It’s Ice included a Star Spangled Banner tease. Lawn Boy included a fireworks display on stage and in the pavilion, as well as well wishes from Page; the fireworks signaled the beginning of GTBT. Mike teased Heartbreaker near the end of GTBT.

The Star Spangled Banner tease in It's Ice, Heartbreaker tease in Good Times Bad Times
Debut Years (Average: 1991)

This show was part of the "2000 Summer U.S. Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2000-07-04

Review by MiguelSanchez

MiguelSanchez 7/4/00 in camden, nj was the last show of the highlight filled north east run before moving up to toronto. many fans were expecting a grand 'ol old-school throw down.

like many shows, this show is all about the 2nd set. the first set left many hard-core fans poised for holiday disapointment. it's ice is not it's typically nimble self. stash goes through a pretty standard 2000 era groove, but it really doesn't take off until the end. tmwsiy/ave/tmwsiy is a nice highlight, but all in all, this set is missable.

the 2nd set starts off in typical 2000 fashion with jibboo. this is no typical jibboo though. the boys like into a nice groove and slowly drift into funk oblivion. fishman and page lock into a nice loose groove and weave a glorious tapestry between each other. gordo lays low for most of this jam, while trey mostly sticks to rhythm playing, except for a few nice fills and short melodic jabs. as they drift further into the realm of space funk, fishman starts to step this jam up a bit, with trey starting to really settle in behind page. as page begins to back down a bit, trey comes over the top with a glorious flurry of notes. trey takes a commanding lead in this one driving this jam into a frenzy. as this jam climaxes, trey leads the boys into a more dissodant/chaotic realm. as they settle into this, gordon finally steps up and his bass drives toward "i saw it again." gordon crafted a beautiful segue here, but it gets slopped a bit by the rest of the band. not the best seque you'll here but certainly not the worst. "i saw it again" has a slightly more funky feel than normal, as it winds its way back into a darker jam which gives way to a beautiful page solo. with gordo also shining, page turns a corner and leads everyone into the rare and always pleasing magilla. the whole band has a nice run through this nice loose jazz tune. as it fades away, trey pops the band into a very inspired twist. initially, they cover a lot of the same ground covered in jibboo, but trey is much more assertive in this twist. after establishing a sound jazz/funk/space groove, trey develops a power house bluesy rock riff that he just slams over the top of everyone else. they bring this twist to a fiery climax before letting it gently fall into a power-house slave. the boys show great patience here building this to a holiday worthy climax. lawnboy and gtbt are solid. i guess the encore doesn't transfer to tape, so it was probably much more enjoyable in person.

if you like those nice long space, jazz, funk explorations, this show is right up your alley. trey played with great patience, while maintaining high energy. also, he was not as dominating as he was at other shows in 2000. jibboo and twist are great examples of what he can do when he takes the time to listen, develop an idea, and let those around him set him up before he just starts wailing away. twist and jibboo are both all-time keepers..... and these are songs i don't even particularly care for. great 2nd set here...
, attached to 2000-07-04

Review by Hose_jam

Hose_jam Two serious jams in this second set but I'll start by reviewing the Twist, one of my favorites of the summer. This jam is a unique sound, reminiscent of '99 jams with a wall of sound over rising chords progressions. The jam really has only one distinct segment.

2:40 End of composed section>Jam
5:12 Fishman plays a nice tom beat and everyone vamps on a note, nice section in a otherwise standard post composed section jam.

9:55 Trey finds a riff and lays into it for quite a few measures. Mike has some beautiful patient bass work here; very patient and sparse playing. Page is on the grand piano and Fishman on the ride cymbal.
11:13 Trey keeps on the same riff but puts an effect on, some type of phaser/flanger. Fishman follows suit with a splash on two beat, classic buildup material there. Mike's bass playing is noticeably busier here.
11:55 Trey plays the same basic melody of the riff but adds in a chord to give it a base.
13:22 Fishman starts playing a crash cymbal like a ride cymbal, taking the jam to the next level. Trey vamps on a two chords progression and Mike plays some GREAT notes "outside", giving it a dark feel.
14:00 Love the effect Trey puts on here, as if his guitar is "swelling".
14:40 Trey lets out an effects laden riff with Fishman going off and Mike playing outside the box. Page has some nice fills on the grand piano.
15:37 Jam drifts into space.
, attached to 2000-07-04

