear version. All-timer for sure! >

Tweezer Reprise ENCORE: Fire - They burn the house down with these two!

Summary: Reba, Melt, Tweezer, Slave and Possum all have replay value and the Tweezer and Possum have a seat at the all time table. This show is rated too low right now at 3.93. It's a true barnburner and deserves better. I'm going in strong at 4.2 out of 5. November 95 continues to deliver the GOODS!!!
, attached to 1995-11-12

Review by kipmat


The Fall '95 tour was neatly bisected by the Halloween show at the Rosemont Horizon, with eight days off for the band before resuming the tour with a three-night stand at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. While the Fox Theater run was special and fondly remembered, producing some great jams and crispy AUDs, the full shows don't give me as much enjoyment as a culled playlist of highlights from all three nights. 11/12 Gainesville, on the other hand, is a stronger show from start to finish, with the band building on their reputation after the exceptional shows they played in that part of the Sunshine State during 1993 and 1994.

If you're downloading, I highly recommend @doctordoak's alternate AUD (unknown lineage) for this show in either mp3 or FLAC - the recording is so clean and well-balanced, one might believe it was actually a soundboard! The reviews by @westbrook and @miguelito cover the highlights; again, my mind is stuttering at how this show's rating could be so inferior to the Fox Theater shows. Taste That Surrounds is one of the better versions from this tour, If I Could is always a nice breather, and the SOAMelt brings the heavy psychedelic head space of Fall '95. Since the resurrection of The Curtain With and its prevalence in 3.0, there are some fans who may not know that performances of the truncated arrangement would often jump directly into Tweezer - I love those segues and I really enjoy this jam with Trey's riff that sounds like a precursor to Undermind, setting the table for the Greatest Stash Ever (IMO) two nights later. And while the penultimate Possum might not suit everyone's appetite, the segue into Tweezer Reprise ends the show on a lightning bolt of energy. If you're playing the band in chess, don't get yourself in a "horrible mess"!
, attached to 1995-11-12

Review by dr32timmymeat

dr32timmymeat This show is such a good example of '95 Phish outthinking themselves a bit. I Didn't Know, Taste That Surrounds and Hello My Baby were all massive buzzkills after big preceding songs.

Some great, hard-rocking nuggets in here. SOAM is raging, The Curtain is also 10% darker than normal, Tweezer is sufficiently '95. So not a lost show by any means, just lots of subtraction by addition with some of the first-set duds.
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