Kill Devil Falls contained a Whole Lotta Love tease from Trey. Ghost contained a Dirt tease and a Roggae tease and vocal quote from Fish. 
Jam Chart Versions
Whole Lotta Love tease in Kill Devil Falls, Dirt and Roggae teases in Ghost
Debut Years (Average: 1992)

This show was part of the "2012 Late Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

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Review by He_looks_too_much_like_Dave

He_looks_too_much_like_Dave Best show of Leg 2 so far. Hands down.
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Review by Hose_jam

Hose_jam I was not at this show. Listened to the recordings after and the Rock and Roll>Ghost combo knocked my socks off. Great jamming and I'm here to break it down.

Rock and Roll

5:00 Lift off jam...
6:30 Trey settles into a very 2.0 sounding chord progression but this eventually gets funky with Mike and
Fishman having some nice interplay.
8:00 Page comes in with the organ and the vibe suddenly shifts..he lays some piano over it and Gordo drops some dark riffs.
9:10 Mike starts dropping bombs with his meatball. At this point it gets very funky, Trey is basically just playing rhythm lines with Mike and Fish leading the charge
10:20 Trey and Page have some nice interplay here with arpeggios from Trey.
11:00 Trey settles on a riff and Mike comes in with a great bass line.
11:30 Trey plays a melody over the progression they have built. Trey has some delays going on. Mike throws a meatball bomb in there.
12:00 Fishman keeps a beat but its gets spacey. More meatball soul shaking bombs from Mike. Page on his keyboard(fukouka style…clav?moog?).
13:00 Page finds a riff on his Rhodes. I feel like Page has done this during jams in the Alpine Fee and Blossom Twist; everyone kind of fades to space and he continues the beat and finds a nice sounding progression. The rest of the band just builds on it, Trey is especially patient during this segment.
14:45 Transient Phish style jamming. Trey being extremely patient and Fishman coming in with creative and polyrhythmic fills.
15:30 Trey takes charge with a blissful yet driving melody. Personally love this segment of jamming.
18:30 Trey starts to reach for some chords and him and Page build a nice little crescendo to keep the jam driving
19:10 Trey comes in with some a nice line that reminds me of 2/28/03 Tweezer, redirecting the jam.
21:00 Jam climaxes a bit but Gordo and Fishman refuse to let the beat die.
21:32 Mike puts on some delay, Trey scratches, Fishman becomes very percussive. This jam reminded me of '96 type of weird percussive jam..then it took a turn into storage jam territory. Some seriously amazing stuff coming out of this segment.
23:00-Fishman drops out, Mike on meatball, Trey making Floyd calls..very storage jam -esque. Fishman
working in various beats and fills
24:30-Trey starts these "Izabella" type dissonant riffs...settles into space.

Fans of Fishman should love the latter segment of this jam

3:30 Lift off jam. Some unique jamming with Trey trills and tasty Mike basslines.
4:40 Jam settles in. Page plays some great lines on his Rhodes. Then things get a bit weird but stay cohesive. Everyone starts to play outside just a bit and then come back together.
6:10 Seriously thick groove starts to appear here. Fishman just locks in and the band is locked in tight.
7:10 Trey comes in with some trills and Gordo really steps it up a notch here, locking into Fishman and driving the beat.
7:52 Trey comes in with some power chords and solidifies the new progression.
8:22 Page goes off on the said progression, Trey follows and hose is unleashed. The jam is very gin-esque. And energy continues to build.
10:00 Flashes of machine gun Trey. With Page holding the organ and hammering the keys the jam really takes off.
11:16 Massive peak. Trey plays a triplet pattern and some very nice fills.
11:24 Empathetic chords from Trey that lead into a vamp
12:00 Fishman changes the beat and Mike drops his bass down and the jam suddenly becomes dark. Mike has this marching beat and Fishman comes in with some Roggae quotes as the jam ends with 30 seconds of weirdness, especially Fishman’s fills and Treys wall of noise. Trey kind of emerges with the limb x limb progression and it’s onward. . .

