Trey teased Let It Grow in No Men In No Man's Land. Leaves was performed for the first time since September 3, 2017 (103 shows). Trey teased Super Bad in Tube. Ha Ha Ha was performed for the first time since August 6, 2017 (106 shows). Chalk Dust Torture was unfinished. The Gorge Song in the soundcheck was improvised with Trey making up lyrics about the Gorge. This was the rescheduled date from the show that had been postponed due to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak in 2020.
Let It Grow tease in No Men In No Man's Land, Super Bad tease in Tube
Debut Years (Average: 2003)

This show was part of the "2021 Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2021-08-27

Review by life_boy

life_boy I thought the show overall had a great feel to it. "Torn and Frayed" set a great tone for set I and what a great set it was. I loved both the laid back stylings and the playfulness they showed. Within that vein, "Ha Ha Ha" and "I've Been Around" felt perfect. "Mull" brought some heat and I hope we get to see more from that song. Who knows exactly what happened with that "Split Open and Melt" (was it planned or not) but what we got treated to felt like a perfect lean-into-the-mood choice that had the opportunity to feel forced but turned into some deep space exploration that returned to the joyful dance party romp of Tube.

Let me just say that I LOVE "Sigma Oasis" and love what the feeling of it brings to a set. I think there's a reason it leads off the album and is establishing itself as a set opener. As @FunkyCFunkyDo said so well in the immediate reaction thread: "I lived a thousand lifetimes within WTU. Wow. What an introspective journey. Beautiful. The set took on a dream like feel."

He is exactly right. "What's the Use?" was something else. I was not expecting for it to emerge out of the feedback sustain at the end of Sigma but that's where they decided to go and the whole set was impacted. I was also not expecting for them to scale it all the way down into silence and then bring it back to earth. After that, the whole set was absolutely colored by what we experienced there. I just love that there's a Siket Disc track still making regular setlist appearances.

"Camel Walk" -> "Chalkdust Torture" > "Slave to the Traffic Light" was phenomenal. "Drift While You're Sleeping" felt like such a great choice to encore this kind of set and this kind of show. There were moments of this that felt like a very intimate acoustic performance. Elements that left you floating. Still plenty of dance-worthy funk but if there's a song or moment that stands out to me it is the Melt jam from Set I and the WTU ambient passage from Set II.

People will probably complain about this list of songs but listening to it, nothing felt off or forced. The choices made sense and were both guided by and propelling the overall mood. Everything made sense in the world they were constructing on that stage last night. It may not be the all-time rager some people want every time Phish go out there, but I think this band is capable of giving us more than that. Sometimes we need to be reminded that they can give us more than that.

Setlist construction is such a delicate thing, an in-the-moment feeling and I although I could construct what I would WANT to hear, they are constructing something that is within the moment. I didn't feel like anything here was "off the mark." Everything made sense in the world they were constructing on that stage last night. It may not win any JOTY awards but the show was cohesive and may surprise people with some vibey replay value.
, attached to 2021-08-27

Review by call_me_butt_love

call_me_butt_love Spent the whole show standing in seemingly the exact spot Trey likes to stare when he's tearing a rift through time with his riffing, and boy was this a great start to the weekend. Most of this review is adapted from my notes from that spot, when I could find the time between dancing.

Set 1

Torn and Frayed opened was a great nod to Charlie Watts, and an appreciated switchup from the Loving Cup I was expecting for this role. (Though maybe theres still time for that Sunday night encore?). This song is a great thesis about a band getting old, but the only part of the lyrics that really caught me was the refrain of "as long as the guitar plays on".

No Men got the funk started, and is largely responsible for the groove I settled into the that is making my legs sore—though of course that walked back to the tents also contributed. I will never not be happy that they're here when they play this one.
Leaves was a nice and emotional followup, and it really felt like it was looking back on the last year when they couldn't be here.

The rest of the set seemed to alternate between nice and sentimental songs and burning dance parties. Some fun rare ones, with Alaska > Golgi being the big highlight for me, though I have a huge soft spot for Shade. The banter between Trey and Fish before Split Open and Melt was hugely fun too.

Set 2

Sigma Oasis kicks off the after sunset act, before lithely slipping into my favorite Siket Disc track of What's the Use? This track pushed us into low earth orbit, getting ready for the orbital transfer that was

Blaze On, which touched on grounds that were as out there as Strauss's appropriated ode to the obelisk. This jam cemented the feel of the set into space funk, reminiscent of my favorite run of summer 2000. We were taken faraway from any song structure and treated to some deep type 2 jamming.

