This show marked the debuts of Meat and Fikus. Fans of stage banter will want to hear this show, as Trey was in a particularly chatty mood.

Debut Years (Average: 1994)

This show was part of the "1998 Summer European Tour"

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, attached to 1998-07-02

Review by sethadam1

sethadam1 BEST. GHOST. EVER.
, attached to 1998-07-02

Review by ADAWGWYO

ADAWGWYO Oops... Wrong button. Continued from my other post:

Anyways, the first night was like a "best of" type show, although it is the longest 2 setter I've seen(even longer than the Alladin.) Stash-> Cities was sweet. Moma was fun. Honestly this is the 1 of the 3 I listen to the least.

2nd and 3rd night second sets both start out disgustingly HUGE. Tweezer-> 2001 is 38 minutes of DOOOM!! The Ghost-> Jim from this next night is super HUGE taboot! I believe this Ghost isn't talked about as much because it's not an official release available as a SBD. I personally think this one is equal to the 7/6 version in Praha. Get a copy and hear for yourself. All 3 of these shows have something you should hear. The debuts and banter from this show and 6/30 are especially enjoyable and I find myself smiling each time I relisten.

Good, on-par Phish show.... Until you add this Ghost->Jim into the mix

4 stars
, attached to 1998-07-02

Review by ADAWGWYO

ADAWGWYO I did all the 2 set Europe 98 shows. Had a "phriend" living in Praha at the time. My college roommate and I flew into Frankfurt, bussed over to Praha, and met up with her brother who was working at Bohemia Bagel(at the time the only bagel shop in eastern Europe.) Anyways, it was cool. Praha was basically home base for our month in Europe.

We got a rental car at the airport for 25 beans/day. She knew a little Czech and was fluent in Spanish. I was a French minor, but our German was non-existant. We used The Force to navigate our way N/NW to the German border and into Dresden. Now this used to be East Germany, and was not at all user-friendly as far as road signs go.

So, we motored on up to Berlin and on to the Danish border. Gas was RIDICULOUS in Denmark, so we turned around, crossed back into Germany, filled up, and recommenced towards Christiania. It was 50 beans to simply cross that bridge that took you over to the island where Copenhagen is located.

We camped at what used to be a gun-sight in WWII. Big grassy field right on the edge of the water. Underneath where the showers and laundry were used to be ammunition magazines and bunkers. Crazy history there. Anyways, like a 10 minute drive from the shed.

We pulled up behind Den Gra Hal(The Grey Hall) and parked about 7 cars down from the back dock of the venue. The back dock consisted of a door that you coukd open and drive a tractor inside. Nothing formal. I got out of the car and sure enough, they were soundchecking HaHaHa. I hadn't seen it since 95 I believe, so I remember being excited. The building itself is maybe 3-4 tractor trailers long. I estimate 800 capacity of this place.

The whole one side is a free-for-all graffiti wall for the locals- legally. So there were kids there throwin up some sweet tags all 3 days. I can't remember if the other side(Fish side) was the same. I do know the whole area was like a little park, with buildings scattered about. There was a skateboard half pipe a ways down the cobble stone path that ran in front of the venue. I remember a weed garden directly out front and down a ways that had a sign on the fence that said(in English too) No Pictures Please... We did anyways. I was young, my bad. I was blown away. Chilled outside and drank beers, met some dude who played some mean devil-sticks.
, attached to 1998-07-02

Review by Capricornholio

Capricornholio First set is in the good to good+ range, pretty tight, interesting song choices (I for one like a midset SOTG excursion) including two debuts, but nothing too exploratory.

The whole second set is A+. Easily my all-time favorite Ghost > a pretty great ambient-tinged Jim -> a rocking Casipan, a YEM with a little "extra mustard" in the jam section and a less-obnoxious-than-usual vocal jam.