I felt the Ghost jam is really a Gin jam, the way it builds. Hose!
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Review by TheProfessor

TheProfessor There's your 20+ minute jam!
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Review by phan83

phan83 I'm gonna go ahead and say that this was the best so cal show of 3.0...
the second set was just incredible. amazing night
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Review by frankzappasmustache2012

frankzappasmustache2012 “Rock and Roll”

5:00 Trey’s solo begins to lead the band away from the song structure.
5:50 Trey strikes a chord and lets it ring for two measures while Mike and Page fill in the space. This repeats a few times.
6:10 Trey starts varying his chords and, after a short period of time, begins to play a lead over the space created.
7:30 Trey and Page alternate ascending phrases as Mike and Fish continue driving the beat.
8:30 The band lays into a nice funky progression that mellows out into…
9:30 Trey plays some very well constructed ambient phrases that move the sound to a less groove-driven rock jam but a more relaxed space jam (the movie).
9:50 In an incredibly fluid transition, the melody shifts to Page as Trey provides very subtle but well-fitting accompaniment.
10:30 The sound mellows out completely at this point and the music begins to head towards new territory.
10:45 Trey is constructing a nice layer of sound with his delay while Mike plays somewhat consistent lines centered around the same notes, in effect anchoring down the jam and giving it room to develop.
10:50 Trey plays three absolutely beautiful phrases from here to 11:20 that Page somehow predicts and accompanies with nearly identical lines.
11:20 Page and Mike play sweeping sustained notes here that envelop the music, while Page also provides a few sparse lines below it. Trey complements with a layer of delay and Fishman quiets down a bit.
11:50 Page plays a descending synthesizer line and whammys up an octave for a couple notes, eventually landing on a single note. Mike plays a note at the beginning of the section that he lets sustain throughout.
12:30 Fishman is playing only on his cymbals now, rolling on the ride and accenting with cymbal splashes. Page begins with a simple theme that provides direction. Trey plays a distorted and wah’d descending line.
12:55 Trey lets a note sustain shortly, Mike comes back in beautifully and complements Page’s theme. Fishman provides a rhythmic accompaniment and accents the rhythm with crash hits. Trey adds a sparse layer over top.
13:30 The theme opens up now that everyone is locked and variation begin to develop.
13:45 Page begins some arpeggiated phrases as Trey provides melody by riffing off the theme earlier developed. Mike stays somewhat constant with a bass line that gives Trey and Page something to work off of melodically. Fishman begins incorporating tom hits into his cymbal rolling.
14:30 The lines Trey plays here are some of the most delicately chosen and played phrases I’ve ever heard from him. Page is on the grand piano at this point, and his accompaniment is beautiful.
15:10 Page takes over here shortly and plays a melody, and then switches to playing chords. Mike plays a couple short melodic phrases, and Trey comes back in with a melody.
15:30 A new theme has begun to develop with Mike as a driving force moving the jam forward.
15:45 Trey and Page play short phrases with few notes as Mike and Fishman fill the space beautifully, and the music becomes more powerful. Fishman is playing very well at this point, allowing the music to flow freely while also providing an interesting rhythm.
16:00 Trey’s melodies become more complex at this point, very pretty and well thought out. The music continues to rise in power.
16:45 Trey lands on a note and lets Page take over. Page plays ascending chords while Trey accompanies with the root note of the mode.
17:10 Page lands on a chord and stops ascending. Trey begins to accompany with upper range chords now.
17:50 Page starts these pretty arpeggiated phrases. Trey, rather than play along with this exactly, comes in with a short phrase that creates tension. Page immediately catches on and begins to ascend and stray from the Bb mixolydian scale that they are playing in. Trey does the same, but at different intervals. Their playing here creates some interesting tension before settling back into the Bb mixolydian.
18:10 Trey and Page trade melodies for a bit and then at…
18:30 Page plays three ascending chords and Fishman complements with four quarter note triplets on the toms which opens the music up immensely. Page plays a descending arpeggio and right as it seems he’s about to resolve, Trey comes in with a melody over-top that creates tension. Page accompanies this shortly and the resolves to a major chord.
18:55 Trey joins Page and develops a short line that he forms melodies around for a bit.
19:35 Trey begins to open the sound by playing some minor key runs. Page hears and starts varying his playing and begins ascending with chords. Trey and Page create tension while ascending and then resolve.
20:30 Page repeats a cool line twice and then Trey begins scratching.
21:05 Very percussive music as Fishman begins to take over and lay into the snare. Trey and Fishman are playing off each other and making very cool noise. Fishman fades a bit.
22:30 Fishman begins to take over again with chaotic playing. Page is making dark sounds along with Trey and Mike letting his notes sustain.
24:00 Trey is trilling and Fishman lays into the bell of a cymbal. He comes back on the drums and the music begins to peter out as everybody makes a few individual runs. The music further fades and a familiar scratch begins…


