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Review by 2202003_4lyfe

2202003_4lyfe This is show that will live in infamy. Its a story in sense. An awesome show in another. Decent venue after a little comment i read about this venue being Blockbuster sponsored at first helped explain the architecture of this shed. The shake was tight yet within it there was much politeness and fair. Heady toppers and ice cream. Old friends reunited, scents and subtle sounds. But then i sat in the wrong seat. But phish was playing so no time to move to where my buddy was cause i thought i was in my seat lol.

Have Mercy had me in a absolute rasta man zone of a buzz. I was in awe really. Ive been very very fortunate in my phish shows. But this was over my head. Would of guessed it in a million years. I was catatonic. The rest of set was just a blazing fast ripper of a set. Just unbelievable seeing this band perform like this. Its funky unpredictable rock. Its not experimental jazz or even improvisation anymore. Its phish rock. These songs, and friends create such an amazing feeling. I love it.

Second set found friends. Good call doobies and good quality friendship. My buddy has been to 43 phish shows 23 more than me. But funny enough everyone with me has been fucking sick. Maybe not deer creek 04 as much but still a great experience with friends, camp etc cough mushrooms. This time im not tripping anymore. Ive reaped the rewards of careful usage. Maybe some other day. Anyways Runaway Jim is a big favorite of mine and my buddy's seen it a bunch if times. Over 12. Which is kind of a joke between us. Either way I laughed. Kinda too hard i teared up. Scents is welcome at almost any position in a set. After jim euphoric. Its no into but does it need it when it enters blissland no? Tweezer is my most heard song its official after this show. So phish kinda got me and my buddy so i laughed again. Lifeboy really almost got me teared up. My buddy helped me regain faith in god again. I told him i didnt really believe anymore when i was out of high school. He cared enough to tell me other wise. So very far. Those guitar licks in that song are so great. But what really stood out to me in my first life boy was i never really heard the music enough because the lyrics are so powerful to me because of that very story. So ASHITOS is a highly highly under jammed song. I mean this so g should be played for at least 15 mins every time. Oh shit Sand i forgot about Sand. Because i really forgot sand. After the show my buddies homeboy mentioned sand and was like what sand lol? Taste that phans taste that phor phree! Love the song placement. Sand is hard to beat in a sense of lyrical power and jamming and momentum of dancing. But Ashitos and Taste a beautiful i mean perfect Twenty Years Later! Rejoice Phans Rejoice! This set before i get to the rest was strong and confident by all band members Fishman played so well. He absolutely killed it. Page is better than anyone who play piano in a rock band. He is so consistent and his voice is under rated, and if phish wants to really step it up a but page could feature more songs. Trey has captained this ship for a long time but page to me is on top. Trey in this night was on top but has shown an ability to play to his bands strengths. Grasping the oppurtunity let everyone shine. People hate on him a lot. I heard that some dude at blossom was yelling fuck you trey at the top of his lungs during miss you, and this mollied out chick was screaming at the top of her lungs and crying like a maniac. But possum just shits on all that negativity as the band came together like fierce tornado and ripped the hinges off pnc. People wanted more i mean as soon as the band stepped off the stage people where in a panic. More is what they got. I like More, Miss You, Bug, etc i dont leave early cause golgi wasnt played for the 927th time. Tweezer Reprise was expected but honestly i wanted more that possum just makes me phish crazy.

So shows over lot/ shake time. Balloons are in full fill pop repeat. 10$. Highest ive ever seen. They are making a lot of money and people arnt even haggling i know because i was drunk and kind of in awe of the whole aspect of the operation but i was struggling with my wallet my hands where not working with my mind i was pretty tired/ stoned/ drunk/ yet bound to no2. I guess i fumbled my wallet. But i woke up the next morning and realized its absence. I live in Mi im in NC. Buddy bails me out i venmo him. Its 6292019. Wallet was found that night. Scott tried really hard to find me. I guess other people did as well. Karma is real people. Do unto other as you would yourself. God loves you. You may have it rough or great but be humble help other be kind and take risks beyond your sense or idea of fear. Ive helped and taught people quite a bit in my day. Ive changed a lot to be who i am and i promise all of you that i will change even more. To be better and help more! Be your own reprise! We are a phamily! I overall give this show a 8.9/ 10. If the venue owners where smart they would take a serious look into blossom music center and mane some changes. That area could use a really awesome barn.


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