Lifeboy was built out of the cosmic goo slowly, if a bit prematurely, with a somewhat sloppy dismount but once everyone got back on the same page, it felt nice, and well placed just before the

dirty Camel, adding some darkness. The band teased an early ending and made us beg for more until Trey kicked it back off for a second jam that reminded me a lot of the Gorge Crosseyed from 2018.

Chalkdust Torture similarly was built up, with Fishman driving drums into a nice marching order. Well played, but perhaps just short of ground breaking, as it retreads some ground on its way to make a pass back into ambient type 2. a tightly locked in rhythm section gives the melody time to be molded, until even the rhythm falls away following a tremolo picked run leading straight into a clean but subtle break for

Slave to the Traffic Light. while Trey had a great time playing up the guitar god act with hammy guitar gun dances on Golgi, he seemed to have more fun in Slave by proving that it wasn't just an act. perfectly played, high energy solo to bring the set to a close.

An important shout out to Chris Kuroda, as the lights through the second set invoked at times stars and at others waves, always in cool sea and space tones. was this responsive to or responsible for the atmosphere of the music? I think the answer can only be said by quoting the opener: neither and both.


Drift While You're Sleeping is always a fun encore pick for me, because it's basically two songs in one. this largely composed song was also an excellent chance for Trey to show off his sweet, sweet tone, that he seems to have brought out from his Manhatten apartment with a new focus. he gives us one last soaring solo and by the last chorus, even the Columbia River herself was singing along. This was my third time catching it, and it's gotten better each time.

Overall, it seems the band has a new found appreciation for getting to do this for and with us. Lots of chatter in the first set, and they were clearly having a great time throughout, while trying to show us that they appreciate the role we play in their existence as a band. Very easily the best show I've gotten to see, though I can only today say that number fills up two hands.
, attached to 2021-08-27

Review by CreatureoftheNight

CreatureoftheNight I absolutely loved last night’s second set because of its interconnectedness. I’m sure a poetic individual could weave a story about life and death with the set list, but the mood and emotion is what will bring me back to this set over and over again.
Sigma Oasis set the stage, but the What’s the Use is we’re the magic really begins. This version eschews the repetition of the theme and instead puts together one of the most emotive and spacious versions to date. Throughout the rest of the set, pensive music with plenty of open space would dominate. Blaze On got you dancing to the funk, but then evolved into an ambient soundscape reminiscent of summer 98.

The transition into If I Could felt like we’d always been there. So here we are in the middle of a second set with a tender ballad taking center stage, I can understand where a few fans might go to the bathroom and wonder when the band was going to liftoff to the stratosphere. But the first type ii Camel Walk ever went somewhere much more interesting. Pulsing and patient, this fantastic exploration has no need to get anywhere in a hurry. Around the 12 minute mark, a blissful melody develops and we were floating effortlessly above the landscape.

Just to remind you we are at a rock n roll show, Chalk Dust emerges seamlessly from the goo. Immediately as the jam begins, the music glides right back into the same feel, albeit with a faster tempo. As they had all night, each instrument added just the right amount of flavor with everyone blending tenderly within each other’s contributions.

Slave was the only way the set could end where every song was perfectly placed. Nothing was forced and every note mattered. This show is not your usual fare, and that must be one of the reasons I see it rated as a 3.6 (wtu?) at the moment. For those of you who haven’t heard it, give that second set a spin and listen with beginner’s ears. You won’t be sorry.
, attached to 2021-08-27

Review by acidtechno

acidtechno this show was absolute perfection. start to finish pure bliss and pure moods. not sure how its not getting more love. it really puts the gorge in the word gorgeous. can’t imagine how powerful the vibe was in person. cheers to anyone that fortunate enough to be there in person. highlights include all of set 1 all of set 2. drift while your sleeping felt like an honest and heartfelt conclusion.
, attached to 2021-08-27

Review by JonnyRingo

JonnyRingo No question Camel Walk and Chalk Dust were the highlights of the show. I’d actually say the 2nd half of the 2nd set is worth revisiting - Lifeboy through Slave. Song selection was a bit sporadic and energy never really achieved liftoff status, with the only significant jamming being in the two previous mentioned highlights. Not a bad show, but not a great show either. It does set the next two nights up nicely though with many heavy hitters still on the table.
, attached to 2021-08-27

Review by DogGone

DogGone As my life has changed dramatically, I wanted to couch tour this show. I had plans for an insanely nice Tahoe house with 4 other people that boiled down to 2 after a whole bunch of stupid drama. Then Shoreline was announced and somehow that crew is down to this lone wolf. So, Friday social plans ending early I decided I gotta warm up for Shoreline shows. They will be numbers 69 and 70, having started my live Phish obsession at that barn burner of a show on July 12, 1999 with the cover of Foreplay/Longtime in Boston.

