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Thrilled to announce that thanks again to Niel Ringstad and Jeff Goldberg (Principal/Owner of The Audio Specialist), there’s new Phish available for downloading: April 8, 1990, and April 8, 1992.

Jeff’s exploration of the work involved in releasing this material to you is detailed here, and it includes information on the equipment and software used to bring this music to the community for the first time in the highest quality possible under the circumstances. It’s a fascinating read, particularly given the damage to the April 8, 1992, tapes that Jeff spent many hours endeavoring to repair. If you have any questions for Jeff, or want to wish him a happy 40th birthday, don’t hesitate to email him through (user @Jeff_Goldberg) or email him (jeff at

Phish: "Fly Me To The Moon Saloon" Telluride, CO - 4/8/90

Set 1

The Divided Sky

Funky Bitch

You Enjoy Myself*

If I Only Had A Brain**

The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony >

Suzy Greenberg***

Uncle Pen****

Possum (missing)

Set 2

Golgi Apparatus***** >

Walk Away

The Lizards

Slave To The Traffic Light >

Mike’s Song >

I Am Hydrogen >

Weekapaug Groove

Fee >

My Sweet One >

Run Like An Antelope******


Carolina (missing)

Fire (missing)


*You Enjoy Myself contains an “Oriental Riff” tease (later referred to as the ‘Charlie Chan signal’) during the drums and bass section

**with vacuum solo by Fishman

***Suzy Greenberg contains a “Third Stone From The Sun” tease during the second bridge’s guitar riff

****Uncle Pen’s ending is cut

*****Golgi Apparatus’ beginning is cut

******Run Like An Antelope is cut during the first section has the band slightly misquoted a couple of times. After "Divided Sky," Trey says “That was called ‘Divided Sky,’ our first tune in Telluride in two years, so we’re pretty psyched. I hope you guys can all see Page back here… he’s another... behind the speaker... Page McConnell,” to which Mike responds “Come on by and take a look,” prompting laughter from Page.

After "You Enjoy Myself," Trey says “Okay, we’re going to get our drummer, Jon Fishman, to come out and sing a quick song while I visit the mens’ room.” Mike follows with “We will now have a song from our drummer / maid.” Fishman then responds with “Well, ol' Trey has been drinking some of that Mexican, imported… bottled, Mexican water we brought with us.”


Phish: "El Rey Theater” Albuquerque, NM - 4/8/92

Set 1

The Landlady



Guelah Papyrus




Uncle Pen*


The Squirming Coil >

Golgi Apparatus

Set 2

The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony >

Suzy Greenberg >

David Bowie** >

The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday >

Avenu Malkenu >

The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday >

My Sweet One >

Mike’s Song >

I Am Hydrogen >

Weekapaug Groove***

The Horse >

Silent In The Morning

Chalk Dust Torture

Cold As Ice >

Terrapin**** >

Cold As Ice



Sleeping Monkey >

Rocky Top


*Uncle Pen contains a cut due to a tape-flip

**David Bowie contains How High The Moon, Random Laugh, Simpsons, Oom Pa Pa, and Aw Fuck! signals

***Weekapaug Groove contains a cut at around 1:00 due to a tape-flip

****with bagpipes solo by Fishman

These tapes had physical damage to the actual magnetic material, which caused a high-frequency crackle on several songs. The crackle has been removed as best as possible without jeopardizing the integrity of the sound.

Before "Sleeping Monkey," Trey says “Thank you. Well, I definitely see a lot of people who’ve seen us before, and people from the East Coast here tonight… and all these people. So when I say that this is definitely one of my favorite gigs of the whole tour, you’ll know that I don’t say that… it’s not the kind of thing I say every night, and I definitely mean it. This is a great gig; I really like it."

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, comment by Jeff_Goldberg
Jeff_Goldberg Enjoy, everyone!

Let me know if you have any questions.

, comment by irhino
irhino Thank you Jeff!
, comment by _UB40_
_UB40_ Thanks Jeff. Happy Birthday!
Happy Sunday to all Phish nerds too!
, comment by dividedsky13
dividedsky13 Thanks Jeff! We appreciate your work.
, comment by TwiceBitten
TwiceBitten These just got added to "the spreadsheet"
, comment by Bradford33
Bradford33 The lord’s work! Thanks for the gifts!
, comment by fhqwhgads
fhqwhgads Thanks, Jeff! I wasn't aware any April '92 was uncirculated... 4/16/92 - 4/18/92 were some of my first B&Ps. Motive enough for me!
, comment by gruven_reuven
gruven_reuven Thanks!!! THIS is the band I fell in love with all those years ago
, comment by phlynhi
phlynhi Thanks very much and happy happy!
, comment by dscott
dscott Oh happy day!!!! Thank you so much, @Jeff_Goldberg for sharing the fruits of your hard work!
, comment by HarborSeal
HarborSeal The 4/8/92 Bowie is just off the charts good. Diverse improv, with an opening that's by turns playful and pretty, a long, tense, melodic minor key first jam segment, a long second jam segment that's funky with Mike playing a rather Foam-ish bass line, and then a quick pivot into an at-times weird weird but nevertheless fiery and satisfying closing jam. It should henceforward be recognized as one of the signature jams of Spring 92.
, comment by SoulShakedownStreetParty
SoulShakedownStreetParty Image

Here is a picture of the 4-8-92 setlist I grabbed off on Pages organ on 4-12 (the next show). There was also one hanging off of Fishman's high hat. Underneath is the first set from 4-8. They were both written on the back of a sheet of paper, that appears to have all of Phish's songs categorized by Original or cover. They clearly strayed from the setlist.
, comment by shaunfunk
shaunfunk God bless the tapers !
, comment by dividedry
dividedry El Rey! My favorite venue in my hometown. I just wish someone had slapped me on the back of my 15 year old head and told me to go see this show a year before I had even heard of Phish. D'oh! indeed. This Bowie needs to go up on the jam chart stat!
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