Reba did not have the whistling ending. Hello My Baby was played for the first time since December 5, 1999 (140 shows). Frankenstein featured Page on keytar.
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Debut Years (Average: 1993)

This show was part of the "2009 Early Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2009-06-10

Review by Possum

Possum First show back: It was especially memoriable for a number of reasons My wifes first show, first show with my wife.
All I can really say is that I had tears in my eyes for most of the show definate highlite was Julius. our seats were aweful but the music was great. great to see the band "back on the train"
, attached to 2009-06-10

Review by trollwizard

trollwizard The lot was angry that day my friends, more tanks than the eye could see. My first show, listening to the band since I was 9 ,just missing out on 03-04....i was ready. To this day, after 50 shows, loudest ive heard a crowd was during the Jim during the slow build to trey ripping(you know the part). I was wanting a reba and very glad to have gotten it. However, after years of not listening to this show, the Bowie is up there with what the band has been doing lately. Trey is in solid form, no lackluster, full energy. Surprised no one has talked about that on here. I think most would agree, the bonnaroo shows were a let down after this show. On paper, this show is up there for 3.0 and some of the jams live up to it. Its funny, this show got added way after dates were announced, thankful that happened. The energy of this show is very similiar to what was going on during 12/30/17, but first show bias has alot to do with that. But if you were there or at both, you probably would agree. I think what made this show so special is that it was many people's first show and def many first show since hiatus. Glad I was there with you all. Summer 18 here we come!
, attached to 2009-06-10

Review by swampthing

swampthing My first show and consequently one of my favorites out of my arsenal because of that. I'm glad I went to this show. Being from New Orleans I regularly get to hear a lot of great music from funk to jazz, rap, and bluegrass, and for being able to grow up around that I wouldn't trade for the world. Unfortunately, Phish never really comes around (unless maybe to Atlanta/Alpharetta or the Carolinas. With this first chance to see Phish I couldnt tell you how excited I was.
The drive in was great with some friends and it was definitely a hot summers day. We spent those 9 hours watching the Clifford Ball DvD and enjoying the nice hot day. That dvd for some reason had runawayjim stapled on repeat in my mind until we got in the show for the opener....
Runaway Jim

The hood was trademark 3.0 trey with whale calls (I don't dislike that new pedal or whatever it is... I actually am happy that I got to see this new style he's messing with in the 2009 tour.)
But yea, the first set was almost a show in it's own.
To get started off w/ Runaway Jim was just like a BLAST OFF but then PYitE was kinda like a, bring it back go one, restarting of the show all over again. I really dug it.
Then to Ocelot which was the first time I had ever heard it and the 3rd time they played live... I think this song is a great tune that represents the new album and even era very well. Not only in style but lyric-ly and symbolically of where the band (and specifically Trey) is/was at that moment in time.
(honestly I think it has a lot to do with sobriety "You prance with the beasts that parade every night. And silently slouch through the forest twilight.
Don’t be the only one left on the block. Come hide in the heard and float with the flock" that seems really 12-step like and also kinda like... yo dude, let's all get our head out of our asses unless we wanna be alone "on the block" thus becoming lonely opiate or w/e addicts.)
Anyways.. that song stuck out for me, being the first time I heard it. It automatically made me think of Trey's sobriety.
Foam was good. Never loved it but it was a great groove and excellent version.
Love Train Song, never thought I would get that my first show. Undermind.. meh
Mike's Groove - so happy to hear that as well on my first show, and at this point it was all surreal... I wasn't tripping or anything but singing runaway jim as I was walking up the ramp from it being stuck in my head, then hearing a mike's>hydro>groove, I was just in awe.
Coil... excellent, my buddy that was at the show w/ me loves coil and I was sure that was marking the end of the set... nope Character Zero. and they rocked the house with this one as well.

Second set started with Back on the Train which was also very appropriate... Waves into A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing was good but the David Bowie was mo'bettah. Army of One was good too... Page nailed it, Trey's wailing whale calls fit in with it pretty well. Reba (hell yes), Hello My Baby.... I absolutely love when they barber shop it. dank.
I was worried next was encore.. WRONG Julius (ok we're done right?) Wrong. CAVERN (rockin!) done? NOPE
HARRY HOOD! My favorite phish song and this version was 3.0 all the way. I love this song so much and was so happy to hear a version like this. I love NYE 93 and Jazz Fest 96 and a ton of other 94-98 versions and a million and a half more.. but this was my first live and I was so happy to hear (what I thought) was a very original, new style, version.
Then some keytar'd Frankenstein... they rocked my socks off

Great first show... I was hooked.
PS I have an extra superball ix VIP pass... msg me if you need/want one.

