In a nod to the previous show's Neil Young prank, Trey teased Sugar Mountain in Divided Sky. I Didn’t Know featured Fish on washboard and The Horse featured Trey on acoustic guitar. Runaway Jim contained a Simpsons signal and Weekapaug contained a Random Note signal.

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Sugar Mountain tease in Divided Sky
Debut Years (Average: 1989)

This show was part of the "1993 Winter/Spring Tour"

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, attached to 1993-04-02

Review by DollarBill

DollarBill Continuing to head further north, the 44th show of the tour finds us in Washington for the only show at the Mt. Baker Theatre. I have mixed emotions about this one for a few reasons. First off, I love the tapers and everything they've done, but somewhere along the line transferring this one down to 44.1 through Sound Forge was a bad move and made this show almost unlistenable to my ears. Sorry, just an opinion. I would love to hear the original recording untouched off of the DAT. Second, It almost seems as if this is a hangover show for the boys, most notably Fishman, who seemed a little off all night. Too much Fools Day partying? However, the back half of the second set is freaking sweet! Mostly the Mike's trio, but even Bike is pretty good. And the word of the day is Rock! Flat out ROCK!!!

Buried Alive opens up and is kind of timid and a little off from Mike. Right into an ok Poor Heart, complete with digi-noise from the recording source. They just don't sound locked in yet. Foam was a little sloppy at times, but rocked by the end. And as lame as Bouncing usually is, this one also kind of rocked. I'm not sure if Page got some new contraption to simulate the chimes at the beginning of Divided Sky, but it is ear piercing. Sky itself is also a little off and disjointed at times, but rocks hard. IDK brings Fish out on washboard and actually had a YEM style vocal jam at the ending Doug part. Ice was ok; maybe a few spots off from Mike, and the middle just came to a dead stop for some reason. Trey and Page seemed to have miscues in Sparkle, but Fishman kept good control. Maze rocks, a little sloppy, but super rocking. Golgi was an ok closer, dynamic, but a little off all the way through.

Pretty good Jim to start off second set, nice jam. Fishman has a big oops in the bridge of Sample, but oh well it's still new. He also misses the end part of an ok Pen and they are still not locked in. Llama starts to change that and completely rocks. Horse was actually pretty good with a much tighter, groovier Silent to follow. Here's where it gets good; a nice Mike's with a great jam, a pretty decent Hydrogen, and a whopper of a Weekapaug. Really stellar jam as we start to see a glimpse of the future jams we'll hear! Lizards is good on the front end, but got a little off in the transition to Trey's solo, and had an ok end. Then the Balls come out... HYHU brings Fish back out for a solid Bike, and even if you don't like vacuum solos, check this one out. A rocking Chalk Dust closes out a pretty good second set.

Everyone gets shushed for a pretty good Grace, and then rocks out to the perfect encore for this show; Rocky Top! Nicely done!

Not to speculate too much about the band, but it seemed like somewhere in the second set they just said F-it! And they woke up and rocked until they couldn't rock any more. The Weekapaug alone moved this one up to four stars for me, but the show itself should settle in around three and a half.
, attached to 1993-04-02

Review by Penn42

Penn42 Almost a year ago I started a project where I was going to listen to every Winter/Spring ’93 show on its anniversary and write a review of it. I made it about 12 shows and 8 reviews before I knew I wasn’t going to make it. Totally had a good time listening (and even found a total undiscovered gem in 2.7.93), but I was just too antsy when it came to listening to "other" Phish. My model wasn’t sustainable. So perhaps over the course of years I’ll be able to fill in gaps in this seventy-some show tour if I just slowly but surely listen and review. Who am I kidding? Probably not gonna happen.

Regardless, I threw this show on this lazy Sunday morning because there was some forum buzz floating around about the Weekapaug, which I hadn’t heard before. The Weekapaug does indeed rage. Reaches some nice repetitive areas before coming down, bouncing suddenly back up, and ragin’ to the finish. @DollarBill, who’s the ’92-’93 review king, has a far better ear for compositional accuracy than I ever will. I thumb him up on principle for all his work giving us a consistent viewpoint from which we can read about these shows, but while I can hear all the little details he points out, they don’t always detract for me as much as they do him.

In this instance, I think this is a pretty darn nice show, Paug notwithstanding. Paug is the highlight, but there’s lots of on-point playing and awesome set listing going on too. The Nak CM300 recording I listened to just so happens to bring out Page in places I never fully noticed before. The beginning of Divided Sky is a good example. I’ve never quite paid as much attention to Page at this part of this song as I did listening to the Nak CM300 recording of it.. His part in places (0:35 to be exact) is almost reminiscent of parts of the studio version of Ween’s Ice Castles. That’s what I love about this band: been listening religiously for the better part of seven years and there’s still a little something I hadn’t fully processed before.

All in all this show really hit the spot this morning. I can’t tell you if it was a perfect storm of external factors or if this show is actually awesome, but I’d recommend listening to the whole thing. Mike’s Groove > Lizards and Divided Sky were my favorite parts. Golgi too, cuz Golgi is always one of my favorite parts.
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