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The Final Hurrah and Jean Pierre quotes in Character Zero, Martian Monster quote in Say It To Me S.A.N.T.O.S.
Debut Years (Average: 1998)

This show was part of the "2019 Summer Tour"

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, attached to 2019-07-13

Review by youenjoymyghost

youenjoymyghost Bag to open to me was an indicator that it was going to be a rage fest tonight. However the first set had several dips in energy but despite that the band manages to work in a nice first set jam in blaze on and delivers several rarities.

The second set delivered ! Was hoping to see Halleys get a nice big jam but we get it in ASIHTOS & Jim. Undermind and BOTT in set two was unexpected but worked very well. All in all an above average show with some nice treats sprinkled in. They saved some energy for the Sunday tour closer. Get ready guys !
, attached to 2019-07-13

Review by JackeeTreehorn

JackeeTreehorn Long time phan/ first time reviewer

I haven't seen a show in over 15 years. I thought I might be able to lend a different perspective in that respect.

I didn't know how much I missed their live shows!
In that long time away this band has matured into a professional, polished, precise and patient powerhouse.
They've been doing this for 35 years AND IT SHOWS!

Some of the tunes that I used to love back in the 90's like AC/DC Bag, NICU, Halley's Comet & YaMar didn't quite have the ferocity like in the days of old, but were perfectly executed.

For me, there were a lot of new tunes like Blaze On. Great jam, finally got out there a bit. Really fun.
Sloth, Fuck Your Face and My Friend were unexpected treats. No serious improv jamming, but they were SO FUN! Everybody was all smiles. Final Hurrah had some great jamming
Zero gets a lot of flack on social media, but it RAGES! I've seen this at about half of my shows and it never lets me down. The energy was insane.

Excellent jamming throughout the second set. ASIHTOS was nice, but from Runaway Jim on the fellas got serious.
I'll never understand how Trey nails the lyrics to Undermind & Golden Age and flubs BOTT so badly that Page had to take over! It was hilarious and reminded me of the good ole days. I think Trey just wanted to jam. And jam he did! Prolly not a best-of version, but DAMN!

"It took me a long time to get back on the train", but it felt so good to be back!
, attached to 2019-07-13

Review by MiguelSanchez

MiguelSanchez Rock solid outing. It may lack in “epic jams,” but they are playing well and the show has good flow throughout.

Blaze On is the jamming highlight in set 1. It goes on a nice loose, jazzy, mildly funky jam. Sloth, Fuck Your Face, MFMF is just straight rock n roll Phish and one of my favorite stretches of the evening.

The energy stays dialed in to kick off set 2. The Runaway Jim is very efficient and covers a fair amount of ground in a quick 10 minutes. Fishman killed Undermind. Back on the Train has ample torque towards the end of the second set and is another unlikely show highlight.

If you are looking for more straight forward, high octane show, this one is a good call.
, attached to 2019-07-13

Review by JMart

JMart Great song selection and playing all around. The sloth/fyf/my friend grouping was every jaded vet’s dream and well executed, if even in a slower gear than yesteryear.
Strange to think Haley’s starts the second set but gets ZERO jam treatment. No matter...huge jams thereafter, dark and psychedelic in asihtos, even darker in Jim (?), highlighted by a super tasty true segue into undermind.
Only complaints are a hard HARD ripcord out of ghost into bott and an extremely defanged version of hood that did very little.
Still, a lot to like about this show. Hope everyone’s stored up on their fluids for tonight’s tour-closing Sunday at Alpine.
, attached to 2019-07-13

Review by NICU4LIFE

NICU4LIFE I will leave my review relatively short for this show as it is difficult to only talk about the first two nights of Alpine without referencing night 3. Not that Sunday’s show belittles or even overshadows the first two nights but due to the magnitude of Alpine Night 3, the whole Alpine run must be viewed under the context of that Sunday’s show. With that being said I have three major points for this show.

1) Finely-tuned Jams: It amazing to think that it has been ten years since I saw my first Phish show at Alpine (yes, I am post-hiatus phan) and I when listen to the 09 Alpine shows compared to the shows of 19 there is a noticeable difference. The dynamism, the synchronicity and the fluidness of the jamming has grown to an unbelievable quality over the past ten years. The spirit and love of the band can still be heard in those first post-hiatus shows but that the boys have spent 10 years relentlessly practicing their craft of playing together and you can easily hear the fruits of their labor. Although the jams in this show are not long, each one is fine-tuned and smooth. Strong segueing in the second set and you could hear how well everyone is playing off each other. Again, nothing ventures into major exploratory or crazy levels but the execution and improvisation was first rate. I would recommend the Blaze On jam from the first set and the Runnway Jim -> Undermind jam in the second.

2) The Battle Over Ballads: Every year I have to hear complaints, grumblings or even down right hatred of Trey’s ballads. Those “feel good”, “lovey dovey”, “everyone hold hands” songs. The critiques mostly center around the reality that those songs lower the energy and so instead of everyone getting into the groove they instead go to the bathroom. Now I like Trey’s ballads. His soft and thoughtful songs pull at my heart strings. And I also understand how the soft Trey songs can change the energy of a show and sometimes not for the better. Sometimes I like that energy change. Sometimes it works perfectly, a well needed/executed shift after a crazy jamming period. And the performance of Trey’s softer songs provides the full expression of Phish, both the crazy and soft/thoughtful manifestations of this amazing band that I love. Now sometimes the change of pace and energy does not go that well. In my opinion, that was in the first set with the playing of Frost. I did not care for Frost being played after Ya Mar and then have the next song after Frost be The Sloth. Now I have seen shows were Frost is used very well in a set (Allstate 18 Night 1 second set Frost comes to mind), but I did not care for the selection of Frost that night and its positioning next to The Sloth. Again, that is my humble opinion and I know others enjoyed Frost that night. Actually, I was not anti-Shade person and enjoyed hearing Shade in the first set. But of course, Phish can play whatever they want and I will still honor that decision.

3) Long Live Kasvot Vaxt: Now I have heard that there has been another complaint (and I don’t know how much this complaint is true) that Kasvot Vaxt songs are not a welcome addition to Phish jam repertoire. And that is so far from the truth. Kasvot Vaxt songs are the perfect addition to Phish and hearing Kasvot Vaxt songs player throughout this tour have been a jubilant experience. Night 2 at Alpine definitely offered an excellent performance of The Final Hurrah and Say it to Me S.A.N.T.O.S. I particularly hope that SANTOS has a regular position as an encore song as it works flawlessly into a show. Also, it allows the encore regular Character Zero to be played in other parts of the show. Actually, the Character Zero this night was one of the best versions I have ever heard!

In total, Alpine Night 2 was a high-quality show which showcases how the depth and growth of Phish shows has evolved. But this show was preparing us for an ultimate gem which was Alpine Night 3.
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