Review by goatsticks

goatsticks my first one, 18 years old and very new to this band and their music. At this point the extent of the phish i'd heard pretty much consisted of A Live One and the Farmhouse LP, which had been released two months or so prior. I was fortunate enough to have some friends with shows under their belt, and when tickets went on sale I was for it. I'll skip over the personal details, because really, besides me, who else cares? puddled on lot, eurodollar in the venue, bare feet on the grass, showtime. A somewhat predictable Star Spangled Banner opens, with Farmhouse to follow. As little as I get excited about this song now, it was nice to start with one of the few familiar songs I had to work with at that point. Rift got everybody the feck down (hadn't been played in 62 shows), It's Ice followed, they were both played well and Ice had a nice little SSB tease during the bridge. Having spun the shit out of A Live One at that point, I was digging the one-two of Bouncin'/Stash that came next. Stash had some nice dark moments, solid version. Up next was one of the highlights of the first set for me, Lizards. As someone who, at the time, was very new to this band and most of their material, this was like the door to another world opening for me. Grins, lots of grins. The giddiness brought on by Lizards was eased into absolute bliss and tranquility by TMWSIY. Anyone who has heard this one during the summer can attest to the catharsis this one brings on. An absolute feeling of being in the perfect space at the perfect time, pretty sure this one brought a tear or two. Julius was Julius, no better, no worse, a solid standard version, perfect way to close the set.

Set II brought the goddamn business. Like I said, at this point I had only heard very minimal Phish, but Jibboo was one of the tunes I knew, or so I thought. At this point I'm sure most of you have heard this monster, but if you haven't, get on that shit. It clocked in at around 29 minutes and was an absolute blast on the lawn. Even listening back now, I don't really find any moments or meandering or time-filling with this one. When it finally wound down, it segued nicely into Saw it Again (first in 60 shows). Saw it Again was good, nothing too wild, but fun. A little ambiance gave way to the always welcome Magilla. The genre hopping continued. I really wish Phish would play this song more. Granted, it's not the same without the horns, but this is always a fun song to hear. In fact, after this show, it was only played once, in '03 at Deer Creek. Twist followed, leading into Slave. There's already been plenty said about these two, especially after inclusion in the Live Bait series from LP, so I'll skip all that. Again, if you haven't heard this show, at the very least check out this second set. Shit was smokin'. The show was capped off with a nice little Lawn Boy, complete with fireworks at the end that basically served as a segue into Good Times Bad Times. GTBT was well played, without the hiccups and flubs I've come to associate with it in recent years. The show ended, the house lights came up, we made our zombie-walk to the gates and the car. I knew at this moment the letdown that is the end of a Phish show. See you again this summer, if only for a moment.
, attached to 2000-07-04

Review by Frankster

Frankster Good show here! The 1st set is straight out of the 93' book and well excecuted. The 2nd set Jibboo is an absolute monster. 30+ minutes of bliss. The entire set was one long seg ending with a beautiful Slave. Awesome fireworks during the encore makes this a winner in my book.
, attached to 2000-07-04

Review by FlaxBandit

FlaxBandit The meat of this Twist jam is one of my all time favorite jam moments. I love when a jam turns inside out into something huge which is how this one concludes. I can't quite describe this jam. I almost want to use the phrase "air raid siren" but that has a negative connotation and this jam to me at least is pure bliss. I consider that jam an absolute must hear for all fans just bear with it as it first slows into space then builds into a gushing hose of dark energy.

The show as a whole was one of the better Summer 2000 shows. The set list pretty much tells you how good the first set was, just great song selection. My personal opinion of the second set is mixed. For my tastes the Jibboo is just long and boring with little worth listening to again but it received quite a bit of praise on RMP back in the day. Everything out of Jibboo is solid with the aforementioned Twist stealing the show.

To put this in perspective, when I pull out this show to listen to I tend to only listen to the Saw It>Magilla>Twist.
, attached to 2000-07-04

Review by fhqwhgads

fhqwhgads This is an above-average show, IMO, viewed in hindsight, particularly. The Stash is amazing and fiery, with undocumented Manteca teases and seems to want to veer into a segue into Llama several times. That's about it for the big jam of the first set, though It's Ice is also very tasty, and if you find flubs funnier than you find them distracting, you could do worse than to listen to this version (#SorryNotSorry, Page!) Gotta Jibboo, and, in fact, the whole second set are a masterpiece. The longest jam is Jibboo, which clocks in right around 30 minutes long, and it covers surprisingly even more territory in those 30 minutes than you might expect. The segue from Saw It Again into Magilla is also very nifty.
, attached to 2000-07-04

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround PHISH, TUESDAY 07/04/2000
Camden, NJ

SET 1:

The Star Spangled Banner: What better way to start this show? USA! USA! USA!

Farmhouse: Standard.

Rift: Trey is sloppy >

It's Ice: Sloppy in the lyrics!!! Sick interlude though with the crunchy SSB stuff – it’s trippy!!! >

Bouncing Around the Room: Standard.

Stash: Pretty good Stash right here. Solid offering in the middle of the set, nicely done.

The Lizards: Trey’s solo rips!

The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday > Avenu Malkenu > The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday: Standard. >

Julius: Standard.

