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Review by colforbin310

colforbin310 Someone needed to mention this Tweezer. While not the best known of the crazy-ass Tweezers, this one is just as crazy as the rest of 'em. You all know the ones I'm talking about, Bozeman, Bangor, Mud Island, the Fleezer, Bomb Factory, Mesa, Fox Theater, all of those. This Tweezer might not be as good as all those listed above (or bad if you don't enjoy when Phish gets weird, but let's be honest who doesn't), but its still really cool.

The opening is pretty standard, maybe a little extra funk than most 95 Tweezers. Trey starts the jam off weirdly with some wah'd out chording giving the jam a funky sound that seems two years early. But it gets weird fast, a lot of listening between everyone here, especially Trey and Mike and a lot of interjecting of weird chords. Still weirdly funky. Very off-kilter. Around 6:50 it breaks into almost double time but softly with strange chording from trey and page. This soon disintegrates into strange dissonant hits from everyone and now its almost half time. back into Tweezer sounding jam at 8:10. fantastic rhythmic playing from everyone. Super funky jam here in the 8th minute. Soon weirdness returns as the jam quiets at around 9:10. Sounds like the ending of AC/DC bag but drawn out. This turns into a scary bluegrassy jam with little fast plucking from everyone accentuated by Fishman's hi hat. Super weird at 10:30. Strange sounds from trey. Unexplainably weird jam around 11:20. Won't even try to describe it. Disintegrates at 11:40. Spacey weird shit now, still active though like the spacey parts of the Mesa (12/9/94) Tweezer. Not very pleasant. Weird interplay between Mike and Trey at 12:40 that sounds cool but very erie. Page joins this with piano fills. Fish is very light on the cymbals. Trey develops a cool theme at 13:30. Every one plays off this cool jam starts to develop at 14:00. Very cool jam here. Starts picking up. I really like this part a lot, its a rocking continuation of the weird bluegrassy stuff. Trey starts soloing in a strange manner at 15:10. Jam breaks down in to a weird double time thing. Little tinklings from everyone around 16 minutes and it starts picking up. Scary build up. Trey soloing happily but no one else's instruments are making happy noises. At 17 minutes this weirdness is sustained for a long time. Until, it breaks down at 17:30. Spaceyness here. Very weird. At 18:13, yes that exact time, out of nowhere Fishman blows out of the gates with a double time beat that everyone instantly adheres to. Sweetness. I feel a hose jam coming. Here we go. YUP. Trey starts chording like crazy but its over to soon. Oh no. Back to weird rhythmic stuff. sounds almost reggae-like at 19:30. Full blown reggae jam around 20 minutes. Trey slipping in the Tweezer theme here. Slowly picking up into a reggae Tweezer jam. Weird, but so cool, this is like Makisupa mixed with Tweezer! Back into the full blown Tweezer theme. Great transition. Sweet little jam at 22:00. Very funky, no big solo form Trey. Just starts coming down into Lifeboy.

All in all, not my favorite tweezer. It reminds me of the Bangor tweezer in that its a lot of short unrelated jams all strung together that all sound more-or-less strange. Much more active than Bangor though. So this tweezer is perfect if you're in the mood for a super weird Phish jam that is not that spacey. And to conclude my review of this Tweezer I will reiterate: WEIRD!


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