Tube was followed by a brief reprise of the jam section. Bittersweet Motel debuted at this show. Ghost contained San-Ho-Zay teases from Trey. She Caught the Katy was played for the first time since July 30, 1988 (1,041 shows).
Jam Chart Versions
San-Ho-Zay tease in Ghost
Debut Years (Average: 1990)

This show was part of the "1998 Summer U.S. Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1998-07-21

Review by idahophiend

idahophiend This show was truly special. Funny how it works, too, because many people on tour did not go down to AZ of TX, as the summer temps were very high and these shows were seen as a bit out of the way. Also, many kids wanted a break from the first half of the west coast, before the midewest and east coast. Anyway, I say this 'cause the fist thing I noticed there was lack of people. Lots of room, the lawn/GA section was barely occupied. Also, it was HOT....103 or 104 if I remember correctly. The heat alone put an interesting energy to whole show.

From the parking lot we could here the sound check. Three songs, one was bittersweet motel, which we didnt know at the time because it had never been played before...though they played it second set that night. Also checked funky bitch, also played second set...can't remember third song. The heat was intense as we entered the show....I recall people looking around, and you could just feel the tension...nobody wanted to go too deep...but the heat was pushing everyone to another place.

AC/DC->Fluffhead opener, WOW. To this day, one of the best I can imagine. They really toyed and played with the bundle of joy bit in fluffhead and the ending was so clean and totally rocked!! By the end of Fluff, everyone was completely engaged and the energy was amazing!! Roggae was a perfect way to bring it down, I've always liked this slow; its fun and interactive and Fish and Trey have a great back and forth vocal combo...But after Roggau, it was right back into serious energy with TUBE. The only way to further the Fluff jamming was wit ha song like tube. Real intense, but super clean jamming...then things needed to come back down a bit, not so serious. Thus sparkle followed. It's a classic, though not my favorite, it seemed so appropriate. With Fluff and Tube, the music was super strong and the guys were just on, totally pushing it! Then Cavern; what? Mid first set Cavern...gotta love it! By this point it was Bag, Fluff, Tube and Cavern in the first six songs...everyone, if not already, was now totally into it!

Then Relax, or Frankie Says I guess...which was just a way for them to slow it down a bit before going totally deep with Antelope! I think Antelope might be the strongest first set closer out there? was tight! Such a fitting way to end a toatally rocking first set!

Set II
Was very nicely reviewed by someone above. But I will mention some things. Mike's opener always sparks intrigue and hooks the crowd, so many ways to go from there?! And they went into simple. Honestly, as said by the reviewer before, this is one of the most unique versions of simple ever! Not sure how to explain it, except by telling you that it was the only time I have ever laid down at a show! Dont get me wrong, I'm a wet noodle...and I was having one at this show!! BUt this simple was just so relaxing and peaceful, that I laid on my back looking up at the stars. Because there was so much room in the lawn area, people had just found a place to sprawl out and lay down to enjoy the music! Then came Bittersweet Motel, a new one for all of us. Since its debut, this song has built quite a reputation. From holding the namesake to their documentary film, to being referenced as the slowest most boring song, even by Trey himself, Bittersweet Motel's debut at this show was very well received. Its lyrical foundation engaged the entire crowd, we were all wondering what Trey was going to was a great way to get everyone back from their travels during Simple...

And get us back they did, with Mike busting into Weekapaug Groove with the longest most intense bass solo I have ever heard begin that song. After hearing this, I have begun to notice the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, differences in the way weekapaug begins. This one was all Mike, I mean a true Bass Solo to begin Weekapaug, it was awesome! I love Weekapaug, and this one was just so good. Then Brian and Robert, another new one...very slow and somber...but appropriate after the heights reached in Weekapaug. The Ghost was sick...after the Albany '97 Ghost, this song became a personal favorite of mine. It had everything, including a jam into She caught the Katy...didn't know the song, but did know it was something old that they dusted really enjoyed the treat! Funky Bitch seemed a bit off at first, but they took it very funky which made it a fun way to end the set.

The jamming had been done; and with the encore they help bring us back down nice and soft with Sleeping Monkey->Rockytop. Sleeping Monkey is a very endearing song, love fishman and the passion he has for his monkey! Rockytop is nothing but good clean energy, fun and fitting to help us away safely! A truly wonderful show that I think of often.
, attached to 1998-07-21

Review by JOEB7891

JOEB7891 I was not at this show but I have played the tape more than any other 98 summer tour show.

The 2nd set has the best Simple ever. I still have not heard a Simple that's better than this one.
If there one out there let me know.

The Mike's>Simple>Bittersweet>Weekapaug is just killer. The jam in Mike's song has this super cool
rocking groove and I can listen to this jam over and over again. It never gets old. Simple is the
most peaceful Simple ever. The playing between Trey and Page is very pretty and its just perfect.