28:20 The energy here is great after a well executed drop in. Trey descends into a nice funky riff and stays for a while.
28:40 Mike plays an ascending phrase that moves the jam in a lighter direction, and Trey follows with trilling that opens up the music. Page fills in the space with some funky clav action.
29:00 Fuuuuuuuuunk. Trey lays into a sweeeet chord and rhythm here and Page fills in with clavinet.
29:20 Trey transitions to playing lead, he and Mike are each playing long phrases that intertwine and move beautifully.
30:00 The music is meandering a bit, but in the very best way. Interesting melodic lines and involved accompaniment from Mike.
30:10 Mike plays this descending line that Trey mimics immediately. One of those short moments where I have to pause and just think about how impressive the music I just heard was. It’s amazing how quickly Trey latches on and figures out what Mike was playing.
30:20 Page has moved to playing chords and is using a very smooth sound, which adds a consistent layer of sound to the music. Trey holds a note and then Mike comes in with a very cool bluesy riff that keeps the jam moving.
30:50 The band is looking for a direction now. Fish and Trey are laying down a solid base to play with. Page starts playing and Trey joins in. Their playing is flowing and weaving in and out of each other.
31:10 Not much to say here, just wanted to point out how cool Fishman’s beat is right now.
31:45 Trey starts trilling. Page soon joins in with similar playing. Beautiful music here.
32:40 Trey breaks away from trilling and begins building a peak by playing chords. The rest of the band fills in space behind.
33:15 Page is on grand piano now which brings the jam into an entirely new level. Once again, absolutely beautiful playing. Trey plays a line right here that he revisits multiple times in the following couple minutes.
34:40 Trey starts playing more notes here creating a great, very uplifting sound. Page is playing a chord repeatedly here and power is building.
35:20 Release. Trey plays very pretty lines here and Page varies his chords.
35:50 The peak is peaking! Trey is playing three rising notes over and over again and the music swells with power. Beautiful and tight playing.
36:45 Trey starts playing a C-D chord progression. Page follows and starts varying his playing and throwing in atonal notes. Trey follows and the jam dissipates into a very odd and dark segment.
37:40 Fishman starts quoting “Roggae,” very cool stuff. The music crumbles from here and Trey comes in with Limb by Limb chords.
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Review by cuddlyandmuscular

cuddlyandmuscular highly enjoyable first set highlighted by a raging gin (spec fishman) and a great lil Quinn closer.

RIDIC second set with an astoundingly creative and experimental Rock N Roll, a raging Ghost and a especially impressively played Guyute.

top it off with a fun Julius encore and that my friends is how you start a leg 2.

what a second set, man.... good things are in store
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Review by ttombobadly

ttombobadly Great show - first set was very solid, the guelah was good to hear, the Bathtub was one of the better I've heard in awhile and the Quinn the Eskimo was actually pretty smoking.

Of course...second set was pretty amazing from a jamming stand point. Haven't heard them get this outside the box in a long time. It almost looks like 97 or 98 setlist...sounds like it too. Great night, i can't wait to relisten to this show.
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Review by Penn42

Penn42 I've got one word for you: underrated. This is the most underrated show of 2012. As far as I'm concerned, the three best shows of 2012 are Dick's 1, SF 3, and the one you're reading about, and not necessarily in that order. The first set contains letter perfect performances of both Kill Devil Falls and Stash. Neither are the best versions of 2012, but each are perfectly played type I versions. They're so perfect they could have been used as the studio versions. The rest of the set is just good old school fun. That set actually looks, for the most part, like it came right out of Summer '94.