All that being said, I saw this show from afar. I really love weird Phish moments like the banter between Trey and Fish before Melt started cuz Fish heard “Melt” and Trey was saying something else. “You can’t just play a song and then stop, Fish.” “I…CAN!” These guys are so fun together. They have such an unconditional sense of love for each other and the other band mates. A Phamily for sure. And the Melt ended up being vocally appropriate as Leaves with the refrain “Breathe” had just been played and Melt has “we breathe deep in a steam dream.” I love how Phish lines up accidentally. Tube was really funky and well placed by Trey. Alaska was an absolute blues throw down and, not really being a fan of that song, I really loved how deep Trey went with it. Golgi was a nice way to end the set. It was definitely getting weird with all the song placements and second set did something different, definitely.
Sigma Oasis was a very strange way to start set two. I don’t mind them doing this new short ditty song start before a second song liftoff, like in Alpharetta night one with More to Tweezer. So, when What’s the Use showed up, I was a bit surprised. And although WTU didn’t liftoff in a normal second set second song fashion, it went really dark and underworldly with that quiet almost ‘no-play’ section. From my view, the cameras kept moving towards the soundboard and some vendors, showing everyone just looking like they are in exactly the right place and Phish is doing them good. Such a great version. Really though. I woke up to listen to this again. It was especially good ‘live’ for me but even after second listen, it held power.
Then Blaze On came and we’re all thinking “here’s the first liftoff” but again, Phish was being extra weird and unanticipatable. I love it. They’re always going for the new and fresh and it usually works. They did a relatively short version and into Lifeboy. This was yet again a “what the hell are they doing” moment where they took it slow and ballady as the set should be taking off. THEN, Camel Walk took off and they fed everyone in an uncommonly jammed piece. And Chalk Dust was great too. The mid set double song jam was well worth the wait. Slave was a reliably great way to end the set.
And Drift is such a fun song with that reggae section coming out of nowhere but works really well. Nice Encore spot.

So, I’d say Phish is still on fire! This wasn’t an historical show by any means but there sure was a whole bunch of nectar in said songs (and others). I’m so grateful to be a Phish fan right now (and always). They are really pushing boundaries and new ideas and finding jems in the strangest of places. I am just so stoked for Shoreline. Speaking of weird ????
, attached to 2021-08-27

Review by Midcoaster

Midcoaster I really, really dig this second set. For some, this may be too effervescent or light, but that's why I actually dig it. I can't think of another Phish show that has as delicate of a touch. The jams in Camel Walk and CDT are basically of a piece. It's as though CDT was a song interlude in a single jam. (Love it when that happens.) There's an echo of the December album's gentler noodling with Page wandering all over the Rhodes and Trey following with smooth flourishes.

You know, when life kicks you in the teeth (looking at you 2020-2021), sometimes it's okay to space out and dream. One doesn't have to drop into the meat grinder of rawk for a bloody cleansing every time. This show might have gone over in MSG like a weak handshake. In the context of the Gorge, however, it must've been transportational (for those willing to hear it). It's amazing, really, that there can be fresh takes on such tried and true material this late in the game. I even dig Sigma Oasis and the stoned-ape epiphany: "You're already there." We've got what we need folks, the rest is gravy. Let's enjoy our scene while we have it! That's the message I hear, anyway.
, attached to 2021-08-27

Review by InsectEffect

InsectEffect 1st set highlights: Torn and Frayed; a time-warping, get-your-money’s-worth Melt; a tight Tube with Super Bad jam (no mere tease here); and a stand-out Mull proving that this cool new Mike tune has serious jam potential, as Trey clearly discovers with some sick riffing.

The entire 2nd set is unique and exceptional. Whatever you think of Sigma Oasis (the jury’s still out for me), the song’s “you’re already there” refrain nicely sets the stage before the band descends into an astonishing What’s the Use? Heavy and cathartic, stirring and serene, this WTU offers a profound release into and return from the void, one that welcomes the very spaciousness and silence of the landscape into the music. You can hear it in the recording, a hushed audience standing awed out there in a little oasis in the wild. What to do after such a deep plunge? We gather ourselves back together and blaze on… Blaze On rips and roils, with Trey recalling his Mull riffing around the 8-minute mark. The song then slows for a silky segue into Lifeboy, which offers another deep, reflective descent into our collective heart center.