This whole three day run is fantastic!
, attached to 1998-07-02

Review by Faht1

Faht1 Interesting Final show at the "barn". First set was pretty much ho hum up until the introductions of Meat and Fikus. Trey after Shafty seem to take a crowd request for Fluffhead. First set was longer then usual just when you thought the set would close with PYITE the band plays a ripping Character Zero. Second set that featured one of the best played Ghost. WOW what a version. Could arguably be the "best" version as Sethadam alluded to the post above. Other then the Ghost I thought Runaway Jim>Prince Caspian were a bit of a let down but of course the YEM picked it back up again with crazy and strange Vocal Jam that has Trey actually having a conversation with himself. Then a rare Simple to end the show.

Overall: 1st set was OK, 2nd set other then Ghost was a let down. I would definitely listen to this Ghost you wont be disappointed.
, attached to 1998-07-02

Review by dr32timmymeat

dr32timmymeat This YEM has a really strong Reba 7/6/94 vibe... that soaring, climactic sense that is as much emotion as it is music. The sort of feeling that comes not from an overwhelming number of notes getting churned out by a hyperactive Trey solo (not that there's anything wrong with hyperactive Trey solos), but instead a harmony across the four of them. They all seem to step back and, as a result, everything paradoxically gets elevated. It's great.
, attached to 1998-07-02

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround PHISH, THURSDAY 07/02/1998
Copenhagen, Denmark

SET 1:

Birds of a Feather: Standard. It’s a jamcharts version, not sure why. Totally cookie cutter Birds.

Cars Trucks Buses: Standard.

Theme From the Bottom: Standard.

Brian and Robert: Standard.

Meat[1] Fun banter in here.

Fikus[1] First of five, there is a reason this tune was short lived.

Shafty: Good stuff.

Fluffhead: They play this on request. Probably should have opted for Buffalo Bill because this Fluff is very rough.

Ginseng Sullivan: Standard.

Punch You in the Eye: Standard. >

Character Zero: Wankier than usual.

SET 2:

Ghost: Searing loops to get this one going. Slow burn at first but not for too long. Turns into a total rage fest through about 13 and a half. About 30 seconds of funk after that. But around 14 and a half Trey finds this groove/theme and rides it. Has a nice sort of droning effect to it. This rolls for 3 plus minutes, really sick. This goes very ambient but only for about a minute and then they latch back onto that theme again and things gradually ramp back up a bit. This peters out right at the 20 minute mark. A gorgeous ambient jam emerges with Trey softly leading the way. The Runaway Jim segue comes out of the ether. This Ghost is fantastic, easy all timer and highly recommended! >

Runaway Jim: This Jim lives pretty large through ten and a half minutes and from there it has about 90 seconds of a beautiful, sparse jam. This dwindles down to about nothing (the crowd stays completely silent!) and then Prince Caspian rises from those ashes. Would recommend this Runaway Jim, very good version. ->

Prince Caspian: Standard.

You Enjoy Myself: Jam starts off kind of quirky with some weird time signatures and Mike dropping a few bombs. Things get quiet but not for long. At 12 and a half a strong power jam emerges, heavy stuff from Trey. This eventually finds Trey absolutely wailing away, Wowzers!! By the early 15’s he is settling and in not time he has found a theme he likes and rides that through about 16 and half. He lets things get quiet but still keeps that theme going while Mike and Fish are pummeling your face. Interesting juxtaposition. Vocal jam around 18 and it turns into Trey having a conversation with himself sort of, pretty funny. This is a great YEM! Highly recommended.


Simple: Can’t go wrong with this in the E slot even if it is short – it’s still Simple. Feel like this is the bands way of thanking everyone and acknowledging how good they have it.

Summary: First set is a total throw away unless listening to debuts and some banter is your thing and then it that is the case there is some replay value there. Second set is exceptional though! I think the current rating on 4.467/5 (120 ratings) kind of overrates this show a bit. I need more to chew on in the first set to rate it that high. Splitting hairs here but this show feels more like a 4.3 for me.

Replay Value: Ghost, Runaway Jim, You Enjoy Myself

[1] Debut.

This show marked the debuts of Meat and Fikus. Fans of stage banter will want to hear this show, as Trey was in a particularly chatty mood.

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Overall: 4.467/5 (120 ratings)
Birds of a Feather, Ghost, Runaway Jim, You Enjoy Myself
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