Set two's opening trio, which constitutes well over half the length of the set, is as good a jam sequence as you will find in 2012. I have not heard a more blissful jam than this Rock and Roll. It's not necessarily the most ambient (Fukuoka set II), patient (half the jams from Cypress), or minimalistic (also Fukuoka set II), but I'll be damned if there is a jam that features more empathetic and beautiful playing from Trey and Page. There's a solid 10+ minutes in the middle of this jam where Trey and Page just play these absolutely gorgeous melodies back and forth over a superb foundation laid down by Mike and Fish. After that it dissolves into five minutes of awesome and eery space.

Following Rock and Roll is one of my three favorite 3.0 Ghosts (along with MSG '10 and Albany '09). While I wouldn't call the transition from the Rock and Roll jam into Ghost a segue, the two songs fit together perfectly, like two puzzle pieces. The Rock and Roll jam delicately fades out and Trey delicately starts chunking Ghost, it's absolutely superb. The jam itself is great and the ending features some sick playing from Fish. The Limb to follow foreshadows the hose that would go down in St. Louis 13 days later. This Limb isn't anywhere near as good as the St. Louis version, but it is way better than average and has a different energy than most. The beginning of jams of these two versions actually sound quite similar. The rest of the set is gravy. A very well played Guyute, a great Hood, and a rockin' closer. It would be unreasonable to ask for more.

This is must hear Phish.
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Review by phunky58

phunky58 first set was a big letdown for me and had me worried a bit during setbreak. Then they dropped possibly the best sequence of 2012 thust far.. r&r-->ghost 45+mins of the phish from vermont absolutely locked in. and the beautiful thing is the ghost jam picked up right where r&r jam leftoff. They could of left the stage right then and there and I would of been happy as shit. but they didn't and put down an above average lxl. Then came the far above average Hood annother must hear. For me the first and second sets were like two totally different shows. if you haven't heard rock n roll into ghost do urself a favor and go listen, i cant put it into words.. sign of things to come
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Review by fracai

fracai Not only am I astonished by the band's performances, but one thing I noticed and was impressed by was their song flow. Last year's bit of summer shows I caught felt like the songs were being crammed in and deprived the setlist of time to stretch out in one certain tune. This second set didn't have many songs and certainly wasn't chalk full of Trey trying to load in a bunch of songs at his disposal. It flowed SO so well. I'm so happy I got to catch this beautiful one-off gem before the three nights in San Francisco. Happy phishing everyone!!!
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Review by thehurricane

thehurricane Brought a friend for his first phish show. Parking lot was chill and weather was nice, doesn't get much better than that. I know everybody is raging about the second set which I absolutely loved, but I was floored by the first set. I thought Kill Devil Falls was incredible and I was so stoked to hear a Halloween 98' song. Bathtub Gin went off and I know everbody has been down on Quinn but that was pretty stellar. The second set was a lot of spacey Jammy stuff, which will satisfy all of the people who cry " they don't jam anymore". I was super excited to hear dirt and limb by limb was solid. It looked like they were pulling ripcord on Hood and I could hear murmurs in the crowd like here we go again, then they went back into it and ended it with some oomph. So much for the idea of a warm up show, on to San Francisco, wooo
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Review by tzevy

tzevy RnR was ridiculous!!
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Review by Roofless_Sheds

Roofless_Sheds this HOOD hasn't been mentioned enough. i believe it to be the most dynamic, interesting, and all-around ENGAGING Hood since 2003... and i saw Worcester and Dick's as well.

phenomenal type-2 jamming, with a full breakdown to near-silence, a raging build-up to a sonic space COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than your typical Hood peak, and then... perfect slam into the old-school Hood ending chords, with a little extra energy to boot.

first listened while driving through the Rocky Mountains west of Denver, and you better believe i had the most ridiculous shiz-eating grin on my face the whole time. listen and be amazed!
, attached to 2012-08-15

Review by dpwilljr

dpwilljr Of the entire west coast swing, this was the best show overall in my humble opinion.
The first set was above average with excellent versions of Gin and Quinn.
The second set reached a level I haven't witnessed since Pine Knob last summer.
From start to finish this is arguably a more complete performance than Pine Knob and superior to San Francisco night three.
The second set had an uninterrupted flow from start to finish. I consider it one piece of music rather than seven songs.
It is the reason I keep coming back for more.
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Review by headyburritos

headyburritos My oh my..this Rock and Roll>Ghost! Second set aside for a minute, I really enjoyed the first set as well. Knowing that it was the first set back from the short break in summer tour, I was definitely expecting them to come out and sort of warm it up for a bit. I liked the Suzy opener choice, a good way for Phish to sort of throw it back in our faces while we all tried to guess what kind of crazy Leg 2 opener we'd get. Someone near us made a suggestion that they were doing a 'backwards show,' starting with the encore. That would have been cool..anyway I really dug the first set. Some good jams, but nothing exceptional to write home about. First set highlights; Cool It Down, Stash, Bathtub Gin

