Trey sang the verses of Fee through a megaphone. Fluffhead contained a theme from Woody Woodpecker tease from Trey. Llama contained an Entrance of the Gladiators tease from Mike. The Bowie intro contained Random Note, Simpsons, Oom Pa Pa, and two Get Back signals, as well as a full band tease (including lyrics) of Lawn Boy and a tease from Trey of Fire (Ohio Players). Trey teased Under Pressure in Mike's Song. Amazing Grace was performed without amplification.

Jam Chart Versions
Theme from Woody Woodpecker tease in Fluffhead, Entrance of the Gladiators tease in Llama, Lawn Boy and Fire (Ohio Players) tease & quotes in David Bowie, Under Pressure tease in Mike's Song
Debut Years (Average: 1988)

This show was part of the "1993 Winter/Spring Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1993-02-11

Review by Penn42

Penn42 **This is my eighth of (hopefully) 71 reviews as I listen to the entire winter/spring '93 tour.**

This show features the same opening trio as three nights prior. Suzy > Buried Alive > Poor Heart is such a good set of songs to open with. Stash is a little anticlimactic but Fluffhead and Llama are both very well played. Phish was never about 100% accuracy and precision, attributes this Fluff does not have. However, Fluff does, mistakes and all, flow effortlessly. Like the music is just pouring out of them with minimal thought. Great version. The Bowie intro is actually pretty engaging. They continue a little harmonic vamp from the preceding Lawn Boy over Fishman's hi-hat and then intersperse all the secret language into the vamp. I'm not particularly fond of many Bowie intro's, but this one was good. The song and jam itself are good too.

The first Landlady opener of '93 starts off set two in high gear. So far this tour Tweezer/YEM and a Mike's Groove have alternated every other show as the second set focal points. Personally, at this point in their career, I'm not a huge fan of what they were doing with Mike's Song. On top of that Tweezer and YEM vs. Mike's Groove is pretty lopsided. Subsequently, the Mike's Groove nights tend to fall pretty flat for me. The noodle-y wailing jams in Mike's aren't very entertaining and the second sets always suffer because of them.

It's obvious by the purposefulness of the aforementioned song rotations that they are starting to put some thought into distinguishing the second set from the first. Up through '92 first and second sets were not as distinct as they were at other points in their career. Some songs generally stayed in one or the other, but the jamming, which was staying pretty conservative, not heading super out yet, was evenly dispersed throughout the show. It seems that this tour they're starting to formulate a more concrete jamming plan for each show. Not to say they planned what and when they would jam, but the structure of the show is starting to take a different form with set two featuring these major players alternating on a nightly basis. The second set being the jammier set would take hold pretty firmly by August '93 and stay that way up until sometime in '97 when the lines got much more blurred again.

All that is to say that I think it's odd to pair Tweezer and YEM on the same night and then let Mike's Groove try to hold the set's weight all by itself. It doesn't help that I don't think Mike's Song has gotten super awesome yet, but everything is a work in progress, right?

Mound, The Lizards, Cavern, and Bold as Love are all fine. To finish out the show they got the crowd super quiet for the best singing of Amazing Grace yet.

This show is pretty pedestrian, but decently constructed and played. Seek out the Fluffhead >>> Bowie.
, attached to 1993-02-11

Review by DollarBill

DollarBill This is the only show performed at the Haas Center. The eighth show of the tour picks up where the last show left off, experiments are good when they work, but the timing in this show is just off. No real sound problems for Paul that I can tell in this recording, which was a little boomy.

Normal, average Suzy to start with was well played. Double opener songs tonight with a good Buried Alive, followed by an equally good Poor Heart. A few rough spots in Stash show that the timing is already off. Nothing ground breaking in the jam. Fee was good and well played. Rift has multiple timing problems during the solo sections. Fishman is playing really fast tonight. First Fluffhead of the year shows a little rust, but not too bad over all. Llama was even a little off on the timing, and experimentally rough. Usually that one is a solid no brainer. Lawn Boy was ok, kind of a surprise and not that great. They must have felt the same as they continue to tease it well into Bowie, especially Mike. Hilarious moment as they even mess up the language with an inexplicable D'oh after a random note signal, which brings on even more signals including "Get Back" to Lawn Boy. Sounds like Mike is almost teasing Blues for Allah. Bowie itself was just ok, nothing too great to bring this average set to a close.

The first Landlady (only) of the year starts off second set, and was a little rusty sounding, maybe because they are doing it as part of Punch now. Wilson also sounded just ok to me, as did Pen, Mikes and Hydro. Maybe the tramps made Mike's sound uncertain and listless at times. Weekapaug was the highlight of the trio. Woo Hoo! Another Mound comes out as this seems to be a new trend to let Mike have another say after his song. Mound was well played. Then the balls come out before an average Bouncing. HYHU brings out Fish for a pretty good Love You, capped off by a rocking HYHU outro. Did not expect a Lizards this late in the set, and this one was ok, maybe a few off spots during the jam. Cavern was just ok to close up another average set.

First Bold as Love of the year also shows some rust, like they need to go over some parts in practice. Another Grace follows after the shushing, and this one is pretty well done from what I can hear.

Well the intent is always there, but this show just never quite got "there" tonight. Too many mistakes on timing make this one average for me.
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