The Ghost is rocking and the jam into She caught the Katy is this super cool rock groove.
This is a great set. I wish I was at this show. We did the whole summer tour but this show and the Texas shows this year. I guess you can't be at them all.
, attached to 1998-07-21

Review by Capricornholio

Capricornholio Another unsung gem of the Summer 98 tour. This one is my go-to whenever someone asks me for "a show I don't know about." It somehow never gets mentioned with other heavy-hitters from 98, but it is one of the best. The first set features an excellent Tube (complete with reprise jam) and closes with a great Antelope. The second set is just about perfect. After the standard Mike's Jam they move into a slow-rolling, throbbing, pseudo funk jam that segues flawlessly into a beautiful Simple which itself segues into the very mellow debut of Bittersweet Motel. The Weekapaug that follows trends to the funky side with the 4 measure rests that typified their funk playing of the era. Ghost is 20 minutes of psychedelic excellence that has a buttery smooth segue into the bust out of She Caught the Katy.

Highlights: Tube, Mike's Groove, Ghost->She Caught the Katy


4.75/5, A+ Phish.
, attached to 1998-07-21

Review by WayIFeel

WayIFeel I think it was Phish that brought the heat to Arizona this night. This show is a scorcher! Bag Fluffhead opener had us all dialed in out of the gate. Roggae at this point was becoming a tour favorite and this helped cool people down but only briefly before the funked up Tube which is definitely in top 3 best Tubes ever. The rest of the first set is solid with a nice and funky Antelope to end the set. I love this Antelope. The second set is rockin. Mike's Simple is a highlight worth checking out but GHOST was the monster of the set. It's not one of those funked out Ghost but just a blazing jam that just keeps building and building and then they drop into She Caught the Katy. Definitely a treat for all in attendance. This is one of those shows that goes under the radar which is fine because I was there but trust me the few of us at this show know what went down and if you get a chance give this show a listen and you won't be disappointed.
, attached to 1998-07-21

Review by ScottM104

ScottM104 Flew out from Ct to meet a buddy of mine who was driving cross country and moving to Maine. Sure, I'll hop a flight, and drive back with you, as long as we can see Phish first. It was his first show and what a banger it would be!
It was hot! Like, super hot, but what shows weren't in July/August? I remember there being no lot scene whatsoever which I wasn't accustomed to seeing being from the east coast. I was told stories of "tent city" and how nobody wanted to risk getting busted down there. Anyway, needless to say, I had nothing with me except for a few pre-game beers. That was weird in itself, but this show would not dissapoint.
Ac/DC fluffhead opener was killer but, that Tube set the tone early. We even got a slight tube reprise out of it. Great Antelope to close the set.
2nd set was magical. Mike's>Simple was incredible, and then the debut of bittersweet motel. Mike's bass solo to open 'paug went deep!! Ghost> she caught the Katy was terrific! Great show, and a great start to a magical mystery cross country adventure.
, attached to 1998-07-21

Review by GrantBrown

GrantBrown I absolutely *love* this show - I simply cant say it any other way. I gave it a 5-star rating for its listenability - it's the type of show that once you press play at set 1, you literally feel a nagging urge to ride the whole thing out, regardless of what you have planned that day. In my opinion, this is the type of Phish we all got hooked on in the first place.

This show has the *FUN* element that is missing in so many shows - the jams are light, and you can tell that the band is having fun. Also there's a ton of "air" around the instruments (proper staging for gain, i think), and the jamming is patient and deliberate. Lastly - the jamming is *very* layered and the band members pair up and switch off constantly with each other in a type of musical chairs game (crazy!). Really fun.

I just got 7/29 thru 8/1 (1998) and I cant wait to hear those. Anyways enjoy!

P.S. "Patient and Deliberate" is a term that I heard Trey hollar at Paige during a soundcheck - I suspect that when Trey get's the other 3 to relax and let the music come to them, the night seems to get a lot more creative musically. :)

P.P.S. My comment above about "getting hooked" on phish in the first place. That's the key! If a particular show doesn't grab you by the shirt collar and shake you up a little - then you've got the wrong one baby! (move on to another). Phish should literally blow you away, every time. Thanks!
, attached to 1998-07-21

Review by montaigne

montaigne This was my first exposure to Arizona July heat. I remember waking up in our car after being asleep, and thinking that someone had put me into an oven.
Holy shit, people live here?
The best part? I now live in Arizona. What a strange world.

Anyways, the show. This show kicked ass. I saw 11 shows this tour, and this and 7-29-98 were my favorite ones.