Now on to the second set. Anytime Phish launches into RnR, it feels special to me. Maybe because the last RnR that I saw was the Gorge (8/5/11), but I had a feeling from the start that this could be something big. About 10 minutes into RnR and things start to get groovy. What makes this RnR special to me is that the band really puts themselves out there and experiments with new sounds and grooves. They took a lot of chances, and it paid off. Experiencing this live was unbelievable. Anytime it seemed like they might be tapering off and about to launch into a new song, they just turned a musical corner and continued into new space with the jam. They explored so many different melodies and kept adding layers to an already astounding jam.

When RnR finally wrapped up after 25 minutes of near-perfect ambient-style jamming and dropped into Ghost, I nearly lost my sh*t. It was the perfect song to continue the groove. I thoroughly enjoyed the Ghost, and when LxL came, I thought it was the most perfect placement for a LxL. Guyute always gets me going; there's something about the composed pieces of music that I absolutely love. This Guyute was executed quite well, and I think it adds a lot of energy to the set.

Dirt. If there had to be a slow song in this set, Dirt is definitely it. I couldn't have asked for a more appropriate slow song to cool it off for a few minutes before that Hood. I actually remember saying, "Are they gonna play a slow song?? I need to stop dancing so hard." Dirt will always work for me, it's a pretty song and I enjoy the message it sends. Closing the set with Hood>GTBT...I don't think I need to say anything else.

Probably one of the best second sets of 3.0. It will definitely get compared to the Crosseyed sandwich from 8/19/12 and that whole second set, but as I re-listen to this show, I'm slowing moving it closer to the top of my list. There seems to be a real FLOW in this set that perhaps wasn't totally in the 8/19 second set..either way, both pieces of music are outstanding and worth a listen. I like the Julius encore, getting the phans ready to rage for 3 nights in SF. Rock on people!
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Review by runawaydro

runawaydro They gave us what we wanted with that 20+ RnR.. Something tells me there will be more standouts to come.. Great start to the 2nd leg.
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Review by Higgins

Higgins From the Suzy opener to the Julius closer, the boys were on fire. That Rock & Roll, that Ghost, that Hood, just amazing. Mixed in with the fact that the venue was awesome and I made some good friends hanging out in Long Beach make this my top Phish experience yet. Until Chicago '14, which will be EUPHORIA.
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Review by vtspeedy

vtspeedy How 'bout that Hood? I was spinning the show on the way to the beach yesterday with a carload of kiddoes raising a ruckus and trying to catch a sneak preview before we get home and I can slap on the headphones and really dive into the goo, when Gordo's snarly bass filter silenced the little monkeys and I got a good 13 minutes of bliss. Always amazes me how some versions of some songs just have the "pop." I can't define it, but I always know it when its there.
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Review by markah

markah I heard that Ghost-like jamming pre-Ghost too, @Phabolous.
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Review by markah

markah As amazing as the R&R>Ghost is (and it really....REALLY is...) the Gin is clearly the highlight of Set I.

Check out this Gin: I'm hearing some "Tequila" teases from Page (and Mike joins in) beginning at 3:59...and then this jam wastes no time. Trey stays within the theme and even quotes it over the next couple of minutes, but Fishman quickly tightens up the beat and leans into the high-hat a little more, and the rest of them follow into an aggressive tear through the next portion. Trey gives us some of his classic tremolo that usually signals the end--but then we get another build up (ending with some great, really uncharacteristic improv!!!) which carries over into the very last run-through of the phrase before returning to the jam. In these last few moments before the theme returns, the bass is especially stunning!! This Gin is one of the best examples of collective (i.e., not "Trey-led" or "DoMIKEnated") jamming I've seen from this band.
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Review by horpsnark

horpsnark My Beer was the first to be spilled on the floor page side where everyone was sitting sorry boys and girls. had a blast though now im home just listened to it awesome show. sorry about the wet floor for an hour brfore the opener but i came back and trid to clean it up.
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Review by funkbeard

funkbeard Storage Jam appearance in this jam?

