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Review by themayor

themayor Hello all, I am a new phan as of a year ago. The last few weeks I have really been getting HEAVILY into Phish. But for the past year I have on and off been enjoying their shows. But I keep a journey spreadsheet of all the shows I've listened to. I am journeying through the Baker's Dozen. N8 seems as though it will be better just from the jump. Let's get into it!
Immediately we are thrown The Curtain With, which goes into a groovy funky jam for about half the duration and then abruptly and sloppily slows down into the beautiful melodic section. It falls into a nice driving jam with great drumming from Fish and incredible playing all around. Complimenting each other. This one song is already better than all of N7. It ends with a nice chord and then...

We hit Runaway Jim. A strong Jim composed section bursts out. It goes into a fun type 1 that really goes for it.

Waking Up Dead I had never heard before. I need to go listen to Big Boat all the way sometime. I think that this song is really odd and cool, though. I would love to hear more of it.

Then we get Esther which I can't recall ever hearing before. Which is crazy, because I know it's popular. I enjoyed it's weird buoyancy.

Home goes into a nice peak with its driving rock jam.

Brian and Robert, a more rare song from Story of the Ghost. A nice little tune that actually has a beautiful and sad meaning to it. I enjoy hearing this, and Trey's improving singing voice over the years does it justice. All of the guys for that matter.

Nellie Kane picks up the pace a bit here. Fun little Mike tune. Has a small little noodly jam section.

Next is Colonel Forbin's Ascent. Performed really well. Climbing the mountain felt intense.

It went into Mockingbird, which was cool. It was performed really well.

Bowie started off really strong. It goes into a really mellow Type II jam going really soft funky. It goes strong the whole time. Set I was fun, and I have a feeling that Set II is going to go hard.

We open with The Who song from Quadraphenia, Drowned. Mike is on vocals and its awesome. I LOVE hearing Mike! Weird, because I love hearing Mike, the bassist of Green Day (my faovorite band) sing with them as well. It went into DEEP space.

Before going into A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing. It starts off strong and rocking. It gest really really strange and creepy around 8 or 9 minutes in. It picks up a groove, albeit a soft one, not too long later. It then goes into a distant train coming space section. It fades away. Perfect. Back to Back 22 and 18 minute jams.

Then the OOM PAH PAH comes out! Harpua! My god. I thought it probably would come out at some point, but when? N8. It starts off really rocky but actually picks up the groove as Trey starts to sing. The guys debate about whether the universe is a donut. They settle that it most likely is. And then they go into the Poster Nutbag is dead bit. It really mellows out and then ends with a big bang.

Then we get the drum intro into 2001. Wow. Funk. Synth jam midway through. Peaks right at end with the main melody.

>Golgi. Great tune. Let's see where it goes. Not even 2 minutes into the song and its already really well played. That was a perfectly short but sweet version. I love it.

They bust into The Good Old Summer Time which was premiered 2 weeks earlier on 7/14. Its acapella, and they do it well.

Encore is The Wind Cries Mary by Hendrix. It was Phish debut and still the only time they played it. A great cover short and sweet to end the set. I like it. This show stood out a lot more than N7.
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