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Looking for a certain bustout this summer? Hoping to catch a certain song at a certain venue? Looking for more long jams and fewer micro-jams? Create some good vibes towards making your wish come true by making a conditional pledge to a charitable cause!

Here’s how it works:
1. Go to this form: Google Form For Good Karma Hope You Get Your Tour Wish Fundraiser
The only personal information we ask for in the form is your first name and an email address to reach you if your conditional pledge comes to fruition.
2. Enter the donation amount you would like to conditionally pledge. Your choice.
3. Tell us the condition you want to attach to your pledge. We created six ideas (below), but there is an option to create your own. (For example: "I want "Tweezer" to open Deer Creek night 1" or "I want "More" to encore at Walmart" or "'Dog Log' at Dicks" or "For 'Guelah Papryus' to go Type II").
4. If the condition you selected comes true, we will reach out to you and ask you to honor your pledge. It is a strictly voluntary pledge and we ask for no payment or payment information up front.
5. Spread the word!

#1 - Won’t You Step into the Freezer?
This one is simple. You pledge an amount for each “Tweezer” played by Phish and at the end of the tour, you’ll get an email with your total amount owed. Worried about “Tweezer"-fests? Don’t be! No matter how “Tweezer”-crazy Phish gets during a show, only one performance will count in any given show for purposes of this pledge.

#2 - A Mockingbird for Mockingbird
It’s been four long years since "The Famous Mockingbird" set flight during The Baker’s Dozen. Might they play it again this tour? If so what would it be worth to you to make a donation to The Mockingbird Foundation if that happens?

#3 - Your Cat Died!
We at the Mockingbird Foundation hope your cat is and remains in good health. But who doesn’t want to hear a “Harpua”? And how cool would it be to be able to say that the next time Phish plays it, it will mean $3,000 gets donated to music education? Or $5,000? Or even more?! This is a one-time donation, so even if they open with “Harpua” at every show this tour, you’re only pledging a single amount.

#4 - Goin’ Down to Lushington
Ok, this one will probably never happen, but maybe if we get a big enough number, Trey will actually play this ode to toe cheese. This is also a one-time donation, so the amount you pledge is all you will be asked to donate, even in the event of a “Lushington” onslaught.

#5 - Bust-out City
Phish has hundreds of songs that have only been played a handful of times in 3.0. Heck, they probably have hundreds of songs that haven’t been played at all. Want them to dust off a song shelved for at least 250 shows? Just place a good karma pledge on it.

#6 - The 20-minute Barrier
There’s really no significance to any particular jam exceeding 20 minutes, but it has become something of a thing. For this one, you’ll be pledging an amount for each 20+ minute jam Phish plays on a given tour, as measured by LivePhish track length. While the setlist team often takes a more hard-nosed approach to what constitutes a “20+ minute jam,” we’re going with an objective LivePhish-track standard here (even if the LivePhish track timing of the song includes audience applause). This also keeps @bizarchive free of conflicts of interest, so it is a dual-benefit, really.

#7 - Your Own Wish
Want to see "Tweezer" open set I of the Walmart show? Well, pledge some money to to the Mockingbird Foundation in hopes that they do! We can't promise Phish will know your wish - in fact we can guarantee they won't - but pledging to Mockingbird in case they fulfill your wish is just good karma! Chasing a song? Hoping they'll play "Fluffhead" for the friend you are bringing to the show? Begging for that rare "More" set closer or encore? Create some good vibes!

Legal Disclaimer: We are in no way promising that Phish will actually do any of this. This is just to create good karma to make your wish come true!

Remember: The Mockingbird Foundation is a 501©(3) corporation, so your donation is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

If you liked this blog post, one way you could "like" it is to make a donation to The Mockingbird Foundation, the sponsor of Support music education for children, and you just might change the world.


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