I finally realized the meaning.

From this time forth, Phish are going to be so great on a consistent basis that you do not have enough storage on your computer or even in the hours of your life to hear it all. If you thought the past was great, get a load of what's likely to come next!

They're promoting Hampton '97 with long jams this year, and the jams are incredibly meaningful again and again. Hell, there's that moment Mike Gordon had where the compositions and jams blended into perfect balance and he had something like a religious experience. Now we get this chapter of Phish that conveys that feeling in a way I can appreciate.

I'm listening for the first time, and I'm at the first spacey turn of the jam, and it's really questing and gorgeous. I love Phish 2012!
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Review by runawayjimi

runawayjimi I made sure not to wear shoes. I made sure not to not be in front. I made sure not to not not leave withought the blisters on me feet.... I would like to not, not, never not convey that that the suzy was illustrious. And don't never not say that I Am correct in expressing my gratitude.
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Review by bosox424221

bosox424221 This show was amazing. First set was high energy and well executed.

Second set was...well...just listen to it. Unreal.

Well done boys.
, attached to 2012-08-15

Review by HarryHood1

HarryHood1 great great great show, but where was the bieber tease that everyone was talking about, please let me know
, attached to 2012-08-15

Review by thehurricane

thehurricane Brought a friend for his first phish show. Parking lot was chill and weather was nice, doesn't get much better than that. I know everybody is raging about the second set which I absolutely loved, but I was floored by the first set. I thought Kill Devil Falls was incredible and I was so stoked to hear a Halloween 98' song. Bathtub Gin went off and I know everbody has been down on Quinn but that was pretty stellar. The second set was a lot of spacey Jammy stuff, which will satisfy all of the people who cry " they don't jam anymore". I was super excited to hear dirt and limb by limb was solid. It looked like they were pulling ripcord on Hood and I could hear murmurs in the crowd like here we go again, then they went back into it and ended it with some oomph. So much for the idea of a warm up show, on to San Francisco, wooo
, attached to 2012-08-15

Review by Hydronaut

Hydronaut I wasn't at the show, but I am deep into Rock & Roll as I write this, and things are getting tropical..
, attached to 2012-08-15

Review by mantecatweeze

mantecatweeze Also, there has been some discussion as to whether Cool It Down is a bustout or not. After looking up the stats;

Played seven times in phistory
played 1 in 51 shows since its debut

That right there qualifies for bustout status

Now, granted they have played the song twice this summer, once in 2010 and once in 2009, one might be able to make an argument for perennial.

But it is still a bustout song and great to hear! Thank you Phish!

How about perennial bustout?
, attached to 2012-08-15

Review by saroks5415

saroks5415 Wow. Wish I could've seen this one.
I'd be as happy as a pig in dirt ;)
, attached to 2012-08-15

Review by Divided_Stash

Divided_Stash Suzy Greenburg: nice choice for the tour opener

Cities: outro stays within the theme, while a bit extended

Kill Devil Falls: nice Trey solo

Guelah Papyrus: played well

Cool It Down: nice rare cover with some Mike action at the end

Rift: standard

Stash: average lil type 1 build

Bouncing Around The Room: standard

Bathtub Gin: stays type 1 but the peak is fabulous

Quinn The Eskimo: high energy to close the first set

Rock And Roll: here it is pholks. Starting the second set is the longest song of 3.0 before the Tahoe Tweezer. Settles down into a satisfying mellow groove that has ambient pieces. After sticking with this general theme for a while it morphs with some spacy effects from Trey and Mike with some sporadic drumming from Fish, before some bass bombs and a transition into

Ghost: after the monster RnR we get more type 2 jamming here. Fish locks onto a fantastic groove with some great Trey and Page interplay. Afterwards Trey finds a nice lick to build around before they break off again in great fashion with Roggae lyrics mixed in