If this set’s Blaze On is an affirmation, Camel Walk is a celebration. This jammed-out Camel is just fantastic. The song itself is Super Bad-inflected for extra funk, with a clear tease at 5:05, and the jam includes a string of WTU callbacks beginning at 10:50, elevating the set’s deeper themes. A funk-strut Chalk Dust carries the celebratory torch further, with syrupy phrasing and a no-fireworks approach that’s all patient workmanship and clockwork groove. The music then takes a delicate turn before a long smooth segue into Slave. This song has closed a lot of sets, and can sometimes feel perfunctory, but not here. Fresh and vivid, with understated phrasing, this Slave brings the set’s reflective WTU-Lifeboy thread to a powerful resolution.

The GOTF songs are a little too on the nose for me, but this Drift encore is well-earned and worked fine live. Overall, just wow. This set functions as a remarkable compositional whole, an extended meditation on the ebb-and-flow, light-and-dark nature of existence. It’s a trip in the very best sense, into the abyss and back again. It’s also (Camel Walk) a lot of fun. Attendance bias? Oh for sure. This show, at The Gorge? Boy, man. God, shit…
, attached to 2021-08-27

Review by sando

sando Just finished the relisten. Being my first actual show after having "couch toured" on and off since 2016, this was super special for me. Torn and Frayed intro was a appropriate and fun. Little no mans jam picked the energy up a bit, leaves kinda sapped it, and then... the banter before SOAM! Got me right in the mood. A nice dark jam followed the composed bit. Tube kept that feeling going, and then Been Around and Ha Ha Ha just made the crew go wild! Shade is a favorite slower one for me, so I appreciated it... and believe it or not, so is Alaska! nice bluesy throwdown from Page. Golgi finished it up nicely (though just a fine version)

Yeah yeah "it was written before the Pandemic" yada yada; I still don't like that they're playing sigma oasis. people are impressionable, and shouting take off your mask (while I was masked in the pit with my crew, some of whom were hearing the song for the first time) was just kinda... bleh. Not a bad song but yeah. What's the Use is a glorious little piece, but didn't feel right here energy-wise. Blaze on got us back on track--but then Life Boy. Again, not a bad slow phish song, I just thing they went a little too slow for opening a three day weekend after a break. and then the highlight of the show: a super fat and funky 17 minute camel walk! everyone was getting down. high fives galore. very epic. chalk dust kept up the energy, but didn't particularly wow me--then I got right up front for a top five set closer, Slave. Well played, but not an all timer. Still figuring out how i feel about drift while you're sleeping.

Overall, a bit disjointed for sure, but the peaks (SOAM through Ha Ha Ha, Alaska, Camel Walk, Slave) were a ton of fun. Gorge is an amazing place to see a show
, attached to 2021-08-27

Review by brainstemblast

brainstemblast For "Split Open and Melt", Fish heard Trey say "Melt", but I am assuming Trey said "Mull" (as evidence by the fact Mike starts to count off the song with his bass and then is interrupted by Fish starting the "Melt" drums.). Either way, it lead to some hilarious banter and an interesting and welcome placement of "Melt" early in the 1st set. "Mull" ended up being a highlight as well with a nice extended jam.

Is this the first tour they are using on-stage mics to talk to each other and call out songs? Trey has a microphone back by his guitar rig and is using that to call out songs instead of walking around to each of the guys.
, attached to 2021-08-27

Review by Josh006

Josh006 Haha! Currently this show's rating is BELOW 3.5? I just got home from the Gorge (and no, my thoughts aren't "more special" than those of anyone who streamed from home)... I genuinely feel like is turning into PT. Or at least "commenters" are the same people as those commenting on Seriously. Forget the setlist (which in my opinion is great regardless), but this show was early 90s Phish fun... A blast from the past and a whole lot of awesomeness!

Of course y'all are entitled to your own opinions... As is the My Pillow guy... I still solidly stand by the "your opinion is objectively wrong" though! Haha ????????????
, attached to 2021-08-27

Review by portlandplant21

portlandplant21 Man, I was supposed to be at this gig, moved to Portland last year and was looking forward to crossing The Gorge off my bucket list of venues (looking at you Ascend) but it was not to be. Really sweet they opened with Torn and Frayed to pay our respects to the immortal Charlie Watts (RIP). Unusual song placements thruout both sets and some tour bust-outs sets the table for what I think is gonna be an unpredictable run this weekend. Cheers to all who are there, I'm sure I'll see some of y'all in Eugene. (oh, and I think the Esther they've been mind-fucking us with all tour is gonna drop Sunday. ENVY)
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