Tube is just a sick jam. It's always a sick jam. But sometimes, it sicker than others. I think of Dayton 12-7-97, I think of the aforementioned 7-29-98 show (my fave version!), and then this one. There are many others, these are just the three that stick out for me.

I need to listen to it again, it has been a long time. I only know that when they played She Caught the Katy, I was running around the lawn like an absolute madman.

I also remember thinking I was one of the few people who knew what a rare treat they were getting.

Viva Montaigne.
, attached to 1998-07-21

Review by amberkow

amberkow Everyone has a first show, and this was mine. I had been listening to the band for about 2-3 years, but had never experienced a live show before.

I went to the show with some idea of what to expect, but I was blown away. I recognized majority of the songs at the time, and enjoyed the high energy opener of AC/DC Bag.

Since to see many other shows across the country, but I will also look back fondly at my first.
, attached to 1998-07-21

Review by OnlinePhishTour

, attached to 1998-07-21

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround PHISH, TUESDAY 07/21/1998
Phoenix, AZ

SET 1:

AC/DC Bag: My first impression upon hearing the opening notes is, woah – this sounds as slow as the legendary 12.30.97 – is this a sign of things to come? The slow pace doesn’t seem to last that long though, once into the meat of the lyrics it seems to be a normal pace. Trey definitely gives this a proper ripping in the climax! Awesome way to start the show!!! >

Fluffhead: Well now, this was a statement! Wow! Here is the super crazy stat. The last time they played Fluffhead in the two slot of the first set was 4.20.89 and AC/DC Bag opened that show as well! Woah!!! This one turns out to be a little on the sloppy side. Fantastic end shred though, completely smoked!

Roggae: Not the tightest ever, especially considering how new of a song it was at the time.

Tube[1] - They are really starting to stretch this one out – over the previous ten versions going back to Auburn Hills in 96, this is the third longest version in that span. This has that icky sticky funk. It’s super nasty. Trey sits way back, strumming that pornofunk while Page, Mike, and Fish lay waste to Phoenix. Swear to God, Mike Gordon was in the prime of his career – listen to him in the 4 minute range, Jesus! This one is wrapped at 6:00, or so you think. Nope, total false ending. At 7:30, Trey is aiming for deep space employing multiple loops and Page is collaborating with some loud effects. Released on From the Archives-Superball IX. Easy all timer and highly recommended. >

Sparkle: Standard. >

Cavern: Standard. >

Frankie Says: Standard, it has the tiniest little bit of space at the end in order to get it segued into Antelope >

Run Like an Antelope: Good version. Lots of goofing around leading into the Rye Rye Rocco part. Very elongated. Awesome way to close the set.

SET 2:

Mike's Song: Instead of going into the second jam, instead they keep going and turn this into a funk jam at the 9 minute mark. The last two minutes of this one wind up going back to the core of what Mike’s is – hard rock and roll – all 4 members throwing down very hard – Very strong version, would recommend. ->

Simple: Solid version that never strays too far from its basic structure. Pretty jam. The last 90 seconds wanes as they try and figure out on the fly where they want to go next and then land in Bittersweet ->

Bittersweet Motel[2] -- What an interesting slot to debut this tune. They seemed to really be flying from the seat of their pants when they landed on this >

Weekapaug Groove: The beginning is nice and funky. Trey wrests control though in the late 4’s. Good version but nothing really stands out here.

Brian and Robert: Standard.

Ghost: Nearly 6 straight minutes of raw, intense and in your face rock and roll. Now, that is stamina! From the ten minute mark and on it was just pedal to the medal all the way, Trey letting loose that nasty hell fire. Not much funk to this one, maybe a couple of minutes or so at the beginning of the jam. Would recommend this Ghost. ->

She Caught the Katy and Left Me a Mule to Ride: Enormous bust out, 1,041 show gap. At 0:54 it actually sounds like Chalkdust Reprise from 7.11.00, lol. >

Funky Bitch: Standard.


Sleeping Monkey: LOL at Trey’s banter talking about the juxtaposition between last night’s encore versus tonight’s encore. Good stuff right there, very funny and witty. >

Rocky Top: Standard.

Summary: First half of the first set crushes the second half. All in all it’s a pretty good set.

4.316/5 (114 ratings)

Replay Value: Tube, Mike's Song, Simple, Ghost

[1] Followed by brief reprise of the jam section.
[2] Debut.

Tube was followed by a brief reprise of the jam section. Bittersweet Motel debuted at this show. Ghost contained San-Ho-Zay teases from Trey. She Caught the Katy was played for the first time since July 30, 1988 (1,041 shows).
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Overall: 4.316/5 (114 ratings)
Tube, Mike's Song, Simple, Ghost
San-Ho-Zay tease in Ghost
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