SET 2:

Gotta Jibboo: This one holds on to the Type I structure like grim death. It really doesn’t get beyond the OG until about 15 and a half and once there it is an expansive, spacy space. But, by the 16 minute mark Fish has created some bouncy energy on the wood blocks and the audience starts up a clapping thing that follows the rhythm. In the late 16’s Mike is hitting lines that indicates his interest in playing Saw it Again, good foreshadowing there. By the 20 minute mark a theme is being explored thanks mostly to a catchy segment that Mike continues to repeat that Trey picks up on and runs with it. By the 25 minute mark we are approaching hose territory. But instead of that, Trey goes to full on shredding. Huge arena rock follows with him going bananas. Impressive, tones of reverse reverb in this section. Best Jibboo of all time (I know, I know 2.20.03, but this one has more to offer when it is all said and done). Easy all timer and highly recommended. ->

Saw It Again: Standard. Cool segue! ->

Magilla: Standard. At 1:25 you can somebody ask, “Are you wigging out?” lol!!! Second to last version played and last version of 1.0. >

Twist: Consistent and dark would be the best way I could describe this one. From an early onset it is fair to say they had one thing in mind with this one – to intimidate and create an evil vibe. They surely achieved both goals. This develops into a fantastic jam. It almost feels like this could be the background to a death march. Released on Live Bait Vol. 4.Easy all timer and highly recommended. >

Slave to the Traffic Light: Brilliant version. Exceptionally well done with many gratifying peaks – one of my favorites. Easy all timer and highly recommended.


Lawn Boy[1] - Standard.

Good Times Bad Times: Check out the on stage pyrotechnics synced up with the drum intro of GTBT @ 55:00 - />
Summary: Set one is entertaining but not much to grab on to there as far as replay value is concerned. But plenty of old school selections abound. But watch out for the second set, what a monster. Three major highlights. For me, this show is easy to rate, and the current rating is right on the money at 4.556/5.

Replay Value: Gotta Jibboo, Saw It Again, Magilla, Twist, Slave to the Traffic Light

[1] Fireworks display on stage and in the pavilion, as well as well wishes from Page; the fireworks signaled the beginning of GTBT.

It’s Ice included a Star Spangled Banner tease. Lawn Boy included a fireworks display on stage and in the pavilion, as well as well wishes from Page; the fireworks signaled the beginning of GTBT. Mike teased Heartbreaker near the end of GTBT.

Ratings are currently offline.
Overall: 4.556/5 (>50 ratings)
Gotta Jibboo, Saw It Again, Magilla, Twist, Slave to the Traffic Light
The Star Spangled Banner tease in It's Ice, Heartbreaker tease in Good Times Bad Times
, attached to 2000-07-04

Review by Shadowfox0

Shadowfox0 When the ENTIRE second set list is jam worthy you know you have something special on your hands
We all know that Trey is originally from NJ on his Mom's side and I may despise Jersey there is nothing that looks like a Garden or a State especially not in Trenton or Camden but nostalgia rules and makes Trey remember old photos of days gone by so for that reason I will give this venue top marks their top 2 shows one of them happened here in 1999 Back in the Chicken Shack for sure I only got to see some of the worst shows and the WORST were still amazing Phish shows 7-30-2003 Best YEM I have attended to date best MFMF opener ever and best Twist Walls of the Cave even Bug was good and I hate Bug(s) the song and the scritcher creature and the best ever opener besides maybe Fluffhead or Lizards is Wilson and I got a Wilson my first show opener in Cinci 2-21-2003 and another on what i assumed and everyone did would be their last 2 set show EVER 8-12-2004 Great opener for sure for all your CHOMPERS out there that love to sing or clap along to songs like Stash or HOOD vocals opener
This show is not quite as good as its predecessor in 1999 the best show ever to many Phish fans and i get why they think so This is not 2-28-2003 or Night 2 Magnaball level greatness but it is damn close When an entire 2nd set is a Jam that is cool as fuck when has that EVER happened except in this show? I would love to hear a reputtal show even if it is the 1st set all Jams that would be even more of a miracle so i dont think that ever happened This show even at 4.5 is underrated to me Unless you can come up w another show that the entire 2nd set was a Jam Not including Lawn Boy it was not the 30 minute 2017 one of course so it never jammed until that night in MSG and Zepplin is a rocker but just a guitar solo rocker like Sample in a Jar or Fire or Quinn the Eskimo Creedence nothing special in terms of jamming Even the best 1995 Johnny b Goode is still just a guitar solo at the end of the day They have yet to truly jam that song unless they went back w Marty McFly and changed Phish history in the past if so cool but until then Lawn Boy and Sample are the only 2 non jam songs jammed on 7-24-2017 because it was Donut Raspberry filled JAM night

UNDERRATED SHOW even at 4.5 just saying
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