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12_29_97_4eva Posted on behalf of @phanastasio:

Set 1: Demand - This is apparently some new song that Trey wrote. The lyrics are disjointed and make no sense, and musically this song is all over the place. I guess they haven't quite figured it out how it should end yet because it just kinda stops. What a weird way to start a show. Should've gone with Kill Devil Falls. Next up was another weird song called the Curtain Wish. It started off interesting with some cool guitar runs, but then it had this weird big E minor section that was just a watered down copy of the same section from Slave to the Traffic Light. And speaking of copying, then this song just straight up RIPPED OFF the solo section from Rift, except it played it really weirdly slow and in a different key. And just when you think the mimicry was done, they just stuffed a sped up Reba jam to the end of it. This band is really starting to run out of musical ideas. It's time to revisit some of the song-writing techniques they mastered while recording Joy, or else the next few years are gonna get really boring. After the Curtain Wish came some boring ass blues song called The Alumni. Once again Trey got overly nostalgic with the lyrics, saying something about getting a degree. Dude, you're 50 years old. It's time to move on. Although at least it had this cool little instrumental section in the middle, but that was way too short before they went back to the college song. After Alumni Whatever came this super weird Mike Gordon Band song about face fucking. Dude is so weird. After that awkward interlude came -- you guessed it -- ANOTHER BEATLES SONG. What is with this band and the Beatles this tour!? I'm so sick of all these Abbey Road songs. PLAY YOUR OWN MUSIC. Speaking of their own music, finally something good! Sing Monica was its usual rocking self. I cannot get enough of this song...I wish they'd play it every damn set. It didn't go Type II though, so that was kind of a letdown. After Since Monica was another weird jazzy number called McGrupp and the Horse Masters. Lyrically this song proved once again that the band doesn't know how to write songs anymore. There was some ridiculous line about a guy named Dave. HAHA PHISH! ANOTHER INSIDE JOKE! Get over yourselves. After The Horse Master was that stupid song they played at Halloween last year. Why they didn't cover something cool on Halloween, like the newest Mumford and Sons, I'll never know. Oh well, I guess that's just Phish for you. Okay, so remember that weird Mike song about face fucking? Well next up they played a very similar song except the tempo was sped up. This one was about aliens. Fucking weirdo, Mike. After the Mars song came yet another bluesy song in A. I think it was a cover or something but I've never heard of it. It sounded really 1970s-ish though. After that came a kinda cool song that got really intense. I think it's called Stars Suck or something like that. Pretty cool. After all that ridiculousness we finally got a song that made the set feel special--David Bowie! I'm so glad they played one of their good songs. I think they closed the set with this song -- which is rare these days -- as a tribute to David Bowie, who died a couple weeks ago. Anyway, all I can say is that set was fucking weird and stupid and so I left at setbreak to go play Pokemon Go down at the wharf. I miss the old Phish.
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