Limb By Limb: fun playing from Trey

Guyute: performed very well

Dirt: standard

Harry Hood: Trey uses a nice effect to make the first build a bit nicer, and they even break free for a bit with a quiet jam with Trey using a watery effect. The peak is tremendous as always

Good Times Bad Times: fun high energy set closer

Julius: more high energy to close the show

In my opinion this show is the turning point of 3.0. If I divide the era into 2 major sectors it's before this show and here on. The late summer tour 2012 is the big return of type 2 jamming and this second set starts it off greatly. The first set is pretty average though. But whether you say it's a great show itself or not, its significance can’t be understated. This is an 8.5/10. Highlights are Stash, Gin, Rock And Roll, Ghost, and Hood
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Review by hansokolow

hansokolow I just gave this one a relisten after many years. Such great energy this night. I remember the venue being a bit crappy in a lovable way. Like an old skating rink. It felt old school and a bit cheap, but right at home. Walking into the venue, the building is part of the Long Beach Aquarium complex, I think, so the whole circular building has a giant underwater scene mural with whale and fish and everything. Kind of great for a Phish show, a giant fish tank.
But, lest it be forgotten, I don’t think anyone’s mentioned here that, once inside, word got around the place that Justin Bieber was in attendance, I think with his GF at the time, Selena Gomez. They were at the soundboard all night, apparently. This was around the time when Bieber “borrowed” Chris Kuroda to run lights for his tour. So I guess he was there checking out the light setup. Anyway, you couldn’t help but feel that the band was almost showing off for the Beebs, trying to blow his mind. That’s what it felt like when Rock and Roll (so good!) got really weird. It was like, eat this, Bieber.
Anyway, it’s all speculation, but that was the buzz in Long Beach. Such a great energy that night. I sure would love to see one like this right now, but we’ll have to wait a year (or more) until the Covid passes. Stay safe, y’all.
, attached to 2012-08-15

Review by jamra27

jamra27 Now, I'm still in the process of building a solid Phish show repertoire; currently at 6 attended shows and will be at 12 by the end of the year. But as you can imagine I have also listened to recorded versions of countless others. Of all the show's I've been to, this one takes the cake. The best 3.0 to date. Ironically, the venue was far from sold out due being so out of the average phan's radar and there being three consecutive SF shows immediately following. Phish really delivered a special show for those that made the effort to attend.

I know everyone's raving over the Rock n' Roll > Ghost, and so will I! Holy balls, what an experience. The longest, most delicate and amazing space jam I've ever heard live, and one of my favorites ever. Who would have guessed it would have come out of Rock n' Roll? NO ONE! Brilliant. Ghost was equally trance inducing and was the first I had seen live. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

Basically, the entire second set was pure fire. I can't recommend hearing it enough.

BUT THE FIRST SET WAS GREAT TOO! Kill Devil Falls, Guelah, Stash, a Cool It Down bust-out and Quinn The Eskimo all were phenomenal. The band was locked in the whole time. CHECK THIS SHOW OUT!
, attached to 2012-08-15

Review by RunawayJim4180

RunawayJim4180 To say this was an improvement over the last SoCal show is a massive understatement. A sampling of what to look for in this show:

Set 1:
Bustout-Cool it Down
Big Energy-Stash
Extended Jam-Gin
Fast and Ferocious-KDF

Set 2:
Bustout (at least a rarity)-Dirt
Big Energy-Guyute
Extended Jam-Rock N' Roll>Ghost
Fast and Ferocious-Good Times Bad Times
2.0 Flashback (Trey's tone)-Hood
, attached to 2012-08-15

Review by Stash

Stash My first indoor PHISH experience was one to remember. Long Beach Arena was ready the boys were ready and Leg II immediately had potential. I will save the best jam, best set, best show arguments to the rest of you fine pholks. I had a damn good time!
, attached to 2012-08-15

Review by Stash

Stash My first indoor PHISH experience was one to remember. Long Beach Arena was ready the boys were ready and Leg II immediately had potential. I will save the best jam, best set, best show arguments to the rest of you fine pholks. I had a damn good time!
, attached to 2012-08-15

Review by DreadBeast

DreadBeast Since I moved to Cali I only really get one show a year, but man, this was a great one. The first set was unbelievable. Opening with Suzy and Cities was a lot of fun, both got us all going having an awesome time, then they laid down an amazing Kill Devil Falls. This KDF was so far superior to last year at the Hollywood Bowl that it's not even worth talking about. The growing power in this jam was something really special. I was super pumped to get a Guelah right after this, as was everyone else (or so it seemed to me). The Cool It Down bustout was totally unexpected, but good. If we only knew they were just giving us a little break! The Rift / Stash back-to-backer had me furiously dancing and rocking out. There was an amazing vibe in the arena that you just had to feel to know (you guys know what I mean). Solid Bouncing (short as always) followed by the always crowd-pleasing Bathtub and a satisfying Quinn. Overall, this is one of the best sets I've ever seen live.

