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Review by Matty1222

Matty1222 ]How could they top that Friday show? The energy, passion, emotion, and intent that was displayed on Friday night was intense. You felt it. It was undeniable. The concert ended. After parties were had. Stories were shared. Rest, wake, repeat and here we are again. Ready for round 2 and they didn’t waste any time phunking around.

Sand kicked off the first set and sets an immediate vibe with Trey looking noticeably more relaxed and patient. They jam on this and make sure to give it one proper lift off to the moon before going back into the Sand riff to cap out a heater of a first song. Proving tonight isn’t going to be your run of the mill first set, Mike rumbles his bass and we’re off into DWD. This hasn’t been quite the summer for DWD where only Camden and Austin come to mind but Dick Diseases usually don't disappoint. Trey changed his tone after a few minutes, Page starts doing the space noises, and we find ourselves in a Gordon driven jam with Page adding splashes, Fishman grinding, and Trey being patient. This shit will get your head bopping. That is until Trey decides build it up to a frenzy then completed it with its proper ending and now we’re on our way.

Shade followed DWD and gave us our first ballad of the long weekend. They sound-checked this pre-show so though a slight bust out, didn’t come as a complete shocker. Home gave Page a chance to test out the vocals and they executed this quite nicely. They went quickly into a raging Wolfmans Brothers. Keeping it pretty high tempo the whole time with a nice peak at the end. Wolfman introduces his good friend Mr Wombat and this the animal has some funky vibe vibing. They nailed the lyrics and changes and seemed to be having some fun with this number but didn't really venture much.

Next up is one we all expected this weekend. Some called it as an opener for last nights gig. Everything’s Right stepped on the court and gave some new meaning and reflection to the lyrics we have heard Trey happily sing for the last couple years. They jammed it, we loved it and then they decided to serve up one of our favorite cocktails Bathtub Gin. This Gin had some pop and was really building momentum and upon peak Trey kicked it up another level where I can only assume their amps were turned up to 11 at the time. Then, just when you think they are going to kick it into ludicrous speed, Trey opts for the Ginn riff and they end the set gently. This is a very solid first set and one we would sign up for any day. Moving on.

Set 2 kicks off with Set your Soul Free. Downvote me all you want but I love this song. Love the lyrics, love the vocal harmony at the end, and I love the way my 3 year old daughter sings it around the house. It’s fun. This songs jam stays pretty uptempo for a while and then they slow it down where you start to notice your eyes closing while Trey and Page have a musical conversation using multiple effects on their respective instruments. They catch a real fine wave and carve that sucker up and down till Trey starts repeating a three cord riff similar to DWD Mexico that we are all familiar with. After toying with that for a minute thing quiet down and Page rings out the opening notes to Fuego.
The rocked the song with Trey adding some extra effects and the jam was par for the course until Trey employed a strange effect and the band followed which created a psychedelic feel. Some heavy stuff in there with incredible focus and timing. Fuego came to a quick end before Mike could “drill” us home and CDT was underway and fast tempo one of that. (3.0 fast). Without slowing down for any turns, CDT went full speed into the the bright white lights that CK5 had on full throttle while the crowd chanted “Can I Live While I’m Young” like it was the first time they ever sang those liberating words of freedom.

Now, this where the concert takes a few Twist” and turns before arriving at the song selected for the fourth slot. Twist came and went pretty quick and changed quickly into Piper. Intro was short and sweet. Jam was uplifting, relentless, had multiple themes. Give it a spin. They decided that given the distance to the pin, a Wedge would appropriate and it played well. They had time for one more phunk phest. 2001 has been one of 2018’s MVP’s with segues, teases, and the best CL5’s light show has to offer. Calling them relisten -able would be an understatement. This was a solid 2001 that had moments and was what everyone thought would close the set until Sneaky Sally and Slave came through to give this show the one two punch it it earned but didn’t need. Sally was standard. I don’t give my opinion on Slave. Every Slave to the Traffic Light is different for every passenger that boards it’s train. To each their own with that one. But check this one out, it rocks. You want “More”. You got it. Sing along. Lights Close. Saturday Night 2 in the Books.
P.S I wrote this review while watching the web stream and posted it immediately after the show at close to 2am EST. . I find writing these and reading yours a lot of fun. Enjoy, thanks for reading, and don’t ever ever ever miss a Sunday
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