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Review by idahophiend

idahophiend This show was truly special. Funny how it works, too, because many people on tour did not go down to AZ of TX, as the summer temps were very high and these shows were seen as a bit out of the way. Also, many kids wanted a break from the first half of the west coast, before the midewest and east coast. Anyway, I say this 'cause the fist thing I noticed there was lack of people. Lots of room, the lawn/GA section was barely occupied. Also, it was HOT....103 or 104 if I remember correctly. The heat alone put an interesting energy to whole show.

From the parking lot we could here the sound check. Three songs, one was bittersweet motel, which we didnt know at the time because it had never been played before...though they played it second set that night. Also checked funky bitch, also played second set...can't remember third song. The heat was intense as we entered the show....I recall people looking around, and you could just feel the tension...nobody wanted to go too deep...but the heat was pushing everyone to another place.

AC/DC->Fluffhead opener, WOW. To this day, one of the best I can imagine. They really toyed and played with the bundle of joy bit in fluffhead and the ending was so clean and totally rocked!! By the end of Fluff, everyone was completely engaged and the energy was amazing!! Roggae was a perfect way to bring it down, I've always liked this slow; its fun and interactive and Fish and Trey have a great back and forth vocal combo...But after Roggau, it was right back into serious energy with TUBE. The only way to further the Fluff jamming was wit ha song like tube. Real intense, but super clean jamming...then things needed to come back down a bit, not so serious. Thus sparkle followed. It's a classic, though not my favorite, it seemed so appropriate. With Fluff and Tube, the music was super strong and the guys were just on, totally pushing it! Then Cavern; what? Mid first set Cavern...gotta love it! By this point it was Bag, Fluff, Tube and Cavern in the first six songs...everyone, if not already, was now totally into it!

Then Relax, or Frankie Says I guess...which was just a way for them to slow it down a bit before going totally deep with Antelope! I think Antelope might be the strongest first set closer out there? Regardless...it was tight! Such a fitting way to end a toatally rocking first set!

Set II
Was very nicely reviewed by someone above. But I will mention some things. Mike's opener always sparks intrigue and hooks the crowd, so many ways to go from there?! And they went into simple. Honestly, as said by the reviewer before, this is one of the most unique versions of simple ever! Not sure how to explain it, except by telling you that it was the only time I have ever laid down at a show! Dont get me wrong, I'm a wet noodle...and I was having one at this show!! BUt this simple was just so relaxing and peaceful, that I laid on my back looking up at the stars. Because there was so much room in the lawn area, people had just found a place to sprawl out and lay down to enjoy the music! Then came Bittersweet Motel, a new one for all of us. Since its debut, this song has built quite a reputation. From holding the namesake to their documentary film, to being referenced as the slowest most boring song, even by Trey himself, Bittersweet Motel's debut at this show was very well received. Its lyrical foundation engaged the entire crowd, we were all wondering what Trey was going to sing...it was a great way to get everyone back from their travels during Simple...

And get us back they did, with Mike busting into Weekapaug Groove with the longest most intense bass solo I have ever heard begin that song. After hearing this, I have begun to notice the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, differences in the way weekapaug begins. This one was all Mike, I mean a true Bass Solo to begin Weekapaug, it was awesome! I love Weekapaug, and this one was just so good. Then Brian and Robert, another new one...very slow and somber...but appropriate after the heights reached in Weekapaug. The Ghost was sick...after the Albany '97 Ghost, this song became a personal favorite of mine. It had everything, including a jam into She caught the Katy...didn't know the song, but did know it was something old that they dusted off...so really enjoyed the treat! Funky Bitch seemed a bit off at first, but they took it very funky which made it a fun way to end the set.

The jamming had been done; and with the encore they help bring us back down nice and soft with Sleeping Monkey->Rockytop. Sleeping Monkey is a very endearing song, love fishman and the passion he has for his monkey! Rockytop is nothing but good clean energy, fun and fitting to help us away safely! A truly wonderful show that I think of often.


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