Thanks for reading this mess of a written review.
(would I download this show? yes.
which songs would I download for sure... Runaway, Ocelot, Train Song Mike's Groove, COil, Back on the train, A Song I Heard the ocean sing (though it's not my favorite song) D Bowie, Julius, Cavern, HARRY HOOD, Frankenstein.
, attached to 2009-06-10

Review by ilostmypebblesandmarbles

ilostmypebblesandmarbles My first 3.0 show. The song sequences were kinda cool. Set 1 opened with back to back show starters. Sets 1 & 2 ended with 3 straight set closers.
It was a nice (lil') show. Checkout PYITE. Foam. Waves. Reba. Hello My Baby & a very tight Julius....and I do remember feeling a little rumble beneath my feet during Bowie.
, attached to 2009-06-10

Review by chrisjohnson2900

chrisjohnson2900 The beginning of this show was excellent. Runaway Jim followed by Punch You in the Eye is always going to be a strong statement. I felt, though, that the boys tapered off a little bit with Ocelot, Foam, Train Song and Undermind. Maybe it seem like they tapered off just because Jim and Punch were so good. I thought the highlight of the show was the Reba, Hello My Baby, Julius segment. Those three songs provide such an intimate glimpse at the different realms that Phish can get to. Reba is such an amazing song. The middle segment of that song is one of my favorite progressions of any that they play. It is right up there with the D-A-G progression of Harry Hood. The other highlight of the night I want to mention is Waves. 5 Stars. I love that song. There is something about the Round Room Album that is really special and I think that the songs that Phish play from that album translate so nicely to the stage. Here's the ratings:

Set I
Runaway Jim:*****
Punch You In The Eye:*****
Train Song:***
Mike's Song:****
I Am Hydrogen:****
Weekapaug Groove:****
The Squirming Coil:***
Character Zero:***

Set II
Back On The Train:****
A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing:***
David Bowie:***
Army Of One:***
Hello My Baby:*****
Harry Hood:****


GHI: 3.8/5.0
Batting Average: .760 (84/110)

The two ratings are Batting Average and GHI. Both are defined below.
BA: The total number of stars achieved divided by the total possible stars a concert can achieve. Each song can achieve a total possible 5 stars, 5 being the best, 0 being the worst. Therefore, each show receives anywhere from a 1.0 to a .001.

GHI: This rating is used in The Phish Companion 2nd Ed. Each show is given a score from 0 to 5, five being the best and 0 being the worst.

The two scores are synonymous. I like the BA form better because each show receives a score closer to its worth depending on how you rated it.
, attached to 2009-06-10

Review by phearlessphreaks

phearlessphreaks This was my first show of 3.0. Somehow I was singing Hello My Baby on the way up to Knoxville - let's just say I had a feeling. Jim to open follow by Punch was a great 1-2 punch. The second Undermind into Mike's Groove was very nice. You'd think that would end the set but nope - Coil - now we're done right - nope again Zero which got the crowd going.

Set 2 also had some great spots. The Waves>ASIHTOS>Bowie was a really nice segment. Bit of a dip with Army and a strangely placed Reba into - well whatdaya know - Hello My Baby to finish the set. Nope again - Julius Cavern Hood to wind us up and a cool Frankenstein to send us home.

This show is always special to me because of the special feeling of seeing the boys again. So many times during the break I wished I could just see them one more time. I'd listen to old shows, but everybody knows it's not the same. And so I left with a great feeling after having a great time.

But I don't listen to the show very often because they got far better as the years went on. Far better. One of the reasons the sets ended with so many closers is because the jams just didn't last. I don't remember how long the Mike's Groove ended up but relatively speaking it was short, as were most of the other jams.

I do remember the Waves>ASIHTOS segue being particularly powerful - the first time I "got it." Really cool segment and one I would (highly) recommend. But while the show was fun and well-played, the best was yet to come. I would see many more shows since and they always seemed to get better and tighter (and looser somehow) at the same time.

I give this show a 4 because 3 is too low.
, attached to 2009-06-10

Review by Phirst_tube

Phirst_tube This was my first Phish show ever. While the playing was still warming up, the song selection was FANTASTIC for a first show. Runaway Jim into Punch, what a way to start your live Phish experience! I unknowingly knocked several great songs off the list on show number one. THIS IS WHERE IT ALL STARTED!
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