My buddies were a little disappointed with the second set, but I really dug the jams after the high-energy first set. RnR was a great way to kick things off, and then they settled into a really groovy Ghost. Limb also surprised me, pleasantly, and meshed well with the Guyute follow-up. Dirt for some people isn't what they want to hear live, but I love that song and I was happy to see it, especially in that part of the show. Of course, as with Cool It Down, we were just getting a break before a nasty, funktastic Hood and a solid GTBT closer.

It's my first review, so I don't want to create a rep as a whiner. I'm not one of those people as I think you see above. But I have to say that the Julius encore was a bit of a downer, if only because I've literally heard Julius live more than any other song. It's fun, it was a fun encore, don't get me wrong. Maybe they just know I'm in the house and think I love Julius :) I guess I should appreciate the awesome show instead of saying I wished they would have given us a second song or a YEM encore, right?

Seriously, this show rocked in a big way. I'm glad to be here with what seems like a really good group of fans.
, attached to 2012-08-15

Review by leucadiaMike

leucadiaMike I've been on the train since '93. Growin' up right up the hill from Red Rocks didn't hurt. Last years Hollywood Bowl show, although good, didn't have the expected energy. Unique venue, but left wanting. Long Beach brought me back!! Fun and exceptionally energetic crowd for SoCal! Good small venue, too. Second set was ridiculous! Only complaint, and it's a not a bad complaint to have by any means, is that there were a few repeats from the Bowl. Cities (which has recently started becoming one of my fav's), Kill Devil Falls, Quinn the Eskimo, and closin' with the Julius @ both. Again, not complainin' (at least not much! LoL).
, attached to 2012-08-15

Review by smuggs

smuggs this show was awesome as everyone has said. must add that the hood was potentially played for a 4th grader for their 4th show as a sign page side of the soundboard under the seats read. still taking requests !
, attached to 2012-08-15

Review by phortin

phortin Rock and Roll > Ghost is must hear all-star Phish. The longest song of 3.0 (so far) and then a sublime Ghost with a peak that reminded me of the 12/31/10 version. Absolute awesome stuff. First time shooting the band in the pit -- then they delivered a jam that most won't soon forget. A memorable night to say the least! Photo Gallery is below
, attached to 2012-08-15

Review by goodguy

goodguy Unfortunately, I have only been able to make it socal shows over the years. With money and family it hasn't worked out. We get good shows here in socal, but nothing that stands out above anything else.
We finally got one! You could feel it through out the night that everyone could feel the energy.
From beginning to end the best socal show I've ever seen! Sucks that I have to likely wait another year to see my favorite group of musicians...
, attached to 2012-08-15

Review by TheProfessor

TheProfessor @Hose_jam I totally agree re: Ghost jam sounding Gin-like. The crowning point I've played for a few friends in "mystery jam" style and their first guess was Gin. That seque into LxL was nasty, even if not the smoothest.
, attached to 2012-08-15

Review by mantecatweeze

mantecatweeze Thanks again for the stream mmm_phish. I am glad you brought the external battery. I am lucky to have heard this show last night! Second set was incredible!
, attached to 2012-08-15

Review by Phabolous

Phabolous Almost positive in the middle of that Rock n Roll they teased the Ghost, then waited 15 minutes till they brought It up to bat.
, attached to 2012-08-15

Review by swungwell

swungwell First set solid as could be. You could tell they were feelin the groove. Then.......Second set blew me away! Jam heaven!
, attached to 2012-08-15

Review by hitmanoo

hitmanoo That should read Rock and Roll, Ghost.
NOT Rock and Roll > Ghost.

That was NOT a segue.
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